17 Powerful Secrets For Meaningful Relationships


Listed below are seventeen secrets to help you to form meaningful relationships.

1 – The person who wins the prize when two people meet is the one with better self-insight. They have more confidence, are calmer, and more at ease.

2 – The behavior of other people show not dictate how you feel.

3 – Look at the inner motivation of a person as this directs their actions and spoken words. Attention to their what actually they say and do is of little importance.

4 – Submitting your original nature and dignity towards friendship with another person is wrong.

5 – There is virtually no difference between one person or another when speaking mystically. The main aspect of means hurting others will only hurt ourselves. If we do not help ourselves, then we are unable to help others.

6 – Refusing to get angry when defending yourself against unjustified slander means you will be taking a big step towards psychological maturity.

7 – Strive to obtain more self-knowledge. This means understanding yourself allows you to understand others.

8 – Experiencing human relations needs to be done to the fullest. This includes disappointments and all the pains.

9 – Do not seek a replacement after the painful loss of a friend. This will not permit you to examine the heartache that is felt and being able to break free from it.

10 – Do not hesitate if you are afraid of being a nobody in socially inept world. There is a deeper and a richer truth to experience than is on the surface.

11 – Seeing people as they are is an opportunity that can occur during every unpleasant experience and not simply idealize them mistakenly. You are taught more as a person is more unpleasant.

12 – Hearing others complain of injury and injustice will be a surprise as you are free from these.

13 – If we do not see the virtue or ourselves, then we cannot recognize it in others. Seeing these virtues in others takes a patient and loving person.

14 – Desire should not be mistaken for love. Desire often means seeking one gratification after another while love will be satisfied with itself.

15 – There are parts of yourself that want a loving life and parts that may not. Being positive and being a source or encouragement is all you can do.

16 – Break free of what other people will think of you or what you will think our yourself. Rid yourself of being timid due to fears that are fixed.

17 – Contriving to be a loving person should not be continued. Being loving means being real. Work at being a person who is real.

Source: “Twenty Special Secrets,” from Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, by Vernon Howard

Photo courtesy of Per Ola Wiberg

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