15 Ways To Live An Earth-Friendly Lifestyle

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The following is simple guide to help you live in harmony with the earth, your community and respect yourself. Many of these ideas are free and others will actually save you money. This guide will increase your well being as well as those around you, including the animals, people and your environment.

1- Be warned! People will find you fascinating. You will receive tons of appreciation, compliments and even love. You will find people coming up and talking to you unexpectedly. You will feel a sense of passion and overall well being.

2- Try to eat healthy, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and less meat. Better yet, try to get organic and unprocessed food whenever possible.

3- Cut back on driving your car. Take the bus, walk or ride a bicycle when you can.

4- Use local produce, shop local and enjoy local entertainment. Reduce, re-purpose, and recycle as much as you can. Try to cut down on the trash you create, repair items when you can, compost your biodegradable trash as much as possible, and try to find new purpose for old items.

5- Share! You can always find someone willing to barter and save you both money. Be a part of the barter community.

6- Try to purchase less new items and more used items. First ask yourself if it is necessary, if not wait.This can save you the money that you can use later on something you really can’t do without.

7- Conserve our natural resources whenever you can, especially water and electricity.

8- You can always find lots of ways to cut back if you pay attention. Use more items that can be reused, like cloth towels, shopping bags, dishware etc. Avoid reaching for the disposable things like paper plates, towels, napkins, and grocery bags. You can usually find alternatives that are earth friendly.

9- Be a positive consumer. Try to buy from companies that are socially responsible. A business that has a responsibility to the planet and the citizens on it, including making a profit. Try to boycott businesses that are only interested in how much profit they can generate, and support responsible businesses.

10- Try to live simply. The less material items you need to make you happy, the earth will appreciate. If you need to earn less money, you will have more time to enjoy life.

11- Be aware. When you make a decision, you should be aware of where the items come from and how they were made. If you don’t like the fact that the production of your item hurt somebody, then find an alternative item.

12- Live outside of yourself. Pay careful attention to how your actions affect others (animals, the earth, and humans) Try to base your decisions and the good of the community and others, rather than just you.

13- Treat others good. Good makes more good. It is a fact that when you treat others with kindness, it will return and others will treat you well. When you bring others happiness, you will be happy too.

14- Set up your priorities. Is it more important to eat a health meal, or go out drinking and eating fast food? If this is true, use your money for healthy choices instead of unhealthy ones.

You can start with small changes at first. Every day choose one small thing to do. Soon, you notice the little steps getting easier as you begin to make progress and positive steps in your life. After awhile you will find it easier and easier to do the right thing, and your positive nature and health will affect others in a good way. You will begin to see that the world around you is becoming a better place.

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Enjoy Being Free. Be all that you can.

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Jason Bounda

Jason Bounda

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