20 Mind Blowing Questions Schools Refuse To Answer


Why won’t schools answer these 22 simple questions?

Sadly, most schools refuse to acknowledge the true origins of mankind. For instance, scholarly texts only present history for a few thousand years of mankind’s existence, while religious texts specify that mankind has existed for much longer. What are the reasons that education in school is hiding the answers? Below are more than 20 mind blowing questions.
Some of these questions pose issues for certain individuals and makes other individuals extremely uncomfortable. However, it is important that everyone be able to view the questions with an open mind and at least consider the information that is being presented.

While it is important to ask other individuals these questions, it is equally important to ask yourself what your responses or comments would be to these questions. You may even want to provide your thoughts after you’ve finished reading.

As most schools are concerned, Antarctica and Captain James Cook are forever linked, as most history books state that he is the individual that discovered the region. The date they often provide is January 17, 1773. However, a map was found in 1929 of Antarctica that was found in 1513. The map was found by Piri Reis, who gathered a large amount of information about the continent which dated back earlier than 4 BC.

1. If the history books state that Cook founded Antarctica, how is it that Reis was able to find this information more than 200 years earlier?

Reis stated that he got his information from the Library of Constantinople. He also stated that the continent was not frozen around 4000 BC. That poses some interesting questions.

2- Who drew the original map and how did the Library of Constantinople obtain so much information about it?oopart-clay
During the drilling of a well in Nampa, Idaho a small figurine made of clay was found in the debris. The drilling occurred in 1889.

3- Could the figurine be the result of mankind’s existence before recorded history?


4- How long would it take for a figurine such as this to be found so deep in the earth?

Followers of Darwinism what have you believe that man evolved from an ape.

5- If this is a case, why hasn’t anyone found the missing links?
In China, there are pyramids hidden under the cover of forest and grasses, approximately 100 in number.

6- Why were the pyramids built and who was responsible for building them?In addition, who is responsible for building the pyramids that are found all over the world?

Several cups were found in Ecuador showing Orion and other parts of the galaxy. In fact, there were 13 cups, all made of jade. It was found that if the smaller cuts were filled, they would exactly fill the larger cup.
Another interesting thing about the cups is that they are magnetic on the inside, but not on the exterior. This has been said to be impossible due to the laws of magnetics, yet there it is.

7- If it is impossible for this to occur naturally, who is responsible for creating this?
A bronze coin was brought up from 114 feet deep that was found to be 200,000 years old in Illinois. The geological survey responsible for the state of Illinois examined the coin and determined that it contains deposits that are between 200,000 and 400,000 years old.

8- If there was no one there according to recorded history, how was the coin made in the first place? Who put it there?
In a tunnel in Ecuador, over 350 artifacts were located. One of the items is very unique, as it shows the depiction of an eye similar to those seen in many other pyramids located in other parts of the world. On the bottom is a map of Orion and some ancient writing. The writing is older than Sanskrit. The most interesting thing about it is that other artifacts with the same writing have been found all over the world. This fact essentially proves that there was a civilization that existed all over the globe well before the history books state.

9- Why is this information excluded from the history books and why is it not discussed in classes?
The map of Orion appears on several artifacts all over the world.

10- Did visitors come to this planet from Orion?

11- Why is this constellation significant?
The German Linguistic Association president, Professor Kurt Schildmann, was able to translate some of the writing and determined that it is more than 6,000 years old. The portion he was able to translate says “the son of the creator comes.”

12- Why is this symbol so popular and what is the meaning of the translation?

13- Does the text refer to Enki, from Sumerian mythology?

14- Are the stories of Enlil and Enki reflected in the Bible?

15- When the Bible refers to “us” and “our,” who is being referred to?
A vase made from rock thought to be 100,000 years old and containing zinc and silver alloy was found in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1851 under 15 feet of rock.

16- What type of civilization would have been capable of doing this more than 1,000 years ago?
Spheres have been found in South Africa, appearing to be either solid bluish metal with flakes of white or hollow and spongy. Approximately 200 spheres were found and they are estimated to be approximately 4,500 years old.

17- The spheres are older than civilization if you go according to the history books, so who made the spheres in the first place?
If a major catastrophe happens to modern mankind, virtually every sign of mankind will disappear within 100,000 years.

18- What is the possibility that someone has kept mankind subservient throughout its history?

19- Is it possible this has been occurring without anyone’s knowledge?

20- Is it possible for mankind to learn to live without being enslaved to economic issues and control?

Bonus questions

1. Why is history being hidden for mankind?
2. Why is information being suppressed?
3. Have civilizations existed before and then disappeared? If so, how many times has this occurred?

Please leave your thoughts below.

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