10 Signs That Our Current Economy Is an Illusion


There’s no doubt that it’s an extremely difficult time to be alive. On one hand, we have soaring levels of individuals and families quickly heading towards third world style poverty, seemingly unable to purchase the basic necessities of life. On the other hand we see thousands of people camped outside their favourite stores on Black Friday, ready to purchase and consume whatever they can get their hands on.

We see people begging for jobs and the government promising them, but they never come. One day we hear encouraging news of recovery and economic growth, only to be warned the next day of looming disasters and the urgent need for unlimited Federal bailouts. Dazed and confused by the conflicting information and experiences we see and hear on a daily basis, we turn to the mainstream media for answers. Instead we’re confronted with the latest celebrity news on Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber.

Is it any wonder that people are angry and confused about the current state of the U.S.? Here are 10 signs that our current economy is a carefully crafted illusion. Hopefully after reading them, our current situation will make a lot more sense to you.

1: The Majority of Jobs Are Fake and Pointless

Despite the overwhelming evidence that official employment figures are a fraud, the majority of genuine jobs in our society are fake too. Take a minute to ask yourself a question. How many professions in our modern society actually produce something of genuine value? Try to think of a list. If your list is any more than a few professions long, you’re doing well. The unspoken truth is that 80% of jobs could completely disappear tomorrow and it wouldn’t affect our basic human survival or happiness one bit. Of course, as it stands, we need money to live and jobs provide us with money, but that doesn’t mean they have any real value or use to society.

2: Problems in Society Creates Even More Jobs, Not Genuine Solutions

Our politicians have backed themselves into a corner and as a result, we are subjected to an endless cycle of misery. The worrying truth is that if we genuinely find real solutions to our problems as a society, many people will lose their jobs. We can’t end the wars because thousands of military personnel will be unemployed. We can’t end the war on drugs because there are hundreds of thousands of people employed in the DEA, prisons, the courts and parole system, not to mention all of their support staff. Where would all of these people work? Simplifying the tax systems would be a disaster for bookkeepers, CPAs, accounting professors and tax attorneys. We cannot reduce the bureaucracy in government or simplify healthcare because the thousands of paper pushers employed in these institutions have few other real skills. Where would they work? Spying on Americans employs millions of people. To stop spying would mean all of those people lose their jobs too. Restricting the Wall Street gambling machine would mean even more people lose their jobs, as they’re paid out of Wall Street’s huge profits. Unfortunately, a society has been created where we need these manufactured problems to keep the ever growing number of Americans employed.

3: Money Has No Real Value

This is one of the biggest illusions in our economy. The only way money enters the economy is by a private bank lending it. It is created out of thin air and is simply an IOU. The unfortunate side effect of this is that for every dollar in the economy, someone else is a dollar in debt. The only reason it has any value at all is because the law says so. Even that value fluctuates daily depending on how much is in the economy, which again, is controlled by a private for-profit monopoly. Is real value is nothing. If I was to take a piece of paper and print it with fancy ink, would you say it was worth anything? The only real value in a society is human skills and labour, tools and materials, food, water and energy.

4: 90% of the National Debt Is Now Purchased By the Fed

Although difficult to fully understand, the Federal Reserve loans money to the U.S. government who issues them with government bonds in return. These bonds are freely sold and traded on the open market and purchased by investors who believe and hope that the United States will eventually pay these bonds back. Unfortunately, it seems investors no longer trust the U.S. as 90% of treasury bonds are now purchased by the Fed. This process is officially known as “monetizing debt” or “monetizing money”, but in the real world, this is commonly known as a Ponzi scheme. In simple terms, our whole monetary system is a house of cards that could collapse at any minute, the same way a Ponzi scheme always eventually does.

5: The Value of Most Things Is Now Hugely Distorted

The “price discovery mechanism” or the way in which assets in the marketplace are valued has become so corrupt, it’s almost impossible to determine the true value of anything. Government subsidies for food, fuel, education, insurance and even cars artificially distort prices and values. Taxes, laws and regulations create an artificially higher price than an assets true value. As an example, an ounce of Marijuana can cost up to $500. Is an ounce of a common weed that can grow everywhere really worth $500? Of course not. Its value is inflated due to government laws and regulations.

6: Failure Is Now Rewarded and Subsidized

Hard working citizens across the U.S. are being told to tighten their belts and work harder so we can bailout the failed banks, insurance companies and government. When people do work harder, any income is taxed heavily to continue bailing out these fraudulent institutions. You know the economy is an illusion when the success of the people is punished and the failure of huge organizations is rewarded and subsidized.

7: Corporations Have the Same Legal Rights as Humans, But Not the Same Punishments

When the Supreme Court ruled that artificial corporate entities had the same rights as a human being, a whole new dark and sinister chapter was opened in the history of our country and the world. Extremely wealthy corporations can now openly finance elections and purchase any favourable legislation they want. Corporations are operated by human beings, but they do not have the same inbuilt morality and ethics that a human being naturally does. It was recently argued that if BP were subject to the same definitions of decency and criminality as a human being, it would be deemed a psychopathic killer. It should be a concern to all of us that “psychopathic killers” are in such close contact to our supposedly democratic government.

8: People Now Buy Things They Don’t Need On Credit

Our government’s out-of-control spending and borrowing is being reflected in the actions of American citizens. It has recently been reported that consumer debt is at an all-time high, most of this is credit card debt. When consumer debt increases by $14.2 billion in a single month, you know that there are problems with the economy.

9: Entrepreneurs and Those Seeking Self Reliance Are Punished

The entrepreneurial spirit that the sucess of our country relied on has become almost impossible today. The piles of bureaucracy and red tape stops small business creation and criminalizes independence. With policies like Agenda 21, long running family farms, probably the ultimate in American entrepreneurship, are being shut down in the name of negative environmental and economic impacts. In many cases, these federally stolen properties end up in the hands of developers whose only aim is to make as much money as quickly as possible. It is a requirement of an economy built on an illusion to create dependence and scarcity where none existed before.

10: Slavery Is Alive

Although we are led to believe that slavery ended in the 1800’s, economic hitmen (money lenders) have successfully enslaved everything from countries, entire industries, state and local governments and nearly every person on the planet. They didn’t do it in any overt way. Slaves that know they’re slaves are more likely to revolt and more difficult to control. They bought your servitude with money. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was with money they created out of thin air.

Comedian and writer George Carlin once said: “It’s called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it”. Although it would be bad enough if the situation we are now experiencing was contained only within the United States, unfortunately it can be seen across the entire globe. Society is in a state of dreaming where we believe the government will help us and everything will be ok in the end, however in the real world, the collapse of this fragile system it already well underway. Until we wake up from our collective hallucination, refuse to be slaves and work to change the 10 points above, the system will continue dragging us to the very bottom until it’s too hard to get back up.

It’s not all bad news though. There are encouraging signs of the beginning of change worldwide. Mass protests, alternative currency movements and hundreds of other creative solutions are being discussed and set up worldwide. When we all wake up, look in the mirror and realize that we’ve been deceived and the only people that can change it is ourselves, a brighter future that we can all be proud of will be just around the corner.

Source: “10 Signs We Live in a False Economy,” from activistpost.com

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