20 Practical Uses for Coca Cola… Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In the Human Body


Coke is the most valuable brand in history, and “Coca-Cola” is the world’s second-most recognized word after “hello.” However, the beverage itself is an absolute poison to the human metabolism. Coke is very close to the acidity level of battery acid and consequently it can clean surfaces equivalent to and often better than many toxic household cleaners.

It’s cheaper and easier to buy Coke in some third world countries than it is to access clean water. Coke uses “public relations propaganda” to convince consumers and entire nations that it is an “environmental company” when really it is linked to pollution, water shortages, and disease.

People who consume soft drinks such as Coke have a 48% increase in heart attack and stroke risk, compared to people who did not drink the sodas at all or did not drink them every day. A study published in the journal Respirology reveals that soft drink consumption is also associated with lung and breathing disorders including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The carbonation in Coke causes calcium loss in the bones through a 3-stage process:

  1. The carbonation irritates the stomach.
  2. The stomach “cures” the irritation the only way it knows how. It adds the only antacid at its disposal: calcium. It gets this from the blood.
  3. The blood, now low on calcium, replenishes its supply from the bones. If it did not do this, muscular and brain function would be severely impaired.

But, the story doesn’t end there. Another problem with most Coke is it also contain phosphoric acid (not the same as the carbonation, which is carbon dioxide mixed with the water). Phosphoric acid also causes a draw-down on the body’s store of calcium.

So Coke softens your bones (actually, makes them weak and brittle) in 3 ways:

  1. Carbonation reduces the calcium in the bones.
  2. Phosphoric acid reduces the calcium in the bones.
  3. The beverage replaces a calcium-containing alternative, such as milk or water. Milk and water are not excellent calcium sources, but they are sources.

Esophageal cancer was very rare two generations ago — now, it’s common. The basic mechanism works as follows:

  1. Mechanical damage to cells is a huge risk factor for cancer. It’s why asbestos particles, for example, cause lung cancer.
  2. All soft drinks cause acid reflux (stomach acid rising up past the esophageal valve). This is more pronounced when the body is horizontal (as in sleeping), but the sheer volume of Coke and soft drinks consumed in the USA means the acid reflux is well past the danger point. Any time you ingest a gassy drink, you are going to get belching–and acid into the esophagus. How much is too much? The research doesn’t say where the limit is–it only shows that most of us are far, far, far past it.
  3. tomach acid dissolves tissue — that’s its purpose. The stomach lining does not extend into the esophagus, so the lower esophagus gets damaged by acid far more frequently in soft drink users than in non soft drink users. This results in a radical increase in cell mutations, along with a far higher level of free radicals.

20 Practical Uses For Coke

Coke acts as an acidic cleaner. The amount of acid in soda is enough to wear away at the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to decay. In tests done on the acidity levels of soda, certain ones were found to have PH levels as low as 2.5. To put that into perspective, consider that battery acid has a pH of 1 and pure water has a pH of 7.

To prove Coke does not belong in the human body, here are 20 practical ways you can use Coke as a domestic cleaner:

  1. Removes grease stains from clothing and fabric
  2. Removes rust; methods include using fabric dipped in Coke, a sponge or even aluminum foil. Also loosens rusty bolts
  3. Removes blood stains from clothing and fabric.
  4. Cleans oil stains from a garage floor; let the stain soak, hose off.
  5. Kills slugs and snails; the acids kills them.
  6. Cleans burnt pans; let the pan soak in the Coke, then rinse.
  7. Descales a kettle (same method as with burnt pans)
  8. Cleans car battery terminals by pouring a small amount of Coke over each one.
  9. Cleans your engine; Coke distributors have been using this technique for decades.
  10. Makes pennies shine; soaking old pennies in Coke will remove the tarnish.
  11. Cleans tile grout; pour onto kitchen floor, leave for a few minutes, wipe up.
  12. Dissolves a tooth; Use a sealed container…takes a while but it does work.
  13. Removes gum from hair; dip into a small bowl of Coke, leave a few minutes. Gum will wipe off.
  14. Removes stains from vitreous china.
  15. Got a dirty pool? Adding two 2-liter bottles of Coke clears up rust.
  16. You can remove (or fade) dye from hair by pouring diet Coke over it.
  17. Remove marker stains from carpet. Applying Coke, scrubbing and then clean with soapy water will remove marker stains.
  18. Cleans a toilet; pour around bowl, leave for a while, flush clean.
  19. Coke and aluminum foil will bring Chrome to a high shine.
  20. Strips paint off metal furniture. Soak a towel in Coke and lay it on the paint surface.

Now can you imagine what is does to your stomach lining? 

Who needs the ‘household and cleaning’ section at the hardware store when we have Coke.

Source: “20 Establish Uses For Coca Cola Proves Itt Does Not Belong In The Human Body”, from preventdisease.com by John Summerly

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  • MissV

    I thought coke did otherwise to engines.

    • Rick

      The sugar in coke will destroy an engine.

      Also, drinking gasoline is a horrible idea.

      • MissV

        Thats what Ive been told, which is why Im questioning when it says “Cleans your engine; Coke distributors have been using this technique for decades.” Unless they meant it for the outside of the engine.

        • Shon Gray

          of course they meant he outside you idiots.

          • dervish

            this made me laugh

  • John Mccord

    it all boils down to one simple answer EVERYTHING IN MODERATION I mean have the ppl that published this article not seen the resent report linking drinking to much water can contribute to congestive heart failure!

    • Emily McMillen-Gibson

      Moderation is indeed a key point, but your example is false. People who suffer from congestive heart failure need to be on a fluid restriction to prevent complications. Too much water does not lead to congestive heart failure.

  • mad town

    What about Pepsi? Same thing?

  • stone

    i have been drinking coke for 30 yrs and i have had no issues from coke so to me this is a bull crud story i will keep drinking coke every day for the rest of my life so for all u media readers and propaganda dictators bite me. heck water has more chemicals in it that cause harm than alot of other crud

    • http://www.soundcloud.com/prodbyblack3yzbeatz Tekaile Tana Davis

      There is a video of a guy wipin off rust from his truck using coke

    • Gareth

      Pour a 2L on your car bonnet then =)

    • disqus_HJepRnmNGa

      Your analogy is the same as someone who has been smoking for 30 years, and they also say, ‘ Well it hasn’t killed me yet, so this anti smoking thing is bull crud’. The damage is there for sure – ‘sucks to be you’.


      Thank you for proving yet again the the average American is a total idiot. Even in the face of facts you still think you know better than everyone else. Double crazy bonus points for using media readers and propaganda dictators in the sentence. Which means you fear news and facts about part of your life = you are a republican.

      PS- Water does NOT have more chemicals in it that causes harm then other “crud.” Please get an education you might not fear everything thats new to you and you could learn something.

      • Nikki

        Wow, your argument was almost valid until you called him a republican. That’s the most ridiculous argument I’ve heard. I am a republican (If you can’t already tell), and I do not “fear news and facts about my life.” I ACTUALLY research things like this, and I agree that this guy claiming that he is fine and should continue to drink coke is wrong. I haven’t drank soda in years, I stopped as soon as I learned of the harm it can do to the body.
        Maybe you should get an education and stop stereotyping people, oh wait that’s what liberals do. (See, that’s stereotyping). idiot.

        • Dean

          Republican and democrat are just illusions intended to divide and conquer. They affirm your vast illusion strongly.

          Actually, he wasn’t being stereotypical. Everyone who’s a republican or a democrat is a sheep.

    • Teva Bruce

      I’m with you!.I don’t drink Coke daily but I have consumed it often enough in the 48 years I’ve been on this planet and so far I’m still alive and still healthy and active.If Coke is SUCH a dreadful poison then why is it still being made?.

      • Inglot Kalisi

        why is it still being made? is that even a question? like. how is that even possible?

        • Teva Bruce

          Who asked you?.

          • Inglot Kalisi

            you’re commenting on an article. expect some feedback.

          • Teva Bruce

            Feedback yes..not your static.

          • Inglot Kalisi

            let me answer your question then. Coca cola and pepsi are multi billion dollar corporations. Telling people that their drinks are in fact unhealthy for them, would mean that these giants will no longer have a demand for their products, which means no more money, no more jobs. Its in their best interest to make profit off of people, not to tell the truth. Just like pharmaceutical companies that feed us poison. Im not patronizing you, I’m just genuinely surprised by the question. Have a good night!

          • Teva Bruce

            You would have saved yourself a lot of trouble by making the points you’ve just made at the outset.

          • http://whitehatsforeveryone.com/ Sharla Laurin

            you are a charicature of yourself right?

          • Teva Bruce

            you are a charicature of yourself right?


            Share ›

          • Patrick Zook

            Coca cola and Pepsi NEVER said it was good for you, In fact its label has all the imfo you need to make your own educated choice as to drinking it or not, your choice. No company forces it down your throat, they have advertising of course but still your choice. I think ranting over muti billion dollar companies is pure stupidity, you don’t like it, simply don’t drink it. We all know its not a friggin health drink so shut the frog up.

          • Dean

            The illusions are strong with you.

    • Rick

      I think the only possible risk is if you drink lots and lots of carbonated liquids and do not drink much water. The danger is to the enamel of your teeth. But as many others have pointed out, the acidity of carbonated drinks is not a big deal for the highly acidic stomach to deal with.

    • Inglot Kalisi

      i pray for you

  • Rhash Hoglan

    “In tests done on the acidity levels of soda, certain ones were found to have PH levels as low as 2.5. To put that into perspective, consider that battery acid has a pH of 1 and pure water has a pH of 7.”

    I want to point out something about that sentence. pH is not a linear scale, it’s exponential. What I’m trying to say is that a difference of just one point in pH means that two substances are one ten times more acid or alcaline than the other one. Battery acid is more than ten times more acid than Coke, so using it in a relation is just plain wrong. The most accurate relation would be lemon juice (which has a pH of 2.4). And note the huge difference between one point and the other.

    • Taz

      I would not say that a comparison between lemon juice and coke is a fair one either; lemon juice is alkalinzing in the body, which I don’t think is the same for coke so its a moot point to compare the two with regard to their effect on the body.

      • Christine Wyndham-Thomas

        Not only that, but lemon juice is natural.

        • bob

          So’s rattlesnake venom. Just sayin’ ;).

      • Heidi

        How, is lemon juice “alkalinzing”? It contains various acids, primarily citric acid and so acts as an acid not an alkali. In this way it is very similar to coke. As that is also a liquid containing an acid.

    • Andrew Spark

      I’d check that ‘science’ again…Lemon juice is alkalizing not acidic.

      • Benny

        I don’t know where you guys are getting your health information, but I have a degree in chemistry.

        Can you explain how you came up with the idea that lemon juice, something which is naturally acidic, is somehow “alkalizing”? What does that mean to you?

        • Andrew Spark

          I mean it causes your body to be alkaline and therefore fight against disease and illness better.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Citation, please? Because that just sounded like a bunch of words strung together that aren’t backed by medicine or science.

          • Andrew Spark
          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Sorry, I meant from reputable source. Peer-reviewed scientific research. Not a website dedicated to making money off of proving the concept to you.

          • Richard Penfold

            I don’t feel Andrew owes any more explanation, unless you’ve done a degree most are likely not to know what peer-reviewed means! also Benny asked what Alkalising meant to Andrew he answered. No need to rip in!

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            He made the assertion, so he absolutely owes an explanation for it.

            And did you seriously just tell me I need a degree to know what peer-review means? The hell I do. Anybody can understand what the peer-review process is and what it means, what its value is, and why it’s a pretty hefty element of backing up scientific research. A degree (in what, specifically, may I ask?) is completely unnecessary to understanding what that process is. Any high school student is aware of peer-review.

            Now if you’re saying I need a degree in order to UNDERSTAND the research, you’d come much, much closer to reality, but you’d still fall short, as generally one can work through the summaries, as well as read expert analysis of the papers, to understand them. So no, I do not need a degree to benefit from the peer-review process. At the bare minimum, whether or not something was peer-reviewed AT ALL goes a lot further than merely linking to a webpage that sells products based on an assertion. That’s not evidence.

            And this is a public comment thread. I can “rip in” as much as I choose. Someone made a statement that sounded bogus, and I asked for an explanation of it. That’s perfectly within line of why a comment thread exists.

          • Richard Penfold

            OK maybe a bit of a rash statement, I’m not sure how to re word, I’m not certain though that many will understand (from my experience) what ‘peer-reviewed’ means. Before I continue I am not saying I agree with any of the following!

            The website linked refers to a Dr Robert 0. Young now this could have been considered to be a peer and as such his words would be valid. I have taken the time however (and feel like I’ve wasted an hour of my life!) to find out a little more and it seems that his background is somewhat marred and questionable. I would also agree with you that the website is a commercial one (I hadn’t looked when I made my comment) He does in his writings though put forward a reasonable explanation of a difference between an alkaline and alkalizing he (Robert O. Young) does not deny that a Lemon is acidic as an item.

            I still maintain some of my original comment though. Benny had asked what ‘alkalizing’ meant to him and he explained.

            The web is a difficult place to make sense of stuff sometimes and I’m not sure why I’m commenting again on something that was brought to my attention through facebook!
            The odds are crazy!

          • Andrew Spark

            Thank you for defending my statements in some small way. I never claimed to be an expert. I was just stating what I knew about this subject which I realize is very little and likely misinformed. It sucks that a lot of people have to use forums such as this to berate and belittle people rather than to educate and re-inform. Someone such as Jarrett could use a lesson in social dynamics that teaches people this and then maybe he would have more friends than just his computer and lab books. These forums always turn into some sort of pissing contest which is usually why I refrain from participation.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            You seem to have seriously misread me here. These comment threads take on a pretty serious tone pretty fast. I genuinely apologize if I came off that way, but you got exceptionally attacky very quickly, while all I did with you was calmly request information to back up your assertions. Re-read my replies directly to you before you turned nasty. Nothing I said to you can or should be interpreted as rude unless you were searching for ways to interpret it as so. Your initial statement really did smack of non-substance, and I wanted to know if you had anything I wasn’t aware of to back it up. Your reply was a link to an disreputable source, and I called that out. Unlike you I never once insulted your personal character, your social life, your habits, or made wild assumptions about how you live or what your priorities are. I asked for information, plain and simple, while you chose to make it personal, and nasty, even going to the effort to track me down on my Facebook page and send me rude, disparaging notes. And yet I’M the one who needs a lesson in social dynamics?

            My goal wasn’t to insult you. It certainly wasn’t to incite the level of anger and rage you’ve shown. It was to make an effort to counter dangerous misinformation on the Internet being spread by the willful and/or unknowing. That’s not personal, and it shouldn’t have been taken as such.

          • Andrew Spark

            Hey Mr. Know-it-all Jarrett…nobody likes a condescending jerk which is exactly what you’re being. Do you have a degree in this field? What makes YOU the expert. I never once claimed to be an expert. You are very obviously nothing short of a pathetic and lowly internet troll with nothing better to do than to berate people you don’t know and prove your “geekness” in a stupid thread about soft drinks. Do you REALLY care that much? Get a life!

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            I need a degree in the field to understand it? Then why are YOU here talking about it?

            I never claimed I was an expert, nor did I ever suggest YOU were. I’m just a normal human capable of reading credible evidence and forming opinions based on it. You made claims about “making the body alkaline” and why that was a good thing, and I asked you to back it up with evidence, because it didn’t sound like anything based in reality. If someone asking you to actually have evidence for the statements YOU choose to share publicly on the Internet is something you consider trolling, you need to consider re-evaluating your expectations of the Internet.

            I’m not trying to prove anything about myself. This isn’t about me. I’m trying to counter fear-mongering misinformation on the Internet. That’s it. This page’s base premise is utter BS that’s been spreading for DECADES now. And the comment thread is full of people parroting claims from scam artists while having no comprehension of what they mean. The alkaline water claims like those on the site you shared are some of the more ridiculous ones that you can simply hand to a chemist, wait for the laughter to stop, and then understand why they’re not based in anything but the imagination of a salesperson.

            I care because if I don’t, people continue to waste their money, time, energy, and health on BS. People get hurt.

            But if I need a life, why are you still here?

          • Nicole Lau

            I enjoy reading about health prevention whether it is western medicine or eastern medicine, and i agree, there should be studies on it that are reviewed. There is a website called pubmed, a great source for my research when I went to a nutrition school in Canada and the curriculums were entirely suppored by science. There are research on the alkaline diet, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=alkaline+ash+diet
            I am in not anyway trying to persuade you to believe in anything (it’s your right to believe in what you want) but just to clarify, there have been researches done, and some of them are not funded by pharmaceutical companies.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            PubMed is a WONDERFUL resource, and I wholeheartedly agree with you.

            Glancing through the results you provided, the only ones that seemed to specifically cover what we’re discussing here (mainly alkaline helping prevent bone loss) all concluded there was no sufficient evidence for the claim. So so far, the research is still not managing to back up the claims of the people selling the products.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            How nice of you to track me down on Facebook and send me a personal message!

            Here it is for all to enjoy:

            “Andrew Spark
            GET A LIFE YOU FUCKING GEEK! You sit there behind your computer up on your high-horse. You’re an IDIOT with no friends and you probably still live in your mom’s basement and you look like a serial killer.”

            Charming. Weird, though, that you were able to find my Facebook page, which is very, very public and open, yet not able to see from what I post that none of your assumptions is true. But then again, you’ve already shown that research isn’t something you’re particularly fond of.

          • Annie Womer

            agreed. I hope you read and enjoy my above comment

          • Annie Womer

            I completely agree with Jarret and believe your comments and personality bashing are an ignorant response to being proven wrong or without merit (by no means a “bash” on your personality but only the way in which you present yourself on this forum) . This forum is about knowledge and scientific truth, there is no room for personality bashing. Jarrett:Your response to that (I’ll state it frankly) RUDE AS ALL HELL guest from the beginning has been nothing but curiosity…HELL why wouldn’t you want scientific and quantified research for a scientific claim. This should not be a forum to bash opinions that contradict our own but one that seeks the truth through debate on credible evidence. I too found this article difficult to digest. And way more so than coke. While it makes a lot of scientific statements, there is not one quotation or citation in the above article that justifies the claims with TRUE (peer-reviewed) credibility. I believe that yes, you do have to be a professional to make such claims, but by no means do you have to be a professional to question them. If more people were curious about science enough to research it instead of stating “well that’s what the doctor said on this one site that I choose to believe enough to have a sickening diatribe about it,” society and science would be better off. ALSO, on the question of whether or not a degree is prevalent in understanding, I also agree with Jarrett in the fact that you do not need a degree to educate yourself about the world. There are a lot of idiot Ph.D.s in the world, and brilliant people with only a GED to their name. The fact that we are judging the credibility of mere questions is heinous and should not even need an argument to determine it as such. I don’t mean to act as a “cheerleader” for Jarrett specifically, but I cheerlead the ideas he has presented.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Well said. And not merely because you agreed with me.

          • Annie Womer

            For sure…I just get sickened when people choose to swear and personally attack a question. It’s their choice to take “explain to me what I don’t understand or don’t believe to be credible” as a personal attack. And its my choice to call them out on how ignorant and cruel they sound because of that choice

          • Brad

            How was he condescending? He asked you to back up your assertions and corrected you where you were wrong. This is how people learn and grow. We teach and correct each other. I realize it may be embarrassing to be incorrect about something you thought was right. It has happened to me a lot, too, but a mature individual takes the correction in stride. If you realize you have the wrong answer, don’t continue to defend the wrong answer out of pride. You won’t learn anything.

            This is why the real world is incompatible with things like Common Core in that you don’t get to be wrong as long as you feel good about your answer. 2+2=4. It doesn’t equal 5 because you feel like it does.

            And dude, going to Facebook to insult him? Grow up.

          • Kenshi Ryden

            Oh, man. The guy on that website tells someone with a hernia and an irritated stomach wall- who gets heartburn from drinking lemon water- to keep drinking lemon water! Oh man! Fuck!

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Very scary. A perfect example of why this thinking is so dangerous.

      • Travio

        With a pH of 2.4, lemon juice better damn well be acidic or there’s a major problem with it’s classification. Alkali substances have a pH higher than 7.

        • Heidi

          Most fruits, including lemons and tomatoes, metabolize into an alkali, after being digested. Their overall effect on the body, once past the stomach is alkaline.

          • Travio

            While that is true, the lemon juice itself is still acidic before the metabolization process – when it’s in the stomach, where this article claims things are doing the most damage, it’s still acidic but has nothing on the pH level of your stomach acid. There’s some pretty sketchy science in a couple of the claims made here.

          • Jason Aaron Moran

            alkali vs acidic. Can I just buy a voodoo doll? its just as real…

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Just a couple? ;)

          • Andrew Spark


      • Scott Hurst


    • Dayana O’ Fficial

      Sure pH is exponential but you cant compare something natural with something chemical. They will differ in many aspects. You can contrast it though. Lemon is natural, coke is chemical. Lemon has many natural properties. Its full of vitamins and mineral (yes mineral!). Coke is full of empty calories, caffeine, artificial everything you can name it and so on… Coke is an acid (proton donor). Lemon is an acid too. However, lemon juice is converted to an alkaline substance by your body. Coke is in disadvantage again as your body doesnt even have the ability to recognize it as a “food”. Some people may drink 2L of coke a day. I dont know anyone that drinks that much lemon juice. Even in terms of quantity ingested is not comparable.

      • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

        You can’t compare something natural with something chemical? You’re making a distinction that doesn’t exist. Everything is a chemical. Lemon has many natural properties? Do you know what all of those natural properties are made of? Chemicals.

        • Dayana O’ Fficial

          I’m not here to prove you anything. Im just stating the most obvious . But if you really want to know you can do your own research. However, have just finished some research on the effect of caffeine on the human body. Caffeine or as you like 1,3,7-trimethylxantin and many other compounds that composes Coke are no recognized by the human body as food (but poison). Some of the ingredients actually mimics (or perhaps have the same shape) certain hormones in your body which results in some mental health issues such as depression etc.. . Maybe if things continue to be the way they are, in a far future, as an evolution process( it will take a long time) your body might be able to deal with it. But at present times, coke inhibits the ability of your body to absorb many nutrients. Leaving your body depleted , as your organs needs to work much harder to get redy of all the toxins that was ingested) . If you google this tittle: the effect of caffeine on human body you will possible find one of my videos on. I studied Food science, food processing, nutrition (with scientific approach and a holistic approach too ). At present I study many sciences that are directly related with food. Knowing from both angles (scientific and holistic) I would still say that nothing chemical will ever beat something natural in terms of nutritional value and so on.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            See, when you’re the one making the claim, it’s your job to provide the evidence. Because if I do all the research in the world and can’t find anything to back up your claims, you can just say, “well, you didn’t search hard enough.” But if YOU bring me the evidence (good evidence, that is), I can’t exactly claim I didn’t find it, can I?

            Caffeine’s irrelevant here, because it’s its own entirely different story. It has a lot of benefits and a lot of detriments. I went off of it a while ago because I, specifically, was intolerant to it, but for many others it’s fine. This subject is SPECIFICALLY about Coca-Cola, not caffeine, and most of the fear-mongering in the article has no direct connection to the caffeine.

            The stuff about the human body seeing it as a poison doesn’t make much sense, as far as I’m aware the human body doesn’t have any specific “hey, this is poison” response, and I’ve not read any legitimate studies that show such a reaction. I also haven’t seen any actual, legitimate, qualified evidence of claims that Coca-Cola (via what mechanism?) inhibits your body’s ability to absorb “nutrients” (an unspecific term).

            But you continue to use that “chemical versus natural” argument. There’s no such distinction. Everything natural IS chemical. There is no such thing as a chemical-free substance. The entire makeup of everything we eat, drink, breathe, touch, and are is chemicals. So you can’t keep saying “natural is better than chemicals” because it’s like saying “tires are better than rubber.”

            As for your video, I really hate watching videos for evidence. For one thing, they’re naturally far less rich in information than text. For another, they’re incredibly inconvenient, as I can’t read them as I go, and without disturbing those around me. They’re a huge time suck, and I can’t remember the last time someone said, “here, watch this YouTube video as proof” that actually had any legitimacy to it. They’re a flashy, easy way to obfuscate and misdirect and leave people confused. I’m not saying that’s YOUR goal, but I’ve learned they’re a very poor medium for conveying accurate information for these reasons. Text has far less room for error and is a far more convenient method of intake.

            But if you have links to peer-reviewed research backing these claims, I’d love to read it. I learn all the time about new research that’s disproved previous standards. I’m happy to find out that’s the case here. I have no dog in this race as I no longer consume Coca-Cola since I’ve given up caffeine. But this article absolutely wreaks of misinformation and fear-mongering inaccuracies and ignores the fact that EVERYTHING is harmful if consumed in excess. Eat enough bananas and you’ll get radiation poisoning. From my occasional reading of science-based information, I continually find that Coca-Cola is no more harmful than the average common ingestible substance. It’s only a problem, like anything else, when some people take it to the extreme and drink liters a day. They shouldn’t do that with orange juice, either.

          • Dayana O’ Fficial

            Hey, I just saw this now. I will be brief as there is so much to write
            about and time is a bit on an essue. When I mentioned caffeine, I mentioned it because its one of the activeingredients of coke. Therefore it is valid. You are right, caffeine have some benefits. However they are very little comparing with how harmful it can be. Unfortunately,
            I can see those example first hand! Osteoporosis, kidney failures, nervous
            system damage and high blood pressure are some of them. Some scientist would use coffee, which contain caffeine as part of cancer treatments, but is not because of the caffeine itself. It is because coffee is highly anti-oxidants asis full of vitamins A, C and E. Those helps to balance free radicals in the body. I didnt bother on mention carbonated water, artificial s aspartaine, E- numbers, Na Cl, high fructose corn sugar(whichhas been hugely linked with obesity) because it is very easy to find scientificsources that links numerous diseases to it. All those ingredients are inexcess in coke and even if you drunk only a glass a day your organs would be working hard to get it out of your system.I mention that your body had the ability to recognize what is food/
            nutrition and what is not. I never mentioned that this takes part on your
            stomach or I don’t even think I mention where… I was talking about T cell, eosinopjils, and IgE and their response to foreign substance to the human body. Since you asked for an exemple; one of the “mechanism” to prove that
            coke inhibits your body’s ability to absorb nutrients… here is one;coke is diuretic. It doesnt allow your body to absorb calcium and consequently D vitamin ( those nutrients works together, if you don’t have one you cant get
            the other) causing an increase of low bone density…. Well there is many more
            examples that you could check it out on this subject.

            Yeh, I guess there are lesschances of error in a book as it is easier to trace back who wrote it. Butvideos can be very cool to. Especially if you need to show mechanisms… I like both and I think one can complement the other.

            Everything in excess is harmful and most things that surround us is
            harmful… however, the ratio on coke to pure orange juice in incomparable again.The vitamins that contain in orange juice cant not build on yours system asthey are vitamins that are not stored in the body and must be replaced each day. Of course you can have problems with your teeth etc.

            Anyway, I really like the way you write. You don’t need to use any offensive/
            treating words to try to express yourself and get your point across! I glad
            that there is still people like this.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            But caffeine has little or nothing to do with the specific claims in this post, which is why I said what I did. It may have potential issues, but it’s not the reason why Coca-Cola was specifically called out in this post.

            The antioxidant stuff is a myth, though. I’d stay away from that one. It’s now been heavily confirmed that, contrary to the early hypotheses about its benefits, antioxidant supplementation is now HARMFUL to the body. Actually increases the risk of cancer. Go figure, right? That’s what we get for latching onto a health fad before the research is in.

            But you’re not quite right about “all” of these ingredients being in Coke. Aspartame, for instance, which decades of research has finally confirmed is harmless to the human body in the amounts we normally intake, isn’t in Coca-Cola. Only Diet Coke. HFCS, which is processed by the body exactly the same as sugar and only correlates with obesity because of its prevalence in the US and the types of foods it’s used in which are high in calories, is only used in some types of Coca-Cola, although it is the most prevalent, again.

            But again, your examples of the body recognizing the ingredients doesn’t seem to accurately represent biology. The body reacts to whatever chemicals it’s provided with and works with or against them. But you’re not providing any evidence that the body reacts in the negative ways you’re describing to the ingredients of Coca-Cola, which aren’t particularly unique to it. Just some general statements about how it blocks absorption of things. Do you have any sources for that?

            I get the “coolness” factor of video, certainly, but I find science cool enough as it is. I don’t need it prettied up, I need it accurate. That could be achieved with embedded photos in the text, or short video clips of just the relevant parts. Just as no university or medical journal would accept a video alone as evidence, it doesn’t make a good standard for me, either.

            I disagree about the orange juice difference, though. Yes, it has plenty of beneficial things in it, but they CAN be taken in dangerous excess. One CAN overdose on vitamins and cause more harm than good. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, so will mostly be urinated out, but it’s not impossible to OD on it. Vitamins A and D are much more easily ODed on, and if I remember correctly orange juice is frequently fortified with D. Orange juice is also PACKED with sugar, which was the main thing I was trying to reference when I compared the two. If you think HFCS is bad for an obesity issue, let’s not forget the dangers of excessive sugar intake. Doesn’t matter if the source is “natural”; too much sugar is a very bad thing.

            Anyway, I appreciate that we’ve had this conversation politely as well. One other person took my questions with great offense and chose to respond with name-calling, personal attacks, and tracked down my Facebook page to berate my privately. I can’t understand taking such offense at trying to come to the truth.

          • General Zod

            You sound like a know it all commonly called FIGJAM.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Never heard of him or her.

          • General Zod

            Figjam = F#$k Im Good Just Ask Me!

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            So how good are you?

          • General Zod

            Obviously not as good as you seem to think you are with massive long posts, correcting people and preaching your opinion over and over.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Aw, don’t be so modest. You clearly think you’re better than that.

          • Lindsey Breegan

            I am REALLY curious to see studies (not funded by NWO think tanks) that say that Aspartame is safe for the body.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            You lost me at “NWO think tanks.”

          • Lindsey Breegan

            Google it. Open your mind. Try tavistock institute for starters.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            You misunderstood me. I’m quite familiar with the so-called NWO. I meant you lost me as a conversation partner. For you to believe in the NWO requires you to look at the world and evidence in a way that makes you literally argument-proof. Any evidence I can provide you you’ll manage to wave away as “part of the NWO veil,” and any evidence I ask you for your claims that doesn’t exist will just be part of the cover-up. I have better things to do with my time than spit into the wind.

          • EATitCNN

            You’re an ignorant tool and a complete SHEEP if you are here arguing that the NWO doesn’t exist. There is plenty of documentation and QUOTES of the elite saying it themselves. YOU are the one that is asleep, and your very narrow and uneducated mind would be enough to lose ME as a conversation partner, smart guy. Keep trying. You know nothing apparently.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Oh, well if there’s ONE thing we know is incontrovertible evidence, it’s QUOTES.

            “Who needs sources? If it’s written on the Internet, it’s good enough for me. Now pass the Sriracha.” – Plato

          • Heidi


          • Lindsey Breegan

            So do you have links to ANY studies.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Anything I provide you you’ll simply chalk up to the NWO. I’m not interested in playing that game.

          • Gail Sarah Robbins

            Who is paying you to make these false claims? HFCS is NOT processed the same in the body as sugar. Do your research.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Oh, I wish I could get paid for telling the truth on the Internet. I do this for free.

            And I’ve done my research. Unlike this article, and many of the commenters, I don’t just make up my arguments.

            Sugar, or sucrose, is made of chemically-bonded fructose and glucose. The firs thing your digestive system does upon consuming sugar is break those chemical bonds and separate the fructose from the sucrose. What’s HFCS? Fructose and sucrose merely mixed together instead of chemically bonded. You know what else breaks the chemical bonds of sucrose? Cooking with sugar. Which is one of the most common things done with sugar in food. So the breakdown ends up essentially the same.

            HFCS is nutritionally the same as sugar.

          • Heidi

            It would depend what is meant by sugar. If sugar is meant as cane sugar then there is a difference as cane sugar is nearly just sucrose whereas HFCS (as the name suggests) contains lots of fructose. However, this isn’t saying it is bad as this combination of monosacarides is also found in honey, which is perfectly natural.

          • Kay Lowe

            This comment is totally ludicrous. A glass of coke per day would have your “organs” working overtime to rid itself of the extra nacl (table salt), carbonated water (hardly harmful) and HFCS? PUH-LEEZ.
            And, if you’re so educated on the matter, seems you might know how to spell aspartame.

          • action

            Coke makes you fat if you drink too much of it because it is full of sugar. The negative heath effects of coke are exactly the same as anything else….If you drink too much of it you will become fat and not get laid anymore. If you brush your teeth twice a day and If you have a good diet, limit your caloric intake and exercise a lot you could have a 6pack of coke from time to time and it would have no long term health effects. I think the other thing that people don’t realize is a healthy PH level of the Gastric acid in your stomach can be up to 3.5% Coke is 3.4. Your stomach can handle it, your gastrointestinal system is designed for it, what your body was not designed for is taking in 6000 calories a day. You will look like honey boo boo’s mom in a thong and have a stroke and go into diabetic shock. Basically what I am saying is eat anything you want to, just moderate yourself, work out and don’t be a lazy ass. Don’t let the earth first anti-sugar anti-fun tree bark eating crowd tell you any different.

          • Gail Sarah Robbins

            Yes, it’s not caffeine, it’s coffee itself, even decaf, that is beneficial.

          • Heidi

            “carbonated water, artificial s aspartaine, E- numbers, Na Cl, high fructose corn sugar” NaCl is just salt and is found “naturally” in the sea. And many natural things have E-numbers such as edible dyes (some of which are made from ground up insects with are perfectly natural)

          • Pedro Otono

            You don’t know anything about science. You might think you do, but what you are saying is wrong.

            Jeeze, just smart enough to be stupid.

          • Gareth

            back up claims, not saying you are false in those accusations but the way you worded your sentence is trolling in all sense of the word.

            Post links/articles and research so that person can see and maybe just maybe learn so when they get into a discussion in the future they are mentioning facts and not fiction =P

          • Pedro Otono

            I don’t even need to post research to discredit layman things like: “Coke is in disadvantage again as your body doesnt even have the ability to recognize it as a ‘food’.”

            This is like 3rd grader understanding of science. Your body doesn’t ‘recognize’ something as ‘food’ – your stomach doesn’t have it’s own brain, it is a container where chemical reactions take place on whatever you put in there. Dirt, soda, bread, salt, laundry detergent… It goes down your throat into a soup, then slowly gets turned into liquid, then gets squirted into your intestine, then macromolecules are taken up, and waste is excreted. There is no point where something is ‘recognized’ as ‘food’. This person has a 3rd grade understanding of human biology.

          • Desiree Lombos

            hmm actually your stomach does have its own brain.. it’s called the enteric nervous system..it even has more neural connections than the brain itself.. that’s why gut feelings is so much stronger..

          • Pedro Otono

            That’s the kind of layman science that makes you just smart enough to be stupid. Unless you are being deliberately obtuse.

          • sole

            you are the layman here! you can Google it ad know it if u were smart. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enteric_nervous_system

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Whoa, whoa, whoa… have you actually accidentally confused the term “gut feeling” with a literal biological process? Are you not familiar with metaphors?

          • marte

            truly beyond stupid.

          • Gail Sarah Robbins

            Poisons are directed to the liver and kidneys to try to remove poisons from the body. The body knows what to do, even though the gut “has no brain.”

          • Eddy Fleming

            He heard it on the Internet. And everyone knows, you can’t put anything on the Internet that isn’t true. Right? :) Next Jarrett will be investing $4000 in a Kengan water system but he is the kind to put the water in a plastic bottle. You can’t fix stupid.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            I can’t figure out who you’re trying to insult with what here. I’m informed enough to know Kangen is a complete crock of BS being peddled to people who know nothing about chemistry, and also smart enough to know that plastic designed specifically to hold drinking water are harmless if used properly. You’re mixing concepts oddly…

          • Intrigued Guest

            I don’t like to read much into these posts because you get the spread of a lot of misinformation, biases and a whole bunch of other elements that dilute the true purposes and practices of actual science. However, it’s late and I was sucked into this one, even enticed to comment (go figure) so I’m going to try and make it a good, productive one. Jarrett, I must say that reading what you have to say based on your review of actual research (as you claim), your seemingly logical and levelheaded approach with the presentation of information, and the patience you have with some of the confirmable misinformed/unproven, and now encroaching on antagonistic comments, is very refreshing. I just needed to tell you that, if I were do anything with this article.

            For the record, should this comment (or Jarrett, again, for that matter) receive negative reactions or promote slighted feelings, that’s not what it is intended to do. Science as a whole is a ongoing process of the practice and presentation of valid experimentation- forever being continuously refined in order to expand our (proven and supported) knowledge of all aspects of the universe we inhabit. As Jarrett and others have said, and as has been asked of Jarrett, we all simply want the valid evidence. No, an article like this does not come close to counting. And @sole, wikipedia? We all should know better than that. If I need to prove only shred of myself to keep a little corner in this conversation, as some people seek, having attended a focused college of the sciences within a big 10 university (not Harvard, Yale or Oxford but still pretty darn good if you ask me) striving to stay up to date on GOOD science done within, outside and around every which direction of the university, in order to provide and teach the best information possible, I feel as from what has been taught to me I can vouch most for you, Jarrett, in having the most validity in this debate. I don’t claim to know everything, or even a lot, especially on this topic which is why I don’t wish delving into specifics. But, with what is known through toxicology, chemistry and biology (combine them into biochem if you wish) as of now it seems to support more of what Jarrett is trying to say.

            Slight tangent to further the overall point of the debate: GOOD in caps because, yes, there is a such thing as “bad science”- sorry to possibly burst some bubbles but as examples, the (in)famous John Gray’s “research” (Men from Mars, Women from Venus- another straight up peddling of BS) and a significant portion of Simon Baron-Cohen’s “research.” Another example, focusing on the topic at hand, this article with 1 “source.” Sure “prevent disease” sounds good along with its prettied up, user friendly website layout, but it’s a website virtually anyone with enough tech savvy and steady goal can create; not saying that’s what this website it, but that’s the truth of it. Argue that point if you want, but more of its info would be far more convincing and proven valid if it can show to be scientifically peer-reviewed and be affiliated with a .gov or .org rather than a generic .com. Then we get back to the simple point, this article only has 1 source. No science is executed accurately, effectively or strives to hold any validity with only 1 source.

            Anyways, Jarrett, I can’t confirm everything you have said. Again, I don’t claim to know everything about anything, especially a topic like this, but most of your points with enough digging can be shown or at the very least can hold a significant stance amongst what else has been said. If others start giving (GOOD, proven) evidence and you need proof not easily accessible (some research can be hard to come by these days, if not for that fact that you have to pay for it), I could fish around my access to PubMed, Web of Science, JSTOR, ProQuest, etc. compliments of the university ;) Though I don’t think it will come to that. Trivial thing this article. In the end, people are going to do what people are going to do and that’s all that matters. That’s Life, and Life’s short. Cheers again, Jarrett.

          • EATitCNN

            this troll punk needs to lose a few teeth. I can’t stand losers like this. Dogmatic bullshit and all

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Wishing physical harm on someone is the best way to ensure you look mature and reasonable.

          • Guest

            Well, well, a personal attack and the naturalist fallacy and NO EVIDENCE.

          • Pedro Otono

            “enteric nervous system” and “more neural connections than the brain itself” and “that’s why gut feelings is so much stronger”

            Those are evidence enough for you, though. hahahaha

          • Shane

            Ignorance… pure and simple. Your ‘research’ is certainly not factually based. Your assessment of the body seeing things as a ‘poison’ only shows that you don’t understand either the response of the body, or what a ‘poison’ to the body really is and how it would work. Your lack of this understanding only shows that the rest of your argument is specious at best, and ignorant as written. Researching, via Google, by way of other internet crap, blog postings by self reporting ‘health blog experts’ is nothing more than propagation of internet ignorance. The sad thing is… this type of ‘expert’ permeates our society these days, simply because they are so abundant, and the ‘young’ of our current society does not have the knowledge or ability to distinguish ‘bunk and junk’ from actual research.

          • Kay Lowe

            Can’t even properly spell “aspartame”

          • Jap21

            The body does not just automatically see any non food item as poison. If it saw it as poison, we would immediately throw it up, or become violently ill. Anyone with a little knowledge in chemistry and biology knows this. Caffeine only is seen as poison to the body in absolutely astronomical proportions. You would literally have to consume 10-15 cans of coke per day, for a few months to have any side effects. Holistically you may be right, natural is better than chemical, but scientifically you are 100% wrong. The body does not know the difference between natural and chemical. In fact, chemical processes have increased bio-availability of certain vitamins and minerals, meaning your body can absorb more, in a more efficient fashion. Just because something is not natural, does not mean it is bad, and a lot of the time, through the beautiful art we call science, synthetics are better and exponentially more beneficial. Also judging by your sweet name, you are not going to gain any credibility votes Mrs. O’Fficial. You are a pretty misinformed person to be honest.

          • Dayana O’ Fficial

            Jap21, look on what I wrote after! I was talking about T cell, eosinopjils, and IgE and their response to foreign substance to the human body. Immediately response( anaphilatic shock) can occur. I never mentioned that caffeine in any amount will poison you ( but now im saying: it fefo will if you ingest too much) but it will affect your body in many ways! Caffeine is also a natural substance and can occur naturally. I mentioned the whole composition of coke, not an specific ingredient. And one last thing, I wasnt fishing for credibility based on my name :)

          • Jap21

            Once again we are taking about things that need massive quantities (literally unrealistic quantities) of other substances, in order to create the side effects you speak of.

          • Dayana O’ Fficial

            I disagree! You need realistic quantities and that is just enough. I have a case in my family, my mother, has every single side effect (well, in the specific case of caffeine) that you can mention. Kidney failure, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, problems with nerve system and of fcourse the addiction problem itself. It is extremely sad to see this!

          • Jap21

            Oh no lets just blame caffeine, instead of the other 1000000 factors that account for those exact same problems. Probably things like vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, you know…things that actually make sense. For about 25 years now, i have taken massive daily amounts of caffeine (as a pre workout stimulant), whether caffeine by coffee, or whatever means for energy, amounting to right around 300-400 mg a day(often twice daily) on a light day. Thats about 8 times as much caffeine as any soda on the market. I have all of 0 of the symptoms you are speaking of and im in my 40’s. Im sorry but you really need to stop being so dogmatic. You have an opinion, and any information produced to the contrary is somehow invalid, and only things that back up you flawed opinion are “correct” to you. Maybe instead of only viewing what you want to view, see it from a reality stand point….especially in the fact that about 100% of people on here are telling and proving you wrong…yet somehow you still think you are right?

          • Bryan

            how old is your mother? Where does she live? Did her parents smoke when she was growing up? Did she ever take birth control (the pill causes all these same issues)? Does she drink water (everyone who drinks water dies)? Did she ever inhale? Does she go outside? Does she never go outside? There is no linkage to anything you mention and caffeine. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.menshealth.com%2Fnutrition%2Fhealth-benefits-caffeine&h=GAQFhCv2Q

          • Sam

            Actually, there is a chemical in many soft drinks and energy drinks that inhibits vomiting, so your argument is invalid. If you’re going to be so condescending, maybe you should be informed yourself.

          • Jap21

            Please give me 1 single reason why a single chemical that MIGHT inhibit vomiting (actually it just relieves nausea) is 1. means for making my argument invalid and 2. a bad thing (sorry i never knew vomiting was healthy for you)

          • Bryan

            What??? You just can’t make stuff up, throw it out there and hope it sticks. Your’s is the biggest lie on this page

          • Jennifer Redwine

            Try taking a few caffeine pills and come back to me on that — it does indeed induce vomiting much faster than that (I speak from personal experience).

          • Jap21

            Considering (if you read my post below) i have taken caffeine supplements for the past 25 years for working out purposes. ROughly 300-400 mg a day, sometimes double that, trust me, ive taken caffeine pills more times than you have ever probably even thought of. Caffeine is highly about personal tolerance, and yes if you taken say for example 600 mg of caffeine (3 pills) in one sitting right to the face, you probably wont feel to great. That like saying hey, let me just blow this whole 8 ball of coke, I wont feel any negatives to that right? Caffeine pills are generally supposed to be taken 1 maybe 2 at once, with food, you do that (like a smart person) and you are fine.

          • Guest

            I think it would make things a bit clearer if it were referred to as either natural or man-made rather than chemical. Also, someone pointed out that Coke is a diuretic. The reason for this is the caffeine. So coffee, tea, and caffeinated soft drinks are all diuretic. Of course, you can get all of these with no caffeine.

          • Robert E. Brown

            I think it would be less confusing if instead of saying natural vs. chemical it was referred to as natural vs. man-made. Also, someone mentioned that Coke is a diuretic. The reason for this is the fact that it has caffeine in it. Caffeine is a natural diuretic and can be found in tea, coffee, and caffeinated soft drinks. Of course all of these can be found without caffeine, whether is removed or just not added in the first place.

          • Mandy

            If caffeine is poison, then you should avoid natural substances that contain it. The word natural on food is just an advertising campaign to convince you to buy it. Natural substances can cause harm just like synthetic substances can. Synthetic substances are the reason that people like twice as long now as the “natural” cavemen did.

          • Gregwashere

            Mandy, I am assuming that you meant to write:
            “Synthetic substances are the reason that people *live* twice as long now as the “natural” cavemen did.”
            If you are talking about synthetic substances in food, you are not correct.
            Modern medicine is why we live longer. Shelter from the elements, heated homes, refrigerated food, no longer needing to hunt things which could injure, maim, or kill us have protected us.
            Breaking a leg doesn’t mean dying of starvation anymore. Most people over 60 are taking pills every day to regulate their bodies -so they can live longer and stronger.
            As a cave-person, I probably would have been abandoned because of my severely crossed eyes (I could never hunt with a spear or bow). The smack in the back of my head that took 5 stitches when I was six, my appendix bursting because I was sure “I wasn’t that sick” …despite nature’s (and my own accidental) attempts to kill me off, modern medicine has prevailed. I can’t tell you how many times I would have died even living in a modern world -without modern medicine.

          • Mandy

            pH shouldn’t be an issue since the pH in the stomach is 1-2…

          • David Ocame

            You’re an asshole.

          • Ncrdbl1

            wow you make a claim which is then dis-proven. So you change claims in mid stream. If your claims about acid in cola can be dis-proven as it has, can we really trust any claims you make to push your agenda?

          • margie morgan reyes

            I have drank coke most of my life(which is more than 40 some years, I don’t high blood pressure, kidney failure, diabetes, calcium deficiencies or any other health problems. some time back people started saying red meat and bacon were bad for you, so I have to wonder how my father lived to be 95, and ate and drank all the things that were supposed to be so bad, even coke. sorry but you haven’t convinced me.

          • Bryan

            Here are some FACTS for you…facts backed by science.
            In Japan researchers have shown that caffeine increases memory.
            Caffeine mixed with carbs replenishes muscle glycogen concentrations faster after exercise.
            Caffeine detoxes the liver and cleanses the colon when taken as acaffeine enema.
            Caffeine is better than sleep when you need to be alert while driving.
            Caffeine can stimulate hair growth on balding men and women.
            Caffeine relieves post work-out muscle pain by up to 48%.
            Caffeine helps ward off Alzheimer’s.
            Caffeine can ease depression by increasing dopamine in the brain.
            Caffeine increases stamina during exercise.
            Caffeine protects against eyelid spasm.
            Caffeine may protect against Cataracts.
            Caffeine may prevent skin cancer. A new study out of Rutgers University found that caffeine prevented skin cancer in hairless mice.
            People who consume caffeine have a lower risk of suicide. Src.
            Caffeine may reduce fatty liver in those with non-alcohol related fatty liver disease. This study comes out of Duke University.
            Caffeine consuming men showed increased semen volume and significantly less sperm DNA fragmentation than non-caffeine consuming men. Src.

          • Bryan
          • Betty

            so never drink coffee or tea, either. all have caffeine in them

        • matt

          …think he means substances found naturally compounds (lemon juice) vs. synthetic compounds (Coke)…

          The popular belief that lemons become alkaline
          during digestion isn’t upheld by science. Under no circumstances can an
          acidic food alkalize your blood, said Kat Day, a chemist and science
          blogger in Oxfordshire, England. Because foods are not known to alter
          the pH of your blood or body, lemons won’t acidify you either. Drinking
          lemon juice with water may increase the acid level of your urine,
          however, which is a sign that your kidneys are doing their job —
          ridding you of excess acid…

          • Bryan

            What synthetic compounds are in Coke? Would it be water? Sugar? Coco extract? Carbonation? It’s 97% water.

          • SirViP

            I think they’re trying very hard to refer to the refined sugar but their lack of knowledge in terminology isn’t helping.

          • Gail Sarah Robbins

            No, it’s high fructose corn syrup, not refined sugar.

          • Gail Sarah Robbins

            Not sugar. It has high fructose corn syrup made with GMO corn.

          • Tana

            Depends on where you’re from. Here is Australia, it’s cane sugar.

          • J.s. Butcher

            Chemicals are chemical, whether I compound them in my lab or the plants in my vegetable garden do so. Have you ever heard of poisonous plants? Some good “natural organic compounds” among them! Along the same thread…I have always wondered why people think “organic” food is so good for you. “Organic” simply describes a compound that contains carbon. For example, crude oil is both “organic” and “natural!” Has anyone ever thought to cook using pure, natural petroleum fresh from the ground? Hey, that makes gasoline is an “organic compound,” too, but I would not recommend it as an ingredient to the latest fad martini! When is the meaning of “organic” change to have such broad connotations?

          • Gail Sarah Robbins

            You have missed the whole point of organic farming and what it means. Maybe we should give it a new name that people won’t stumble over.

          • J.s. Butcher

            I understand the concept of so-called “organic farming,” and my own vegetable garden is a good example. I agree, Gail. The practice does need a more precise label.

          • seth glass MD
          • Eric Dodson

            Penn & Teller are amazing I love Bullshit!

          • Biochems student

            My god you are my favorite person right now!

          • john phenois

            god everyone on here is a troll! hahaha

        • Dayana O’ Fficial

          There is a big difference between naturally occurrence of chemicals and something that doe not occur naturally.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Yes, there’s a huge difference. One produces chemicals such as cyanide, strychnine, and whatever’s in snake venom, with no regard for what effect it has on the human body. The other is tested, regulated, and verified against its impacts on humans and designed specifically for our consumption.

            Please don’t mistake this as me arguing against natural foods. I’m very much in favor. But the naturalistic fallacy needs to die. Natural is not automatically better or safer. Not by a long shot.

        • Robinson Harvey

          I usually have a rule of thumb never to partake in forums as I’ve come to the conclusion that people will believe what they want to believe. But after reading through the ENTIRE thread, I just wanted to thank you for your consistent participation in it. You were both educational and interesting, I will do my own research before believing articles like this one from now on. Thank you Jarrrett

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            That means a lot to me, thank you. That’s why I bother at all. And I recommend you do your research before believing anything online, including me. We’re all prone to error.

        • seth glass MD

          thank you Jarrett…my head splits open and melts when anyone claims that “natural” is better than “chemical”. Olive death cup mushrooms are natural, are they good for me…well they must be, they’re NATURAL! Malaria is natural, I can sure use me some of that too. Chemicals are chemicals, the body cannot make a distinction. White sugar in a bag is as natural as “natural” sugar, and even if it wasn’t, a sucrose molecule from this source is the same as any other.

      • Gareth

        A friend of mine only drinks coke… he literally has 4-6L of it every day..he has a high metabolism and gyms allot so he’s not an obese kid (well built/6 pack etc) would this be “really” bad for someone like that? a person that sweats out liquids frequently?

        • Cooke

          I think that the only way it would be bad for your friend is that they may be dehydrated when they work out if they aren’t loading up on water. Also, there might not be as much water to help with absorption of nutrients. Will this kill your friend? Not at all, but it may prevent them from optimizing their workouts and nutrition. When they get older things might change as their metabolism slows, but I think it is premature for people to say they will die of heart disease, esophageal cancer, and cola overdose.

          • Janet Hrechka Dorkin

            Just a thought for an athlete…for every one can of Coke you drink, you pee out the equivelant of 2 cans. If you never drink anything else you could literally become dehydrated even when drinking 4-6 litres.

          • Paul McNeer

            your evidence?

          • Eddy Fleming

            And “you” have no clue what you’re talking about. Janet the chemist.

          • Shane

            WTF are you smoking? Where in the hell did you come up with this internet BS?

            This is complete and total bullshit… but boy… it makes a nice FB update for the ignorant.

          • Mandy

            Wow are you rude. Do you treat people like that in person?

          • Toni Starks


          • ZoomZoomDiva

            Janet, that is false. The Mayo Clinic did a study of various beverages and their net water impact on the body. The only beverages they found with a net negative water impact was multiple alcoholic beverages.

          • Tommo

            You’re either making shit up or lying. I have a massive coke addiction, and I definitely do not pee out twice as much as I drink. And there are literally WEEKS when I drink nothing but coke, and I do not become dehydrated. Stop talking shit.

        • Henry

          Your friend needs to see a doctor immediately. I guarantee you that he has diabetes. The fact that he exercises is irrelevant, while there is strong correlation to obesity and diabetes, correlation is not causation and there are increasingly high accounts of young adults who we would consider “healthy” being found with diabetes because it is directly related to amount of sugar intake. In fact there are multiple campaigns out there to raise awareness of the dangers of our societies abuse of sugar especially synthetic sugar substitutes like High-Fructose Corn syrup and Fructose in general. Despite all the propaganda that HFCS affects your body the same as sugar it does not. I won’t try and explain it all here I’m sure a bunch of well meaning ill-informed commentators will try to discredit it anyway. So here is a link. I recommend everyone arguing on this topic watch this. It is pure research and experiment based evidence with one of the most respectable names on the subject.

          • Tommo

            Why are so many people suddenly internet Doctors?

            You GUARANTEE this kid has diabetes? Wow. Henry, you should come be a GP near me. I drink a similar amount of Coke, and I am overweight, and the exercise I get is walking to the shop to get another bottle of Coke. If I don’t drink Coke, I get the shakes, feel week, and have even feinted before. My father had diabetes, so I thought I should get myself checked out. No diabetes. Not to say I am not going to get it. I just get angry when some layman chump reads something on the internet and all of a sudden they are able to diagnose people.

            You are a mug, not a Doctor. You KNOW nothing.

          • Henry

            Sorry I made you angry you shouldn’t let that get under your skin. I posted what I did to stress urgency, I am not a doctor and cannot guarantee he has diabetes but from my research and courses I know that it is a high probability. I also would ask that you don’t insult or flame me for trying to help someone, and I don’t see why someone in your situation would be fighting against my advice when you have suffered first hand from the lifestyle? And to claim that anyone knows nothing is fairly shallow. I don’t claim that doctors shouldn’t vote because they went to med school instead of taking political science courses. And I didn’t diagnose him I advised he see someone that could. And I didn’t see it on the internet I was at the lecture.

        • Alexa

          Sounds nasty.. Ready, set, diabetes and rotten teeth?

        • Bryan
      • Scott Hurst

        “Sure pH is exponential but you cant compare something natural with something chemical” Bull shit. This whole post if nonsense.

        Also, by way of comparison, your stomach maintains a pH of 1.5 to 3.

      • ginger.apple.milk

        Literally everything in the universe is a chemical. *eyeroll*

        • Toni Starks

          silly simple bitch u are hun

      • Garry Butler

        you have no idea what the body recognizes as food…

        • Virk Amardeep

          DEAR friend…there is nothing organic in this entire world…if wanna know & get organic drinks,101% organic food….so u can ask me how & where..coz we deals in organic health products around the world wide since 1978.it belongs from USA.
          we helps to prevent & treat many kinds of critcaly prolems…..if u r intrested to know more about us…u can contact us Mr. Amardeep M:+919915728926 or deep.amar60@ yahoo.com
          BEST OF LUCK in the world of PURE NATURE.

      • Ashley Elizabeth

        The problem with Coke isn’t that the acid more “chemical” than “natural”. The problem with Coke is that it’s composition is made up of a ratio of chemicals that isn’t found in nature. Lemon juice, to use your example, is extremely tart. Most people don’t go around drinking lemon juice like they do Coke. If you dilute the lemon juice and therefore change the ratio to something closer to neutral, it’s very palatable.

        The problem with coke is a combination of the acid, sugar and salt. The acid causes the problems mentioned above and tooth erosion. Salt prevents it from actually hydrating you so you’re likely to drink more. Sugar makes it palatable at least and at the worst, has such a high sugar content that it becomes addictive.

        • Bryan

          Another post with no factual support. Coke is over 97% WATER. The human body needs salt to survive and there is very little in a soft drink. You have more acid in your stomach and unless you hold the soft drink in your mouth for a LONG time and never brush your teeth or chew gum it has no impact on your teeth. Sugar addictive? That’s a major stretch.

          AS far a being dehydrating: Not true, say researchers at the Center for Human Nutrition in Omaha. They ought to know. They put a dozen and a half men in their 20s and 30s on various fluid regimens: water only; equal amounts of water and caffeinated soda; or water, caffeinated soda, and coffee. Then they tested urine and blood to check their hydration status. The result: The volunteers remained in the same state of hydration no matter which beverages they drank!

          Were these men protected by their relative youth? “I don’t think it is an age-related phenomenon,” says study co-author Kristin J. Reimers, RD, MS. “All fluid counts—plain water, soft drinks, milk, juices—they’re all water sources for our bodies. My grandmother (age 83) drinks coffee all day, and her hydration status is just fine.”

          The only people for whom caffeine might cause an unusually high fluid output, Ms. Reimers comments, are those who don’t often drink caffeinated beverages. The body tends to adapt to caffeine over tim

      • kono

        bro, do you even science?

      • Gregwashere

        I am assuming from your writing that English is not your first language.
        So, to be helpful, I think that you are using the word “chemical” instead of what you really mean to say: “artificial”. Jarrett’s point about chemicals being in everything (natural or artificial/man-made) is accurate.

    • NYSE2226 .

      Great commentary….the only difference is that a Lemon will actually Alkalize your body and a coke will not.

      • Roger Aiken

        Use pH test tape in your mouth about one minute after swallowing vinegar or lemon juice. It will read highly alkaline.

    • Roger Aiken

      Coke does have a low pH number, making it acidic. But what dentists and dental technicians won’t tell you is that mouth wash has a pH number in the 2.3-4.8 range (depending on the brand name). Dental personnel are quick to recommend it and they have it in their offices. Coke and other acidic beverages usually do not contact the teeth like mouth wash. You swish mouth wash making sure all of the mouth is contacted. With Coke, and other acidic beverages, you channel it directly to the throat. Also, there are highly acid foods such as tomatoes, fruits, etc. However, your saliva helps to neutralize the acidity to a degree. I try to remember to rinse my mouth after eating. This is not an argument but an addendum.

      • ben brown

        Any dentist that recommends mouthwash without a particular reason (those reasons are rare) doesn’t care to know what they do to their patients that isn’t in their most basic studies. Dentists that know pharmacology well enough will tell you about mouthwash. Floss once brush twice with toothpaste daily. Without any issues, that’s all you should do; brushing after lunch isn’t a bad idea. SOFT BRISTLES ONLY.
        Coke is not something worth defending. Sugar and acid are bad for teeth, period. Do not drink soda every day, if you do, your risk of getting cavities increases. That’s thousands of dollars. Don’t do mouthwash unless there is explicit reason like GUM disease. Avoid soda as much as your addiction allows you. Stress is bad for health in general as well as oral health.
        I understand liking things you’re addicted to. I love cigarettes. But I don’t argue with the FACT that it’s bad for your health no matter the amount. I would never recommend cigarettes or soda for anyone outside of one cig before the tour de france or coke for after eating too much where acid would be helpful.

      • JS

        Since when did pH and morality become the same thing? Just because something has a low pH does not necessarily tell the strength of a solution. Pure water in atmospheric conditions has a pH of 4-5 depending on geography.

      • legend zero

        Dentists also recommend high doses of Sodium Fluoride. In every other country it is a poisonous byproduct of aluminum manufacturing and known carcinogen.

        • disqus_8oBVer75Lt

          I worked in dentistry and to this day I use fluoride-free toothpaste. I would never let kids have those stupid fluoride treatments, either. Dental students are so brainwashed by the very people that manufacture those fluoride loaded products. They don’t do any research on their own to learn how awful it is.

          • Jbkorn02

            That pretty much sums up our entire education system here in the states. And why our government bans certain products. The people who make their competition are paying off everyone more.

          • timbuck93

            Yep there’s a lot of really sad and screwed up things going on in the world — just use a dot of toothpaste on a brush.

            In all the damn commercials they load it up end to end with an inch thick coat – that’s not healthy AND it wastes money, so yeah they don’t give a DAMN about you or me, it’s all about the money.

          • Ineice Marie Davis

            I have been doing the dot thing for years now and to add, manufacturers have made the holes in their products much bigger so that it is used up faster and so you buy more – it is a money thing, I agree.

    • Chu Wyton

      The stomach has pH levels of as low as 2, if I may add.

      • Chu Wyton

        Of course, we’re not batting an eyelid over the 8 spoonfuls of sugary equivalent there is in one can (225ml) of coke.

    • Maria James

      A food’s acid or alkaline forming propensity in the body has nothing to do with the pH of the food itself. For example, lemons are very acidic, however the end-products they produce after digestion and assimilation are very alkaline so lemons are alkaline-forming in the body. Likewise, meat will test alkaline before digestion but it leaves very acidic residue in the body so, like nearly all animal products, meat is very acid-forming. Your health is best served by a good mix of nutrient-dense, alkaline and acid-forming foods. Ideally eating more alkaline-forming foods than acid-forming foods to have the net acid and alkaline-forming effects of your diet match the slightly alkaline pH of your blood.

  • robert


  • Cristal Janie

    Actually, “Amen” is the most commonly spoken word in the world.

    • Luke Elford

      doubt it

      • Gareth

        agree Luke….

        • Christa Genger

          yeah pretty sure the word you’re thinking of is “no” lol

    • EJS

      It wasn’t “commonly spoken”, which by the way you’re wrong. It was “most recognized.” Of which they got wrong. Taxi and Coke are the top two. Sorry.

  • Jan Francis Fernandez

    how about if i use pepsi?

    • Suleman

      Red (coke) or Blue (Pepsi) , it’s the same corporate crap like Republicans & Democrats ;)

      • David Hepburn

        well now i disagree on that totaly heres why–first off 90 %of dems claim to be athiest and want to take god outa schools and courtrooms and monies also dems seem to pride themselves for lying lately-and lastly dems seem to follow the alynski plan –that is to blame reps for what they are in fact doing–wheras not one rep wants god outa schools and the worst the dems can come up with is some drug use and some hipocrassy on the reps part–surely most dems do these same things–soooo there you are big diff in deed.

        • Drew Brandt

          you are bringing up minor diffs and ignoring the fact that officials in both parties are mere puppets. It is all the same shit made to appear as if they are different in order to create the illusion of a 2 party system and make you feel like you have a choice. A majority of politicians are really only concerned about the wellbeing of themselves and their families. Both sides are bought by corporations. It’s a scam.

        • LookAtThisIdiot

          Generic conservative is generic.

          The Blaze is thataway champ.

        • aa

          i love when an article that has nothing to do with politics whatsoever winds up with the reductionist democrat vs republican comments.
          This article is about a soda. Good grief.
          (ps. religion belongs in religious spaces such a churches, temples and in peoples private homes, and in your hearts… not in schools! I’m assuming you’d object to a religion other than the one you subscribe to being taught in a school that you or your family attends….therefore it’s best kept in the spaces for the people who appreciate it).

    • kram

      then try mountain dew as well

    • kram

      try also mountain dew.. 7 up.. sprite.. and all other “substance” containing drink that u could think.. and boom!!! see? its just fuckin bullshit

    • kaye

      LOL, personally I eat what I want to and drink what I want to when I want to and don’t look for negative or positive findings, the only thing I drink everyday is tea and water, everything else is not a regular habit. I do know one thing about coke, seen it myself, Tennessee State Troopers normally carry it in the trunk of their car to pour on blood in the road from bad wrecks. It truly takes care of blood stains, fresh or not. I used it on my white tee shirt and pair of jeans as well. Not saying anything bad about coke just saying what it can clean up.

  • Zachary Allan Veld

    i feel like coke now

  • Virgilio Bernardo Mariano

    why make a quote “coca cola” on a review where soda, cola, soft drinks or pop industries are to be blamed? does pepsi uses other ingredients that is acceptable for human consumption? how about korean brands like lotte chillsung cider? is there a herb formula that makes you feel more energized?
    maybe you got fired from the company or being abused by receiving less salary? black propaganda it is.

    • grace

      black propaganda meaning? Are bringing in a racist argument?

      • http://whitehatsforeveryone.com/ Sharla Laurin

        seriously? i don’t think it has anything to do with race. black has a whole lot of meanings besides referring to people dna’d from the african continent. maybe you’re joking.. though his argument is asinine anyway.

      • Jolly Good

        Please tell me you’re trolling. Tell me you’re not actually that retarded?

  • SAM

    awww, sounds horrible :( … anyways, 1 coke please :)

  • LY

    This article means well in trying to persuade the public to reduce or altogether eliminate consumption of these high in calorie/low in nutrition beverages; however some of the information provided is inaccurate which may lead readers to question the validity of the information.
    Firstly, osteoporosis has been linked with high soft drink consumption although the exact cause or mechanism is not entirely clear. Is it because of the replacement of nutritious fluids with coke? Or the phosperous content? There is no clear causation that has been made, so you should refrain from such bold statements. Secondly, the stomach cannot pull calcium out of the bloodstream to act as an antacid in the stomach, this simply does not happen as it is not a physiological process of the stomach. Thirdly, there are several known risk factors for GERD, and none of them include consumption of Coca Cola; known risk factors for GERD include smoking, alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, obesity and pregnancy. Technically according to what you’re saying overconsumption of anything can result in GERD.
    I would recommend more research to be done before trying to write a persuasive article, but satisfactory effort nonetheless.

    • Annie Womer

      SEE!!!! unlike the guest above this LY gets it…stop making claims without sufficient evidence…and I mean REALLY sufficient…because as one who is studying research methods I’ll be the first to say that many will skew SPSS to get a p < 0.05, because significance can and has been considered more important than facts.

  • Mela Sinnung

    I use coke for diarrhea, very effective. Because of it’s carbon content, it coats the stomach from toxins caused by food poisoning thus eliminating this by frequent stools but at the same time it gives you fluids. I would say everything in moderation.Coke is the number 1 bestselling of the fizzy drinks, but not healthy. Only to quins your thirst, so it’s up for the public to decide.

    • disqus_HJepRnmNGa

      ‘quins your thirst’? I think you mean ‘quench’.

      • muller granzon

        hahahahahah……………intelligent critics……….

    • Christa Genger

      well soda actually makes you thirstier, but you remind me of a good point. When you have an upset stomach, what will your mother get you? 7up.
      the carbonation helps settle your stomach.

  • Tim Wilson

    Anyone else notice, apart from all the other bullshit the article says, that the 20 uses are pretty much:

    1) cleans rust 2) clean rust off your car 3) rusty nail? clean with coke 4) cleans oil 5) oily shirt? clean with coke 6) use coke to get that oil stain off your carpet

    20 practical uses if you have some oil/rust to get rid and only coke at your disposal.

    • Christa Genger

      also, have you ever tried getting say, rust off your hubcaps, with aluminum foil and coke?. It’s not easy. Really it barely works. The part about the cleaning your battery terminals works very well though.

    • Wanda WaabiskaMigizikwe Boomho

      I like the toilet cleaner part.. it’s where coke belongs after all

  • Ify Okafor

    Wow, this couldn’t come any sooner. Just yesterday I was questioning whether to drink a coke in the fridge or not. Good thing I saw that it was expired and I threw it out. I will never want to drink coke again.

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      Might want to do some research first. Or read the comment thread here before swearing off a tasty beverage for life. This article is complete bunk.

  • Seth Petersson

    I drink a lot of carbonated tap water with lemon juice in it. Does this have similar effect when it comes to calcium?

  • disqus_wJDbZrWvTQ

    living is a cause of death

  • pumpernickel000

    “The stomach ‘cures’ the irritation the only way it knows how. It adds
    the only antacid at its disposal: calcium. It gets this from the blood.”

    This statement is incorrect. Please site a physiology textbook or peer journal that supports this. The calcium that is depleted in soft drink consumption is the result of phosphates binding with calcium for excretion purposes. The gastric mucosa does not excrete any antacids onto the stomach lining. It “shuts off” HCl production when there is excessive exogenous acid, which is detrimental because HCl is needed to kill bacteria in our foods. Also, HCl is needed for B12 absorption. However, the stomach does not have any antacids. If it did, people would not suffer from gastric mucosa in the presence of excessive acids, but they do since the gastric mucosa does not have intrinsic antacids.

    • Robert Miriri

      Some of these people do not even understand human metabolism leave alone the chemical composition of a simple soft drink. they definitely have a mission they want to accomplish.

      • disqus_HJepRnmNGa

        Your mean ‘let alone’ NOT ‘leave alone’.

  • Elsie Ayala

    So, I’m a HUGE fan of Dr. P. Does anyone know if this also rings true? That would absolutely break my heart.

    • Christa Genger

      soda is soda, it’s all the same

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      It rings as true as this does. And since pretty much this entire article is outdated BS that’s been circling in email forwards for a couple of decades, I think you’re safe.

  • jhune

    PEPSI COLA can clean all of these…it’s just a matter of rival and competency!!

  • Rob_in_Baltimore
  • Rob_in_Baltimore
  • Rob_in_Baltimore
  • Rob_in_Baltimore
  • Tula Mae

    So do you use diet or regular for these cleaning projects? I thought using soda with sugar made matters worse.

  • Robert Bolding

    Carbonated water will do everything you just blamed on Coke. I guess people should stop drinking Perrier as well.

  • iam1fob

    Relax, people, you can die from too much of anything. and I could argue that everything and nothing belongs in your stomach.

  • Ian Shelton

    Hey, I just watched the Mythbusters about this. It’s 90% B.S. The rest is solved by moderation. Honestly the caffeine and the calories will hurt you way more than the acid.

    • Christa Genger

      plus the sugar

    • Dean

      Lol that’s a television show, so this post is paradoxical.

  • Filipe Ferro

    I haven’t drunk coca cola since I was 10, i’m almost 23 now lol I never liked that stuff or any kind of soda anyway…

  • asd

    I love how americans are getting all worked up like: “hurr durr, u guise just hate our freedum”. Coke is piss, deal with it.

    • Inglot Kalisi

      hahhah yes.

  • Ollie Lee-One

    i got my kettle and kitchen tiles ready but the coke in the fridge went missing

  • Sonny Side

    You health nuts need to stfu and yolo.

    • http://whitehatsforeveryone.com/ Sharla Laurin

      yes dear, what are you, 12?

      • Sonny Side

        That was a spur of the moment kind of comment. You sir can suck on my member. There’s lots of protein/zinc and complex sugars in there, perfect for the tree hugger in you!

  • Rick

    If you want to “put in perspective” the acidity of Coca Cola, shouldn’t you at some point discuss the natural acidity of the stomach? Soda has acidity as low as 2.5? Battery acid had acidity of 1? Gastric acid has acidity of 1-2. That fact alone doesn’t mean that it’s OK to drink acidic drinks. But simply pointing at the pH isn’t much of an argument.

  • Lepi Cane

    Tried Coca Cola on rust on my motorcycle- did not work. Lot of “facts” here are bullshit. So, if I drink half a litre of coke each day, and about two litres of milk and or yogurt rich with calcium, will I still get osteoporosis? Presumption here is that people do not eat stuff that contains calcium, and we do, from any dairy products to some vegetables and beyond.
    I’m not sayin that coke and similar beverages are extremely healthy, but this article is bullshit, with capital SHIT.

    • Steven De Gregorio

      I agree totally with Lepi. I tried coke to clear a blocked drain -it did not work, i even put a tooth in coke for two weeks – it did not dissolve it, it merely stained it slightly. The whole article is crap.

  • Holly Borstad

    Umm, maybe do some more fact checking before posting or re-posting or whatever you call this fiction. http://www.snopes.com/cokelore/acid.asp

  • http://20thcenturyjourney.blogspot.com/ djaybustamante

    -I know a person who drinks Coke everyday as her “water”. She only drinks Coca-Cola, the red one, not ZERO or diet. She never drinks water for decades already. Now 74 years old, still with good posture, active: teaching her livelihood program in the Philippines and around the world, moving around cities. Amazingly normal blood chemistry results, no degenerative disease. She is also a chain smoker. A devout Catholic. Someone here with any theory? please explain.

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      There are two elements to this:

      1. The article is almost 100% BS.
      2. You can NEVER use ONE person as evidence for anything. People also smoke every day of their lives and never develop lung cancer, but that doesn’t make smoking safe. If I have my figures right, approximately only 12% of people will develop lung cancer from smoking. Now they can develop plenty of other health problems too, but the point is all anything like this does is RAISE your ODDS of a health problem. It doesn’t guarantee it. So if this article wasn’t utter BS, the woman you’re referring to still wouldn’t prove it’s safe. Only that she landed within the good odds.

      • http://20thcenturyjourney.blogspot.com/ djaybustamante

        Thanks for your explanation. I am not proving anything :)

  • Vance

    You all need to shut up and stop drinking coke!

  • Mike

    oh puh-LEASE!!! what kind of alarmist hand-wringing propaganda BS is this? guys c’mon, this garbage website “thought pursuits” is why they invented the phrase “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” the entire article is an INTERNET HOAX!!! http://www.snopes.com/cokelore/acid.asp

  • Lai

    I know drinking too much soda (or Coke for this matter), is dangerous to our health. But it’s the same thing as everything that someone does excessively. Too much Coke, chronic smoking, overworking, overthinking, being clingy girlfriend/boyfriend, too much Facebook, too much interwebz, and (insert any activity that involves ‘too much’ in it) are all considered to be possibly dangerous. Physically, emotionally, intellectually, the list goes on. This article was poorly written, enumerating things where we can find rust to clean up with Coke. Moderation is key.

    Also, this post was sourced from another website which doesn’t know how to use simple verbs and doesn’t know how to spell ‘it’ correctly. Poorly written articles are as close as to losing the writer’s credibility no matter how important the message the writer is trying to get across. Would be best to reference an article that explains the theory behind from a legit reliable source.

    • Dean

      The pseudo “wise” saying of everything is OKAY in moderation is just a norm to spread by idiots to affirm their addictions.

      Coca Cola isn’t okay in moderation, if that was true then Westerners wouldn’t be dropping like flies.

  • Eduardo

    BUT, is delicious…

    • http://whitehatsforeveryone.com/ Sharla Laurin


  • Daan Harsya

    It’s cheaper and easier to buy Coke in some third world countries. But don’t forget It’s cheaper and easier to buy Alcoholic Beverage in some more developed countries (e.g south korea, japan, usa, etc). If people from third world countries will die because of Coca Cola, I bet people from those developed countries will die because of Alcohol, and they will die even before their health deteriorate, because drunkenness will lead you faster to death. I think Coke is better. I prefer getting addicted to Coke. Of course if we want to have a hi chance of safe and sound, drink natural water only.

    • grace

      In some of the third world countries, it’s even cheaper and easier to get coke instead of water. Loool!

  • harlybikrdad

    I really don’t believe this holds water/ it’s like anything else pepsi or whatever. it’s all proportionate to how much you use it/ drink a steady diet of it isn’t good but a can of it every once in awhile isn’t going to cause any harm/

  • Carol Gerald

    So can I continue eating whole lemons safely? I’ve been out of school so long and all this chemistry is completely gone from my memory, sadly.

    • http://whitehatsforeveryone.com/ Sharla Laurin

      lemons are great for you! yes!

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      Absolutely! You can even squeeze some into a reasonable amount of Coca-Cola, if you like, since most of this article is long-debunked BS. But consume in moderation. Both. Or anything else.

  • Adina ‘Aldona’ Kroll

    it is fair enough that coke “harms” your body but the cleaning thing has also something to do with the fact that the carbonated water can lift dirt and yes the phosphoric acid helps a little but is also being used in other consumer goods which are not currently being mentioned here. And its no secret that if you drink full fat coke each day you risk of heart disease grows rapidly in comparison towards people who do not consume it every day….

    also…..any form of acid is as he name suggests, acidic…E 338 or phosphoric acid is found in a lot of consumable goods cream, some meat products, your coffee mate and even energy drinks…so…..I am not using cream to clean my toilet.

    granted phosphoric acid has health implications but unless you go by the rule of “5 a day” (exaggerated) you will not find a soon death by consuming a bit of it.
    as a matter of fact I completely agree with Rhash Holglan – it should be put in perspective…

  • EcoHustler

    Do Not Buy stickers look good on a bottle of Coca Cola.


  • scoho83

    This is so biased. You have comments below which point out scientific facts, and yet the come back is “X is natural, coke is man made”… Wake-up! Cyanide is natural and yet it will kill you. Crude oil is natural and I don’t hear us exclaiming the wonders of it! And why use “Coke” in the headline instead of the word Soft drinks? Because you want to attack an American Culture icon. That is so pathetic.

    • Cheapshot420420 .

      Hey speak for yourself, I love oil! It’s the greatest civilization builder in the history of mankind, and that is a FACT. People just need to show oil the respect it deserves instead of treating it like some evil substance, all the while guzzling it down to continue to enjoy their civilized lifestyles.

      • Curtis O’Neal

        I don’t think I would call it fact but I understand what you mean with your assertion. The influence of oil – and other fossil fuels – is enormous and not typically thought about. I would, however, argue that the printing press trumps oil as the greatest civilization builder in the history of mankind. Some would argue the development of agriculture. Now I’m curious. It would be an interesting discussion I think. Totally a tangent with respect to this board; interesting though. I’m pretty sure of one thing though…it’s definitely not Coke.

        • Cheapshot420420 .

          lol its not an assertion. its a demonstrable fact. printing press is of less value without oil, cant distribute what you print. oil allows the printing press to evolve. where would our current industries be without plastic? how can we build large sprawling metropolis’, and distant economic outposts without oil? All things like printing press are boons to civilizations development, for sure. NOTHING matches the contribution of oil. Agriculture let civilizations grow in population, but that was thousands of years ago, and oil only took about 100 years to transform nearly the entire planet. no comparison, oil wins.

          • Curtis O’Neal

            To say that it is a fact is over-reaching. You haven’t demonstrated anything. You have made an assertion for which you have provided arguments. Valid and logical arguments, yes, but that doesn’t mean your assertion is fact. You are underestimating the dramatic effects of the printing press on civilization. It likely had the greatest influence on civilization between the development of script and the computer. The immediate effect was the quick and accurate global spread information it also changed they type of information that was spreading. Science, in particular, benefited from the printing press because is required to be reproducible. Without oil humanity had already spread to much of the world and had established distance economic outposts. These were facilitated by the discovery of oil but it occurred well before the oil boon. You ask where would our current industries be without plastic? Fair question. But do you truly believe that any of our current technological accomplishments we see today could have been achieved without the ability to perfectly communicate on such a grand scale? There are things that are impossible without oil, definitely. But oil, the way it is utilized today, COULD NOT have happened without the advancement in communication afforded by the printing press. Information trumps raw materials when it comes to transformative properties.

          • Cheapshot420420 .

            the printing press did not create a “quick and accurate global spread of information”. information and knowledge had been shared, and grown for thousands of years, yes the printing press improved that drastically, but it does not own a monopoly on knowledge distribution. without oil, the printing press is certainly not a global force. you can have all the knowledge in the world and it won’t do you any good if you dont have the resources to make it happen. oil makes it happen. some of the greatest feats of engineering and innovation in human history took place over a thousand years before the printing press. the printing press is certainly a great technological advancement, but its pretty obvious to anyone who isnt indoctrinated to think oil is inherently bad that nothing has had the impact of oil. it connected the world and allowed us to truly make use of other great innovations (like the printing press)

          • Annie Womer

            the printing press came waaaaay before the wide spread use of oil as a means of travel, power, and certainly an energy source to help spread communication globally. The press came first, and it wasn’t just that they spread information. Literacy has since (well I suppose until recently in the states at least) risen exponentially since. Before books the only source of history available to the all but very few were the sermons in church (which most could not understand as it was in old latin at the time, hence the stained glass windows depicting biblical tales), or muses, who had were very few and only recited their (mostly mythology and not history) to the very wealthy.The ability to read and possess a book could raise a family out of poverty. Also, I believe if you are going to make an argument for fuel, make the argument for coal. coal surpassed oil in consumption for energy until 1910-1920. And coal’s use dates back to 1000 BCE in china. SO technically, over the course of civilization, coal has been more prevalent and influential than oil. Unless of course you believe that the last century is more important and has more of an effect than say, the almost 3000 years before that?!

          • Cheapshot420420 .

            coal? lol. yes coal is good for burning to make heat. oil drives the vehicles that enable us to get enough coal to burn. oil powers the machinery that gets coal out of the ground. by your comparison we can say that the printing press wasnt an innovation, it just made scribing faster.

          • Annie Womer

            Hey, that’s a LARGE assumption. I mean, you see the effects of oil on the economy and exponentially having a larger effect over the course of (mostly more recent) history. I mean c’mon, the printing press was the first legitimate way to widely distribute information. It was the dawn of knowledge available to the masses. It was a currency, a sign of wealth, precious. The Printing press was approximately 550 years ago. can you even fathom living your live before that. I mean you can imagine lack of agriculture because there are still (though few, hunter gatherer cultures) and you learn about them, but you, in all your first-world wisdom, cannot possibly (like me) fathom never reading a word unless you were the .25% (exaggeration but for principle). No distant communication except by fragile clay or leaf tablets or heavy stone ones. Or a single book taking over three months to write perfectly and bind. I mean, to me, the first means to communicate and educate with the world, to spread religion to the masses (though I don’t agree with most religion it has been a great influence on culture). End of diatribe, printing press wins

          • Cheapshot420420 .

            another indoctrinated oil hater. the printing press didnt affect the lives of the poor until oil took off. period. the printing press is one of the most important inventions, but once again without oil, it would be a luxury reserved for the upper classes. all advancement moved at a snails pace until oil got the world connected and moving. how do you build these massive printing presses without oil? you cant. how do you distribute what you print, far and wide, before oil? you cant.

          • Cairenn Day

            Oil has a major improvement in the overall welfare of people and animals. The demand for whale oil for lighting went away with the development of kerosene.

            Animals and humans were released from hard physical labor. We became wealthy enough to start being able to worry about the environment and our impact on it.

            Yes there are problems with it, but that is true of every technology man has developed from the use of fire up.

      • scoho83

        I agree. Without oil, there would be millions of more dead than without, even if you do count the supposed wars fought over “oil” (like they wouldn’t have been fighting for something else… like they did throughout history before oil).

  • stalwart01

    “Now can you imagine what is does to your stomach lining?”

    Well, considering that about every single item on the list involves cleaning, I would imagine that it cleans your stomach lining.

    • Dean

      Lol you trolling?

    • Cheapshot420420 .

      If you like your logical conclusion, you can keep your logical conclusion, period! hahaha I lol’d

  • Kamau Guka

    Is this truth or mere propaganda?

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      Pure BS.

  • Poiju

    This reads like a freshman essay on a topic of their choice, except that it would receive an F for citing only one article of which it copies VERBATIM. What a joke.

  • Harrison Hume

    “Everything has some kind of danger; that’s why you shouldn’t do it!”
    -Everyone who reads or writes these things

  • Kenny Cramer

    This Coke stuff sounds amazing! Where can I get some???

  • Emily Amanda Greenwood

    this article is easily 90% fear-mongering bullshit

    “Cleans your engine; Coke distributors have been using this technique for decades” http://www.snopes.com/cokelore/acid.asp

    “methods include using fabric dipped in Coke, a sponge or even aluminum foil.” how does one dip fabric in aluminium foil? who edited this?

  • alex duransky

    Coke has a perfect taste…but it’s not healthy drink. I learned here that coke can be a useful household cleaner, so when you drink coke..drink water more . How can you clean a plate if it is dirty? you wash it with water ..and apply it with soap. How you remove the soap from plate?..Then wash it again with water. So therefore drinking more water helps us to avoid serious problem that we get from drinking coke..enjoy the perfect taste of Coke. The problem is liquid , the best solution is also liquid.

  • S.O.

    Can I just point out that it’s not the carbonation that irritates the stomach.. It’s the acid and sugar. I don’t drink sodas, however I do drink Sparkling Water, or Club Soda if you will, and the carbonation has never been a problem for me or other club soda drinkers. The only “unhealthy” thing about carbonation is that is causes you to, for lack of a better word, burp, which often times makes acid reflux worse. This is why people with acid reflux tend to stray away from carbonated beverages. The belief that carbonation causes stomach, calcium, and dental problems is a complete myth.

  • Gazoonky-Nut

    Not that I am a Coke lover. I probably only drink maybe 1 coke every 2 weeks, if that, plus i find it too sweet for my liking, so I am not trying to defend Coke BUT!!!

    In my Honest opinion, those claims are all a load of hog wash, cod-wollop and a crock of shyte, call it what you like. My mother was a huge Coke fan who could easily go through 2 liters of Coke a day and in an attempt to show her the the “apparent” negative effects of coke, I did many of these tests myself. Needless to say, they all failed!!!

    I must admit, there was a half a glass of Coke on the bedside cuboard when my mother died….2 days after her 89th birthday. Considering that she consumed over 50 TONS of Coke during her lifetime, I am wondering if I should be led to believe that it may have contributed to an untimely death?

  • Ben V Hoff

    Please answer this question: Why not give stats like the ones here in both a logarithmic mode and a linear mode? I wonder about that a lot in many fields.

  • Arielle Agustin

    Coke is bad for you. It’s apparently useful in varying ways that I’d love to try if only I wasn’t so lazy. It’s an interesting read and I am not going off on a scientific tangent because that would be weird for me and I couldn’t even begin to try. I don’t like coke so much anyway. Makes me hiccup.

  • Ben V Hoff

    Is Pepsi any better?

    • Cheapshot420420 .

      *study funded by Pepsi Co. ;)

  • Scott Davis

    “Now can you imagine what is does to your stomach lining?” Absolutely nothing. Stomach acid is ten times to a hundred times as acidic and would eat right through your hand. Does Coke? No. Bad chemistry is bad.

  • Lion Harris

    coca cola has the same chemical composition as cheese and bacon, that is a scientific fact.

  • Jamie Elliott

    I’d like to see some references of scientific studies done please? Smells a bit like bullshit otherwise. Not saying it is, but an article like this with no references as evidence would be laughed out of any scientific journal.

  • Holmezboy0116

    You guys know these are myths right?

    • Cheapshot420420 .

      No way man! I’m scared because my bones are probably brittle from drinking coke!

  • jimbob

    Hahaha, i find this article funny because it’s anecdotal, not fact based. I don’t drink coke but i wouldn’t use it to clean fabric either unless i wanted to stain it coke color. Anyways, the human stomach is acidic already and pretty fortified to destroy and digest food. So is there research about how Coke being acidic is bad for the stomach? I don’t think its as bad as drinking battery acid, which will probably kill you. A can a Coke will not do as much damage as that. Everything in moderation maybe?


  • Skeptical MD

    I’ll be the first to agree that Americans should collectively consider drinking less soda and more water. But this article is a disaster — it makes numerous statements (e.g., coke increases chance of MI and stroke by “48%”) with few reliable references to back them up (sorry, “preventdisease.com” doesn’t cut it.) Not to mention that some of its arguments are misleading (as in the case of someone’s pt about pH) or just wrong (coca cola does not “dissolve” teeth; plaque caused by bacteria (which feed on the corn syrup in coke) do — if you put a sterile, plaque-free tooth in a cup of coke, it’d be fine.)

    The points the author raises about the increasing rates of esophageal cancer and soda consumption have certainly been discussed in the medical literature, but as of yet, there’s no absolute causality between the two – we know that soda consumption and esophageal cancer rates are correlated, but there are numerous confounding factors (e.g., a concomitant increase in American consumption of fatty food, which also cause GERD) that haven’t been teased apart yet.

    So yeah: drink less soda (especially non-diet variety), and you’ll likely be doing yourself a favor. But check your sources and get your science right — if there’s one thing that’s more annoying than a sticky soft drink, it’s sloppy journalism.

    • Bryan

      Soda is over 97% WATER and American consumption has been declining at a compounding rate for over 20 years. All things in moderation.

  • Drukpa Kokay Kunley

    i was right, cocacola is the best invention after edison’s battery, was around final of 19th century.. LOL

  • Louis Davis

    When in high school chemistry class we took a container and filled it half full of coke then we put a piece of meat in the container. Within in 24 hours the meat had disappeared.

  • Cheapshot420420 .

    Ok I’m a little confused here. It says “the carbonation weakens bones”… but I am not soaking my bones in coca cola.

    Also please revert coke to it’s original ingredients, plz + thx

  • Lee

    Opinions are like ASSHOLES, EVERYBODY has one, as on here, some have more than one…..

  • AP

    I have used Coca-Cola to clean the toilet bowl and it worked. Also to get grease of the garage floor – wonderful. I saw a story on the UK TV program Embarrassing Bodies which featured a young woman in her 20s who drank around 6-10 cans of the soft drink a day and her teeth were decaying. She ended up with a whole mouth of new teeth – implants and dentures. The dentist agreed that the soft drink had contributed to her dental health. I don’t drink it now and never will.

  • Lori Sirianni

    When I was a teenager in the ’80s the new Diet Coke was introduced and I drank a lot of it. A few cavities later, my dentist asked me how much I drank and then told me to stop. He said when he was in dental college he’d placed a tooth in a container of Coca-Cola and three weeks later it was totally dissolved. I’ve been drinking water ever since. It’s healthier, too, and water-drinking does help maintain a healthful weight. On the rare occasion (once a year) that I have a Coke, it burns my mouth – pain is not a good thing.

  • stfu

    lol it’s articles like these that are making people believe any kind of bullshit. spewing studies here studies there but no legitimate references.

  • Bobbi Smythe

    I don’t like coke either. But this article is horse s…..
    And PLEASE: if you are going to write in English, then LEARN English
    and write PROPERLY!

  • Nord

    How is dissolving teeth a practical use of coke?

  • Victor

    Nice article, but no need to charge to cola. Any soda can will provide almost the same results.

    And… “In tests done on the acidity levels of soda, certain ones were found to have PH levels as low as 2.5 […] Now can you imagine what is does to your stomach lining?”… then everyone’s stomach lining should be really bad, as the own stomach gets to PH 1 when digesting proteins. And it says “certain ones were found to have PH levels as low as 2.5″ like an exceptional case. Plain carbonated water, that no one says it’s bad its PH 3 (font: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbonated_water). I’d really bet if you use carbonated water instead of cola to clean all that stuff it will also work.

    If soda cans are bad for something it’s only because a single soda can (33cl) contains 30-40% of all the sugar you have to take in one day. And surprisingly, while coca-cola is ~30%, Fanta is ~40%, and Nestea almost 50%. When you drink a soda can in 5 mins it’s like you’re getting two or three spoons of sugar directly into your body. And that’s bad, even more bad than the “acidity” that this article points.

  • Denyale Brown

    All things in moderation, my children.

  • Margaret Plume

    Here are some points about Coke which were not mentioned: Ordinary Coke contains about 40 teaspoons of sugar per litre. Very bad for you when drunk on a regular basis. So why not drink Diet Coke? Diet Coke is sweetened with Asparatame which is brain numbing.(Do some research, don’t take my word.) Some say Aspartame has not been banned because its consumption keeps the populace obedient. Haven’t had many riots in the US and UK since all the kids started drinking Diet Coke have we?

  • Ron Mayer

    No evidence that carbonation causes bone loss:


    phosphoric acid not a likely cause of bone loss:


    Increased esophageal cancer rates likely tied to obesity:


  • indianagal516

    this is not true…has been a hoax floating around since at least 2001

  • Bbonkers

    John Summerly is nutritionist, herbologist, and homeopathic practitioner.

    Coke is clearly bad for you. We should replace it with something that has no effect, such as Homeopathy.

  • Paul McNeer

    sponsored by Pepsi

  • EBounding

    You can also clean with vinegar. I really hope no one uses vinegar in their food.

    • Bryan

      I often clean with water. Cold water will remove blood from shirts. I hope no one drinks water.

  • Maria James

    Most of this is not true with Pepsi. Coke always gives me awful heartburn, Pepsi never has. Try shining your pennies in Pepsi, they come out just as dirty and dull as they were before soaking them. Coke within a day will have even the nastiest pennies shiny and new again.

  • Conrad D’Souza

    The Mythbusters did an episode which covered some(if not most) of these cola myths.

    1-cleans blood – somewhat true (but they used high-pressure water to wash away the blood)

    2-polishing chrome – true

    3-frees rusted bolts – BUSTED

    4-shining pennies (tarnish remover) – true

    5-erode tooth enamel (dissolves a tooth) – BUSTED

    6-dissolve a steak – BUSTED (but it worked as a good meat tenderizer)

    7-clean battery terminals – BUSTED

    8-grease stain removal – BUSTED

    9-De-greases engines – BUSTED

    10-Spemicide – BUSTED

    My conclusion, use common sense. Cola is a man-made substance, not natural; so the occasional drink is fine, but don’t make it a regular habit or overdo it. Else, less every other man-made product that is taken regularly (even over an extended period of time) and/or in large doses (even over a short period of time) is bound to be detrimental to health.

  • dalydose

    How many times do these things have to be debunked? Also, why do they always single out Coke when all colas have the same (insignificant) acidity level??


  • del


  • Lakanja De

    Only coke can clean the stomach after eating in M’cdonalds.

  • johns

    It is important to highlight balance in life, now this isnt some mad buddhist theory but anyone who has a decent level of scientific knowledge knows that everything has the potential to be carcinogenic or toxic, more education is needed at an earlier age so people know what is going into things we consume and use and the effects they have on our bodies. Talking about one product is all well and good but the same principle would apply to someone who consumed a large amount of any one thing.

  • Conrad D’Souza

    The Mythbusters did an episode which covered some(if not most) of these cola myths.

    1-cleans blood – somewhat true (but they used high-pressure water to wash away the blood)

    2-polishing chrome – true

    3-frees rusted bolts – BUSTED

    4-shining pennies (tarnish remover) – true

    5-erode tooth enamel (dissolves a tooth) – BUSTED

    6-dissolve a steak – BUSTED (but it worked as a good meat tenderizer)

    7-clean battery terminals – BUSTED

    8-grease stain removal – BUSTED

    9-De-greases engines – BUSTED

    10-Spemicide – BUSTED

    My conclusion, use common sense. Cola is a man-made substance, not natural; so the occasional drink is fine, but don’t make it a regular habit or overdo it. Else, less every other man-made product that is taken regularly (even over an extended period of time) and/or in large doses (even over a short period of time) is bound to be detrimental to health.

  • Eddy Fleming

    Every one of these are bogus, busted or only plausible. But what do I know with a chemistry degree from Oxford? I’m not even going to touch these comments as it is clear from the writing that none or chemists. For your “short” course, however, see the US’ “Mythbusters” which takes care of 100 or so bogus claims. And this from “Health and Fitness” magazine? What next, “Horse and Hound” magazine as an authority? And Jarrett, take a rest, go load up your GMO’d engineered corn cob pipe and put a few grams of rock and chill. You’re out of your depth. Rhash is right. Jarrett, you believe in Chemtrails…right? Thought so; just a sick feeling I had. PS: Dayana is right as well.

    • Jon

      Funny how most people here claim they have a chemistry degree, food science degree, or some other science degree that would relate to chemistry. But… it is the internet so I guess everyone is awesome.

  • Sujit Patel

    Lemon acid more or less may do all the things you mentioned. So you are saying lemon is harmful as well?
    Stop the half baked negative propaganda.

  • Jon

    Ok, Vinegar can do a lot of those. Even orange juice can do half of those….as with Lemon Juice.

  • Richard Anthony

    *pops tongue* mmkay, That’s great that you care, I still love coke so bye! *sips glass*

    PS: I love how everyone is copying and pasting Wikipedia and WebMD research to sound intellectual. Alright Johns Hopkins.

  • mary

    Ummm, some of the “facts” are NOT true. Please google, and ANY carbonted bevetage will do the same things. Please dont believe everything you read educated yourself. Dont let others do it for you. Especially if its not All accurate. Im curious if the author of this article was a previous and disgruntled worker.

  • Cairenn Day

    Lots of nonsense here. Vinegar and salt or lemon juice and salt will brighten copper. So will catsup. Vinegar will dissolve a tooth also.

    Things taken of context are good ‘facts’. Especially when used to fear monger.

  • Geoff Jacobs

    Sure. Next month, there will be an article about how beneficial Coke is to your health and how wrong the previous reports were.

  • Benjamin Mota

    as a mechanic i call bullshit!!!! don’t do or try any of the car related ones. to clean your battery terminals use baking soda and water, which will clean AND neutralize battery acid. you can pick up PB Blaster(from autozone/oreilly’s) and other penetrating sprays to bust through rusted bolts(on cars, in many instances a torch is best. you torch what the bolt goes through to use the heat and make the metal expand but do not do this very near wires, sensors, or bushings and other meltable or sensitive parts, this method will make it easier to loosen the bound up bolt). and as far as your engine is concerned, if you REALLY want to put that coke in there… well… you deserve whatever comes of it. coke is horrible for your health but keep that shit outta your car! there are ways to clean your engine, like getting a throttle cleaning canister, adding xylol(from like home depot),hooking it up at your fuel rail, pressurizing it with an air compressor to just under fuel rail pressure specs and running your car on it(in park!!!!) and periodically hitting the throttle until it runs out. this will not only burn carbon and gunk off your fuel injectors but clean your valves and cylinder bores too. good luck all and don’t fuck up your cars!

  • Mean Joe Green

    Just hit Coca Cola on the facts about why it’s bad for you. Stop makin’ up shit like you’re putting straight up poison in you. The real shit is what people will listen to.

  • David Lawson

    Um sorry, what proof? You’ve just copied from a textbook normal physiological functions of the human digestive system and quoted wild speculation. Just ONE study (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphoric_acid) found a correlation between women who consumed lots of coke and lower bone mineral density. But seeing as women are naturally more prone to osteoporosis (reduced bone mineral density) as they age even the authors concluded coke likely wasn’t responsible. Other studies have found NO link or correlation between high levels of coke consumption and reduced bone mineral density, but however do acknowledge that displacement of other calcium based products in children (milk) may play a part in reduced bone mineral density, not the coke directly. To actually deplete your body stores of naturally occurring blood calcium to then have your body reabsorb it from bone causing effectively rickets like disease (brittle bones), you’d have to only drink coke, lots of it, and not get any sunlight (Vit D stimulated by sunlight stimulates bone absorption of Calcium from the blood). The body is designed to self regulate changes in metabolic homeostasis, one coke is not going to lead to ‘weak bones’. Ever consumed Soy based products? Did you know they contain very high levels of naturally occurring oestrogens? Heard any issues there in regards to consumption of soy milk etc causing problems in people from excessive oestrogen intake? Nope. Because the body has mechanisms in place to self regulate these things.

    I agree that Coke is not good for you, namely just too much sugar and yes it can cause gastric reflux, but so can a good curry, or beer, or even a chilli taco and we’re not getting so worked up about those and how ‘toxic’ they are. Coke is not toxic. Just drink it in moderation (once a week but 300mls daily isn’t going to rot your stomach either), or really not at all and enjoy water instead.

  • Shane

    This is what happens when you have 20-something Know-nothing bloggers jumping on band wagons… and a Ignorant society willing to ‘share’ this BS via a weak minded internet ‘collective’. The pH of the stomach is between 1-2. Grease is removed by lipid soluble compounds, NOT acid. And it is the ‘BASE’ or carbonation within the Coke which causes the reaction with Car Battery Acid around the terminals, thereby cleaning them. Similar to mixing baking soda and water and pouring it on the battery. The collective ignorance of the internet and it’s willingness to REMAIN ignorant is astounding.

    • Hans

      Today’s “Stupid Generation” will believe anything without researching the FACTS or using common sense or their brain. This article is BS and idiots feed on this stuff.

  • Tabitha Martin

    But i suppose that beer and other carbonated beverages are OK, right? Oh, thats right, cant interfere with YOUR vices.

  • Francesca Ulanoff

    I would love to know wether these cleaning facts are true! I don’t really drink coke, but I have a few stains that won’t budge! Anyone ever tried these?

  • fats cabbage

    Pretty sure those 20 uses also work with Lemons and Orange Juice. You’re dumb.

  • Lizabeth Osterholt

    Coke also strips paint off cars. I spilled some on the hood of a car that had little chips in the paint from rocks hitting it. when i realized i spilled it i hit it with a hose and the paint came off to bare metal.

  • Enrique Florendo

    This works wonders — Acid Reflux inhibitor using pH to neutralize acidity: http://acid-reflux.us

  • aa

    at the end of the day I think we can all agree that coke, and pop in general is bad for you. Or at the very least not nutritionally good for you. why bother picking apart the science in this article? Coke is bad for you and is not nutritionally dense enough to bother drinking .

  • aff4366

    most of the uses on that list are true for water as well. I think this is a little excessive.

    Also orange juice has plenty of acid, so does our stomach. Seriously I have no more words

  • Whitney Leeana

    Yes!! I’ve been wondering how I could get the rust off my mason jar covers.

  • ren

    THIS IS BS. You can use any acidic substances like lime, vinegar etc. to do most those stuffs! Drink COKE! ENJOY your life! I hate all this s[tu]pid nut-heads. “This is bad for you. That is bad for you..” F[uc]k it! THE WORLD is bad for you! LIVE YOUR LIFE and DIE HAPPY!

  • Kim Triolo Feil

    I had a 30 year old vingtage coke can with the contents in tact…..I left it on my wooden dresser not knowing it had a microscopic leak and it ate through the enamal and wood and is a horrible stain now.

  • Matt

    And I have an iceberg in Hawaii I’d like to sell you.

  • Stephen Malinowski

    The explanation begins with “The carbonation irritates the stomach.” So, does everything with carbonation cause irritation? I’m thinking about, for example, sparkling water; does this also cause loss of bone calcium (and if not, why not)?

  • Thomas Wetzel

    Baking Soda, lemons, fluoride, and vinegar have similar properties. For that matter, Everclear can run a car and we drink that too. So… can I have a large Coke please?

  • Jeff Martincic

    im going to get cherry coke and clean my house to it smells fresh too

  • http://www.logocasa.com/ Walidplus

    wow thats horrible!! i didn’t knew this about coke :o


  • Mister D
  • Sharon

    Reading your post but must make a simple statement. . . every decade people are living longer and yet eating poorly with each generation.

  • JointhePredacons

    Coke gets out stains ? Really ? Then how come when i spill it on my clothes it leaves a stain ?? This article is a bunch of nonsense.

  • casey correia

    Milk doesn’t even provide calcium, that’s an old misconception.

  • Jeannie

    My daughter had a science project on how Coke is bad. We took an organic whole chicken and chopped it up removing the meat. We placed a thigh bone, and the bones from the wings into containers. One of each, bleach, spring water, microwaved water, apple cider vinegar, coke and Pepsi. So there were a total of 4 bones in each container. Each container had one cup of liquid with everyday adding an additional 1/4 cup in a 7 day period.
    Results were that the Coke and Vinegar container bones were bendable and able to fold in half. With the Coke container bones were thinned at about 70% opacity.
    Pepsi, was bendable also but not like the Coke or Vinegar.
    Bleach, obviously bleached it, the bones did not have a color
    Spring Water, not changed with the bones that we could tell. Just a little decay on the meat that was still there.
    Microwaved water had black markings all over the bones. Almost like it was rolled in charcoal and then placed in the water… It was actually the most disgusting looking one and it smelled really bad. The bone was also bendable but it didn’t seem that it lost any bone mass.

  • Andrew Scarle

    I agree cola drinks can’t be great for you, but lemon juice or vinegar can be used for a lot of those 20 practical uses and we still consume that.

  • Kronos2

    This is a very misleading article that sweeps the argument that coke is a major contributor to the diseases prevalent these days. If coke were really that bad, people would have died decades ago due to bone deficiencies. This is nothing but black propaganda against a well respected product.

  • Luke Fletcher

    ‘48% increase in heart attack and stroke risk, compared to people who did not drink the sodas at all or did not drink them every day’. This has to be the weakest statistical analysis I’ve ever heard. I’d say that there was a fairly significant difference between individuals who drink coke every day and those that drink it infrequently.

  • Chris Stoker

    For what it’s worth I’ve seen the teeth dissolving in Coke project. They do dissolve a bit, depending on how long you leave them in there. And my father is a dentist, it’s really not a secret that Coke strips teeth of their enamel.
    The one thing that should be said about the acid reflux, however, is that it’s mainly the caffeine that causes that. The carbonation could cause some issues, but caffeine is very well known to those of us that suffer from the condition, to cause reflux. I wouldn’t put that solely on soda in general. But yeah, coke is used to clean stains and strips teeth of their enamel.
    Also, many Americans that visit third world countries are told to drink a coke with every meal to kill off the bacteria that may accompany the food from improper preparation. I have had lots of friends that have lived in these countries for years and Coke was a staple for that very reason…that and the water is usually toxic to Americans.
    But yeah, soda is terrible for you, this isn’t a secret. I’m more worried about the massive amounts of sugar and corn syrup I ingest with soda than the carbonation or acid. I still love the stuff though.

  • http://tracyrowan.org/ Tracy Rowan

    This is nonsense. It’s also a clear attack on one soft drink for reasons which are common to all of them. That a site which calls itself “Thought Pursuits” is publishing something of this caliber makes me skeptical of all its content.

  • Aaron Kahn-Bork

    certainly not healthy, but most of this article is invalid… the
    first couple points apply to soda in general, not just coke. As for the
    rest… with the exception of the tooth, that stuff is all
    inorganic… the actual human body has biological buffers that those
    things do not, and comparing them is silly and scientifically
    inaccurate. Regarding the tooth, there’s a lot of stuff we consume that
    would probably do that.

  • Lisa Beth Darling-Gorman

    Did you know you can use toothpaste to clean your jewelry, your CDs/DVDs and even patch holes in your walls? I love it when a product has more than one use then I can really get my money’s worth out of it.

    • greekdish

      You can also use urine to brush your teeth. :)

  • Michael Rosa

    but its soo goood ice cold

  • Emily Fritz

    although this article makes some great points, i still love my coca cola.

  • Josh

    Oh god, don’t drink soda! was all I got from this article.

  • Garry Butler

    This warning brought to you by Pepsi….. what a crock ! The person writing this article should get sued for lying . My Mom is 92 and loves Cokes and 7ups…People just make up junk and write it as facts….

  • Garry Butler

    Since putting the formula together for Coke… the life expectancy in America has gone up 10 years … keep on drinking that cola !

  • Ryan Henderson

    “Now can you imagine what is does to your stomach lining?”

    Uh, probably not much compared to the HYDROCHLORIC ACID that’s already in there naturally? Gastric acid has a lower PH than coke – it’d be watering it down!

  • http://www.voicesofmarketing.com/ John Shea

    Totally trying #18!

  • Mr. Jacobs

    John Summerly (author of this rubbish) is nutritionist, herbologist, and homeopathic practitioner. He is a leader in the natural health community and consults athletes, executives and most of all parents of children on the benefits of complementary therapies for health and prevention.

    Herbologist and Homeopathic practitioner was enough for me to disregard everything I just read. His only valid point is it replaces the intake of milk and water, which is a conclusion anyone could have come to, everything else is unsourced and illogical. All he does is prey on others scientific illiteracy and desire to protect themselves and those they are responsible for cash.

    I mean who equates drinking a slightly sugary, acidic drink to getting cancer? He’s simply fearmongering.

    • Amy Westerbank

      And the research doesn’t agree with his assertions either.

    • Bryan

      Since Coke is 97% water it may actually increase water consumption

    • Bryan

      Since Coke is 97% water it may actually increase water consumption

  • Stortz John

    Most “food” items that can be purchased in any grocery store do not belong in the human body.

    • greekdish

      More bs propaganda

  • sactownhero

    21. Dissolves dried-on jizz stains from your mama’s panties.

  • patriciamlewis

    Coke/Pepsi have always settled my stomach after a heavy/fatty meal.

  • Ashley Tisdale

    Wow. You all are just a bunch of assholes about this. Calm down. It’s coke. Who cares? Coke has only been around for a century, while other drinks like milk have been around for a shit ton longer and they’re already switching everything around about the nutrients in it. Like, dairy makes your bones brittle evidently. While our science is advancing, we still are wrong about a lot of things, and still haven’t gotten everything down exactly. Just calm down. Take a deep breath and do whatever you want. Everything is bad for you, technically. You’re gonna die eventually. While if you stop drinking coke, you may or may not get hit by a bus, which studies have shown busses hitting a person’s body can be pretty bad for your health. Also, arguments over inarguable topics like this one (because you all are too stubborn to reach any kind of consensus) causes stress, which causes high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease, and then death.

  • manuel medina

    Dayana And Jarrett you both have incredible arguments. I agree with Dayana when she says how she likes how you write Jarrett. you both are very smart and informed and I enjoy reading pieces like this for my own fruit for thought. thanks to both of you! Also thanks for keeping this clean and to the point. keep up the good work you two!

  • RadioCIA

    When a website, like this one, overcomes my ad blocker with a flash popup designed to collect my email address, I add it to my list of sites to NEVER visit again.

    • greekdish

      Flash popup blocker isnt going to prevent javascript and html based modal dialogue boxes. Its not a “popup” per se.

  • dblotsky

    Basically a list of the many applications of any acid. Lemon juice and vinegar are likely just as effective.

  • Waianaeboyz

    Who did this post and test? wait a minute . . . . . . oh yeah! sombody from Pepsi!

  • nicola

    i don’t know much about science and biology and all that jaz, but i do know that everything reacts different in different bodies, so what effects one person in one way doesn’t necessarily effect another person that same way. some people can eat and drink what they want, have high metabolisms and their bodies are fine, some people smoke for their whole lives and are completely healthy whereas others die of cancer, no-body knows enough about the human body as to the outcomes of anything they do to themselves. i have noticed that the body has an excellent way of building up it’s own tolerances when subjected to something for long enough, it adjusts itself to function as best it can. really the question is “do you care? and is it effecting you?” everyone has a chose as to what they want to put in their body and how they want to live.

  • http://bradfinlay.info/ Brad James

    I’m not trying to live forever. I don’t like coke, but if I did, I’d drink it and if it killed me, it would be one of the millions of things that could.

  • Steve Brian Davis

    I wondered if Dr Pepper and Coke were “good” or “bad” one day about ten years ago, so I took samples from both, which were stored in the low-durometer, cheap/soft injection molded plastic bottles that housed the product I purchased from a next-door 7-11 store adjacent to my laboratory. I created a program file with a ramp rate at 1 degree per 2min. I used a DB-5 column on an HP5890 series II GC with an HP5972 Mass Spec to determine percent composition of the sample solution I made with chromatography grade acetone as my diluent and ultra pure helium as my carrier gas. The results I got astonished me so I have saved them for all these years, however, the raw data file runs (including the daily impeller calibration/validation on my mass spec eventually were discarded). I can’t stress enough how shocking the results were, and one component I found in Coke is a “controlled substance”. Dr Pepper was similar in the number of acids and furfural content but had a few major exceptions, and I also now know one mechanism that the scientists at Coke used to set it apart from other soft drinks. It is brilliant.

    When I read how people tear each other apart because of a lack of general understanding (societal obfuscation of truth) of the effects chemicals have on, for example – electron transport chains in the body, or short vs intermediate vs long term conditions in cell biology and the differential display expression associated with the continued changes and alterations of our environment, it makes me very sad and induces my own mental vomiting.
    Please stop attacking each other with anger is all I ask.
    Focus the anger on reading more about the subject and you will relax and dissipate the anger.

    If anyone would like a copy of what I found including an explanation of the “HQI” (hit quality index) of the substances that my ANSI/ASTM compound database search determined, I can provide an email copy of the test results. Needless to say, they would probably shock you……..but are they “bad for you” or “not bad for you”? A committee on physico/chemical/psychological determinations would be required, composed of millions of people with differing opinions. The net effect depends upon one’s perspective. After all, if I drink alcohol and as a drying agent it causes a lack of oxygen carrying capacity so I get “light headed” and “drunk”, it is “bad”, but if that same state of mind at that precise moment kept me from suicidal thoughts so I didn’t kill myself then the ingested alcohol is “good”, no? (just an example of how different peoples’ perspectives can be).

    I’ll be 50 years old in March of 2014.
    I’ve been a scientist my entire life, from the time I was 3 years old reading books on herpetology and ichthyology to nuclear theory like “The Atoms Family”. I’ve never said I was a good scientist, just one who loves it. I founded, owned and operated a biomedical and industrial laboratory 17 years ago, long before my divorce that eventually cost me the company. The original website I designed is still up but I just do consulting now.
    btw, I’m on the scientific healers committee for the Lou Gehrig’s disease victim on FaceBook who originally posted the article that brought me to this comment thread. I have no opinion because I have not assigned a go-no-go statistical probability index requirement to any hypothesis test that anyone has done, so I “do not fail to reject anything” because without the hypothesis testing of assigned “opinions” we can all just type our ‘thoughts for the day’ and not be in error.

  • Ursula2007

    I will not buy Coke, even to clean my house.

  • Zim

    There are hundreds of beverage out there that is based on carbonated water, and coke is just cola flavored that’s the difference. Cola is not the ingredient that cleans the toilet bowl or whatever. So why it is only Coke that is bad and not other similar beverage. If the intention of this is to educate people about the harm of this beverage then it should not about Coke only.

  • Taylor Lynn Patrick

    Good lord, everything gives you cancer or kills you these days, may as well enjoy what you can. Moderation people…

    • greekdish

      Everything is suggested by government funded studies gives us cancer, except the one thing that really does give us cancer…chlorinated and flouridated tap water….via the government. There is a reason cancer rates have skyrocketed since WW1…the invention of those 2 chemicals, which were invented for WW1 to be used as chemical gas warfare….to kill living organisms….what do you think we are?

  • forwardthinker2

    You forgot one good thing Coke does it eats kidney stones up taken on empty stomach.

  • Sixx Lin

    We all got’a die of somethin…I’m not giving up my Coke!!!
    I have given up a lot of shit this past year…Coke won’t be 1 of them.

  • Patrick George

    These comments are a blast!! LOL!!
    I need a nap…

  • Valerie Scalici

    For so many reasons – this is one of the worst articles I have seen in awhile….

  • christina

    I would trust this a lot more if it didn’t have so many typos.

  • Ryan De Witt

    This article is a load of garbage filled with old urban legends.

  • Andrew

    Used to drink soda extremely often, but now i’ve really cut down on it, good thing i guess!

  • disqus_XeFVQf2YXo

    this is a bunch of BS, a lot of “Old Wives Tales”..

  • http://www.pmurraymusic.com/ P. Murray

    Whatever scientific truths are to be found in this article, if, in the year 2013 C.E., we as a society don’t realize that Coca-Cola, like any other soft drink, is a poor means of properly quenching thirst or providing nutritious liquid satiation, then someone is clearly missing the boat. Seriously, unless it’s naturally purified water, self-created juice (fruit or veggie), or a liquified meal, chances are anything you buy off a shelf from your local store contains some sort of “bad-for-you” additives in its makeup. The choice is yours regarding whether or not you want to do right by your body when it comes to liquid refreshment; do the research yourself and stop relying on Pop Culture snap-judgments on what we already know to be monopolized food stuffs markets.

  • Really?

    You didn’t mention there’s growing evidence linking all soda to pancreatic cancer.

  • Bryan

    Great article of fiction. Where are some facts to support anything in this joke? Soft drink consumption per person has been declining,sharply, for the past 20+ years. Yet obesity continues to increase and esophageal cancer rates are skyrocketing over the past 20 years. This proves we need to drink more soft drinks not less. No what this proves is that John Summerly is clueless. The best cleaning product ever found is…. WATER! Water can clean clothes, blood stains, wash dirt off cars, be used to rinse the human body, causes boats to float, and if you drink to much water you will drown. Based on the above article this proves Water Does Not Belong in the Human Body… oh wait water makes up 97%+ of all soft drinks!

  • altadim17

    Let the Word War in COKE begin.

  • https://www.viralviralvideos.com/ Viral Viral Videos

    *Freaking out as I drink my Coke and read this post*

  • greekdish

    So stupid. So because citrus fruits like lemon and oranges can be used for cleaning…not to mention vinegar, we shouldnt be able to drink or consume it? Coke has citric acid (fruit juice) in it, thats why it cleans.

    More uninformed low information propaganda. And Coke does not lead to heart attacks or stroke…correlation does not equal causation. Most people that are FAT, also happen to drink lots of soda which has lots of SUGAR in it. People that eat a lot of fatty foods, but natural, will still get heart attacks. People who have never drank Coke or any soda still get heart attacks and strokes.

    Please show me where I can start posting facts and make money because you people somehow get paid to post drivel.

  • Lary Lapczynski

    Don’t care….. still love Coke!

  • disqus_DkrVTnNwA6

    a lot of acids do that “cleaning” stuff to metals, that just the writer not knowing what acids in general do to those items
    what you’re going to end up doing if you clean with coke instead of other cleaners is a lot of residual sugars that bacteria or insects will enjoy

  • Abubakar

    Why only Coke and not Pepsi ? Whenever we drink Pepsi we feel like we’ve drunk sweetened Acid.

  • SlickMick

    Thank you Pepsi for the heads up. LOL

  • Bob Lamothe

    I’m not going to advocate for drinking a lot of soda. I don’t. However, most of the 20 uses for Coke are based on the phosphoric acid in the Coke which gives you that Coke bite. I make up a citric acid solution for many of these same tasks. Citric acid by the way is what’s found in oranges, lemons, limes etc.

    As for all the bad stuff, I’d really like to see annotation on those from an unimpeachable source. They may be true, or maybe it’s all exaggeration, I have no idea who John Summerly is. The claim Coke is close to battery acid is enough to make me skeptical, I’ve drank coke and worked with batteries, I’ve never seen a drop of Coke burn through my clothes, but I have seen that with battery acid. I’ve also gotten skin burns with battery acid, never had that with Coke.

  • 尺ЦÐØ௱ƐŤΛŁ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

    umm not true I have been drinking pepsi, coca-cola, sprite, 7up, rootbeer ever since I was a little kid and now I am 39 and still drinking it and have no problem with it. I am still healthy and never been sick for life! DUH!

  • Sierra_Echo_Hotel

    Almost every “symptom” attributed to Coke in this article is a basic symptom of obesity, like increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The author’s thinly veiled attempt to link Coke with esophageal cancer is similar – ONE of the risk factors for that cancer is obesity, but it pales in comparison to being male and over 60. Those are the largest risk factors, and explains why the cancer is becoming more prominent – more men are living longer lives! Nothing to do with soda consumption at all.

    There are all sorts of good reasons not to over-indulge in soda of any kind, but this pseudo-science claptrap isn’t helping people make the right decisions, or furthering the discussion.


    UGH Coke has been around since the 1800s, and the world is still turning.

  • Guest

    UGH Coke has been around since the 1800s, and the world is still turning.

  • hater

    ha, this has to be a fucking joke. you pathetic piece of garbage. i’ve been drinking soda my entire life. i’m a fuckin beast. i can bench 180% of my body weight. i can do nearly 50 pull ups in one set. i drink coke every fuckin day too. SUCK MY DIIIIIIIIIII

    • adilrye

      LOL I don’t know if you’re a Coke spokesman or not…but yeah, I know people who drink Coke as much if not more than water and are fine.
      We’ve been drinking it for over 100 years now and people haven’t been mutating…so…I don’t know.

  • hater

    “Removes blood stains from clothing and fabric.”

    then stains your clothes with coke.

  • Kerri

    It maybe really bad for you but so are most things in life, I like to live, everything in moderation is the key and whatever it is doing to my body, I like the taste, I knew it was no good for me before I read this yet I still made the decision to have a glass every now and again and I like it. If researchers found out sex was bad would we all stop doing that too?

  • Kage

    This service announcement has been brought to you by the makers of Pepsi Cola (TM).

  • Karen Laurie

    cant believe how nasty you all are to each other in your comments below, I’m sure if you all had to pay for your opinions, it would be a quiet and nicer world

    • MichaelH1836

      Karen, with all due respect this place is Eden compared to the comments one gets (sees) when the subject is pure politics. Bask in the the calmness and consideration displayed here.

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  • Magnificent Kid

    sounds like a hell of a cleaning product

  • Thomas Love

    Dick Laurent is dead :-)

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  • Killer
  • Kyler Cham

    I think we can all agree that most of these stats are worthless. I’m by means no coke promoter (we all knows its bad for you,) but come on. “Certain” cans of coke have high acidity? Using the ph scale incorrectly? Atleast be honest with your facts.
    P.S. Why has no one realized that coke doesnt clean that well? It leaves behind a lot of other shit you would want to clean up otherwise. And it doesnt even clean up that well anyways…..

    • adilrye

      Like sugar? Wouldn’t the sugar in the coke make the counter really sticky?

  • http://spiritnewsdaily.com/ Donovan Moore

    It’s the real thing.

  • Husang Dat Song Lee

    I don’t drink coke, but I’m convinced I need to buy a few gallons as a cheaper alternative to industrial strength cleaning products :D

  • C D F

    I’m not defending soft drinks because they’re evil for many other reasons, but I call BS on this entire article.

  • adilrye

    Coke has been around for over 100 years now and people haven’t been turning into Futurama style mutants…and yes, Coke does contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle, but it’s certainly not CAUSALLY related to most of these things. People who drink Coke all the time are also likely not drinking water, not eating vegetables, eating too much fast food and so on and so forth.

  • John Jackson

    Why is this stuff legal?

  • Marcy

    Well I love the taste of coke, and if I don’t get one every day I get sick and weak. So all this info will go in one ear and out the other. When it is our time to die we will. All the germs and other foods that we put in our body, something is going to kill us, least I will be happy drinking my coke.

  • Walker

    “1.The carbonation irritates the stomach.

    2. The stomach “cures” the irritation the only way it knows how. It adds the only antacid at its disposal: calcium. It gets this from the blood.

    3. The blood, now low on calcium, replenishes its supply from the bones. If it did not do this, muscular and brain function would be severely impaired.”

    I feel like this applies for every kind of carbonated drink.. not just Coke

    Also, Someone forgot the S on Stomach

    “3. tomach acid dissolves tissue — that’s its purpose. The stomach lining does not extend into the esophagus, so the lower esophagus gets damaged by acid far more frequently in soft drink users than in non soft drink users. This results in a radical increase in cell mutations, along with a far higher level of free radicals.”

  • frctldynmx

    Sounds like an interesting bit of stimulus for people to learn about acids and bases. what is alkalinity and acidity? Is to do with the amount of electrons added to or removed from Oxygen? H2O? or other solution? why is pH regulated in the body, is it to do with getting the energy out of the food? if consuming acidic food can leach vital calcium and other trace elements from the bones, how could we consume a diet that has more absorb-able benefit to our nutrition? So what is really going on in the body at a chemical and biological level? maybe people understanding that would make the debate about Pepsi Vs Coke a moot point because people would simply limit the amount of toxins they ingested to a level their biology can easily handle.

  • joe9t

    I think the stomach can handle coke, as the acid produced in the stomach is probably very acidic anyway. I don’t like to drink coke often though and might have it only occasionally, but if I do drink it, I make sure I avoid the diet version with it’s aspartame.

  • MichaelH1836

    I wonder if they’d accept a few cases of this poison at the house on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC?

    I know…really off the subject but I couldn’t resist.

  • Vervica Recai

    Im drinking coke, throw round the house for bugs to enter, wipe down with coke, then disinfectant. Keep attacking the same so called problems. By the time im dead the truth will still be out there. Im soda popping, Better that than be on moonshine/alcohol that is. Rum and coke is good though. Haahahahaha So funny.

  • Kenzier Lemmons

    That 48% figure about heart attack and stroke is about DIET soda.

    “In a nine-year study of more than 2,500 people, those who drank diet soda daily were 48% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke or die from those events, compared with those who rarely or never drank soda.

    There was no increased risk of cardiovascular disorders among daily drinkers of regular soda, says study researcher Hannah Gardener, ScD, an epidemiologist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.”


    • MichaelH1836

      Once in a while one has to look for other “root causes”…
      Could it be that those using the ‘diet’ concoctions are also those who are overweight with accompanying high blood pressure, while those not using the diet colas are not?
      Just asking…

  • Paul Denize

    What a totally biased article.

    > People who consume soft drinks such as Coke.

    People that drive cars over $100K are also more likely to have heart attacks. Does not mean they are caused by the cars. More probably by the pressures of their lives. More fire damage is found where there are more firetrucks at the scene – cause and effect is not proven by this biased article.

    > The carbonation in Coke

    Similarly to above a loose association – swap Coke for the words ANY DRINK/FOOD and the statements is just as true (or false).

    Thinks I’ll like this article – NO CHANCE.

  • Scott Enders
  • GunnyNinja

    Coke is just nasty. Drink Pepsi.

  • Oxisws

    Pics or it didn’t happened.

  • Guest

    Just don’t drink pop? stop defending it, stop trying to prove that it does little harm. The fact is, it has 0 nutritional benefit. If you desire a carbonated drink that drink soda water. Personally, i stopped drinking pop 7 years ago and i have not missed it since. I won’t judge you if you drink it (its your life), but just think of the benefit of 350ml of water instead of 350ml of this garbage.

  • Guest

    Just don’t drink pop? stop defending it, stop trying to prove that it does little harm. The fact is, it has 0 nutritional benefit. If you desire a carbonated drink than drink soda water. Personally, i stopped drinking pop 7 years ago and i have not missed it since. I won’t judge you if you drink it (its your life), but just think of the benefit of 350ml of water instead of 350ml of this garbage.

  • mike

    Just don’t drink pop? stop defending it, stop trying to prove that it does little harm. The fact is, it has 0 nutritional benefit. If you desire a carbonated drink then drink soda water. Personally, i stopped drinking pop 7 years ago and i have not missed it since. I won’t judge you if you drink it (its your life), but just think of the benefit of 350ml of water instead of 350ml of this garbage.


  • Tedman

    if you drink alot of pop , the mosquito’s will like to bite you in the summer

  • Paul

    All of my senior friends take a dozen scrips or more daily and avoid colas like the plague. I take no daily meds and consume 2-4 12oz cokes a day and have since childhood. Some is consumed straight while some is mixed with a little Gentleman Jack. I love all the hype from the experts. :)

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  • Guest

    Can I just get likes? Thanks.

  • Matthew Walton

    So yes, that does nothing at all to my stomach lining because the acid that’s already in there, that my body produces quite naturally, is already at a lower pH than the Coke. Avoid it for the sugars, the sweeteners, the caffeine, but the acidity thing is nonsense.

    Well, except for the effect it has on your teeth. Drink in moderation.

  • disqus_8oBVer75Lt

    My dad never drank one soft drink from the time he was young. His dad put a piece of meat (roast as I recall) in a jar and poured Coke over it. In time it literally ate the piece of meat. That was all it took to keep him from every touching the stuff. He never wanted us kids to drink. After this article I think I’m cured of ever touching it again!

  • Sam Supowit

    This article is so full of stupid.

    I hate it when scaremongers try to play scientist.

    Here is why a good education is useful:

    I picked out mostly direct quotes from the article that misconstrue facts, or just blatantly present wrong and made-up information. Unfortunately, the average person is too poorly educated in science and critical thinking to know when they’re reading bullshit.

    Allow me to illuminate…

    1)”Coke is very close to the acidity level of battery acid”

    Um, if by “very close,” they mean “a hundred times less acidic.” Coke is about one to ten times more acidic than orange juice.

    2)”and consequently it can clean surfaces equivalent to and often better than many toxic household cleaners.”

    Hilarious. The pH of coke is low enough that it can dissolve some minerals better than water (soaps and degreasers are useless at dissolving minerals… it turns out vinegar would be great at this, too. I guess vinegar is therefore toxic?).

    3) “it is linked to pollution, water shortages, and disease.”

    Oh come on. Every company with a factory has adverse environmental impact. Every single one.
    Water shortages and disease? Aside from a contribution to obesity, what diseases can be attributed to Coca Cola? Find a single credible study… oh, wait, fearmongers think it’s okay to make things up.

    4) “People who consume soft drinks such as Coke have a 48% increase in heart attack and stroke risk, compared to people who did not drink the sodas at all or did not drink them every day.”

    Ah, misquoting studies. Intellectual dishonesty at its best(worst). High volume consumption of calorically rich foods is linked to heart disease and stroke… It’s not like Coke is special. Some people drink too much of it. You could make the same sort of outlandish claim about donuts, or bread, for Pete’s sake.

    5) “A study published in the journal Respirology reveals that soft drink consumption is also associated with lung and breathing disorders including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).”

    More misquoting science. Ugh, these people have no shame.
    Check it: “What does drinking soda have to do with lung health? The study authors said one reason may be drinking soda is tied to an increased risk for obesity, which raises risk for asthma and COPD.” CBS news.
    In short, being fat causes problems. Not the soda. Drink TOO MUCH soda (like a Liter a day), and your risk for obesity skyrockets… hence the health problems.

    6) “The carbonation irritates the stomach.”

    Not the stomach, the esophagus… only because it’s acidic. Hot sauce also irritates the stomach and throat. So, don’t eat hot sauce! You might get cancer.

    7) “The stomach “cures” the irritation the only way it knows how. It adds the only antacid at its disposal: calcium. It gets this from the blood.”

    WTF? There is so much horseshit here, it’s hard to tell where to begin.
    None of this even makes sense. Calcium doesn’t “neutralize” carbonic acid unless it’s SOLID… only then can it be an electron donor for the hydrogen ions.
    Calcium exists as an ionized species in your bloodstream, meaning it is already missing electrons… it has no basic properties.
    What’s worse is the native acidity of your stomach is about pH = 1, where the pH of soda is about 3 (a hundred times less acidic). If anything, soda would dilute the acidity of the stomach.
    In short, your stomach doesn’t neutralize shit with calcium. That’s moronic.

    8) “The blood, now low on calcium, replenishes its supply from the bones. If it did not do this, muscular and brain function would be severely impaired.”

    Linking coke to bone density in this way is even more moronic. This is completely made up.

    From WebMD: “Experts aren’t sure why drinking soda is linked to osteoporosis. It may be simply that the soda is displacing healthier drinks in your diet. If you’re guzzling a Pepsi with dinner (or breakfast!) you’re probably not drinking the glass of milk or fortified orange juice that nutritionists recommend.”

    9) “Phosphoric acid also causes a draw-down on the body’s store of calcium.”

    Sigh… a claim with dubious evidence and little scientific consensus.

    Conversely, “Some experts point out that the amount of phosphoric acid in soda is minimal compared to that found in chicken or cheese. And no one’s telling women to stop eating chicken.”

    10) “[Coke causes esophageal cancer.]”

    WebMD: “Drinking carbonated soft drinks does not appear to increase the chances of developing esophageal cancer, and diet sodas just might help protect against the deadly disease, research from Yale University suggests.”

    Get educated. Don’t jump on the scaremongering bandwagon. And don’t be an idiot.

    Learn science… it works, bitches.

  • Jbkorn02

    We all have to die from something. I smoke a lot of pot. Well I guess you can’t compare the two since no one has ever died from too much of that.

  • Jbkorn02

    I’m glad everyone now knows this. Now why try to tell people what they can or can’t do?

  • goorru

    Ha! I drink Pepsi I’m safe

  • RealLemonPlease

    This article is a stunningly badly-written load of crap.

  • Mark

    Soooo basically you are saying that the citric acid we consume by the galleon in orange juice etc is better for us than the phosphoric acid in Coke? Know what, I use orange cleaner at work to clean glue residue off metal beams. Who do you think you are kidding? Nothing is better for the human body than plain old water, but no one drinks just that.

  • MitchelAW

    Ok just to clear up the confusion , I feel embarrassed just by reading some of the comments. The pH of coke is not harmful at all. Our body is equipped with countless buffers and enzymes and homeostatic mechanisms to keep physiological pH ideal. Typical drinking water can range from about 3 to 8 pH. Itjust depends on ionic content.
    Secondly, the only really harmful thing in coke is the high fructose corn syrup content. While glucose is the preferred energy source of metabolism in cells, fructose is a major intermediate in the glycolysis pathway, specifically fructose-6-phosphate via G6P isomerase, and can be used just fine as it is. However, anyone should know that an overabundance of sugar in your system is bad, and hyperglycemia is linked with nearly every chronic disease out there. The real problem lies with the high sugar content, the basically no nutritional value being substituted for other nutritious natural drinks, and the excessive volumes that most people consume. In and of itself there is nothing wrong with coke, only how it is used. The caffeine primarily acts as a vasodilator which can cause headaches, hypotension with compensatory tachycardia and dyspnea due to hyperventilating from lack of O2. However, at Reasonable doses caffeine has very beneficial CNS stimulant effects. O repeat, at reasonable and non excessive doses! And of course it’s bad for your teeth, acid eats away the enamel and sugar promotes bacterial growth and greater decay. So use good oral hygiene?! Wow , it’s coming to be clear that maybe it isn’t the coke that’s bad, but it’s how it is abused and irresponsibly used by the People! Funny how that happens. Sort of like the gun control situation. Guns are only dangerous in the hands of dangerous people. Just as coke is only a health hazard in the hands of those who abuse it.

    – medical student and biochemistry enthusiast with a bachelor’s in biomedical sciences.

  • KareemAbdul

    Not a Koch-head or a Coke-head, but Coca-Cola sure does help pizza go down nicely. : D

  • camperben

    Wow…just rinse after drinking if you are that concerned. My grandfather drank a 6oz glass bottle every day of his life that I knew him and died recently at 93 (with a beautiful set of natural teeth). Its acidic. Big deal. Moderation people.

  • seth glass MD

    showing alternate uses for products doesn’t exactly prove unhealthful
    properties. Cocoa powder can be used to polish metals, cornstarch can
    wick up oils, vegetable oils are potential lubricants and fuels. Some
    food grade essential oils are good chemical solvants, vinegar and citric
    acid will demineralize even better than cola will. Many vegetable,
    fruit and seeds can be used as fabric dyes. That said, I can’t claim
    any particular healthful properties of sodas, but to show that it does
    other stuff doesn’t mean it’s bad.
    after reading the article, I can say I rarely read a less scientific
    pile of unproven, made up, type I statistically error ridden claims. I
    can go point by point on the big three steaming piles, but let me just
    give you a sample on point 1. To draw a comparison between asbestos and
    carbonation is so stupid that it makes my head hurt. The mechanism of
    just how some forms of asbestos cause mesothelioma is still unclear.
    Just to show how mysterious it is, one exposed to certain types of
    asbestos don’t just get pulmonary mesothelioma. They also get
    mesothelioma in the abdomen and even of any of the tunicae surrounding
    the testicles. Now they aren’t breathing in with their nards are they?
    If just irritation causes cancer, anyone with work harden hands would
    have had them amputated long ago due to malignancies. Carbonation
    causing cancer…idiots…carbonated beverages have been consumed for
    thousands of years. No know link has been found to neoplasia. I could
    go on, but what’s the point?

  • Dan Leidal

    Coke also dissolves blacktop!!! Just ask the state of Texas…

  • Sheldon Lockhart

    This is the dumbest load of crap that I have ever seen on the internet.

  • JM

    Hey guys! It’s slanderous plan to destruction and defamation. I dunno how many people that they’re plan on so. but I’m sure, envious that’s why.

  • William Lytle

    Why single coke out. Since some of your claims are totally false and others are contradictory, I can’t believe anything you say.

  • Nyx

    Why don’t we just try to drink battery acid and see what happens?

  • Patrick Merola

    wait I don’t understand there saying this about coke, but wouldn’t this be true of any soda product pepsi, or even the generatic brands. Why is it lets just use coke as the staging for this line of bull and info.

  • Car A Mac

    Tried it on rusted bolts, oil stains on floor, burnt pans…..guess what? It does NOTHIIIING!
    And very little to tarnished coins either!

  • citygirl27

    It’s not the carbonation that causes the calcium response. It is the phosphoric acid. Look up the pH of phosphoric acid and you’ll know why.

  • John R Rybock

    While there are plenty of reasons to avoid carbonated beverages, this is a fairly ineffectual point. Pretty much every ‘use’ for Coke listen here I can do the same with some combination of vinegar, salt and lemon juice (and perhaps flour if I needed a thicker consistency). Yet, not only are we not arguing against those items, the acidic ones are often key components of the latest healthy diets being touted. And by making such a poorly constructed point, it can end up doing more harm than good, as those who could benefit from actually learning of health benefits of cutting out soda can very likely see the poor argument as justification to keep doing what they’ve been doing.

    • Mango

      When’s the last time anyone drank a can of vinegar?

  • Whitney

    Please fix the third bullet point after the heading about esophageal cancer. The first word is missing an, “S”. Also, I thought all carbonated drinks with phosphoric acid caused calcium leaching, not only Coca-Cola. Did Pepsi pay for this article?

  • Jon Ziegler

    Coke is tasty. I’m going to go have one.

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  • Danny ‘mixmandan’ James

    Must have been a real shitter when Coke brought out Coke with Lemon.. or was that Pepsi?.. Still, while products are available, people will buy and use them regardless of warnings and health risk.
    It’s an individual’s choice if they drink Coke, smoke or tug on dope (I could have been a rapper!).. but like eggs.. once minute good for you, then bad for you… sugar is bad, then good.. then bad again.. and don’t even get me started on salt…. LOL

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  • Deanna Cole



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  • Christine Wyndham-Thomas

    Is there a difference between Coke and Pepsi?

  • AprilSandmeyer

    I have read that Coca Cola has been used successfully to treat some food bolus impactions, esophageal impactions and motility disorders such as achalassia, and other impactions.

  • Sandy Dark

    I am 70 years old and fairly healthy expect for arthritis. I have been drinking coke ever since I can remember. That is what my Mother drank all the time. None of the sodas are good for you. Besides, I feel that if coke can clean my toilet, it can clean me out too. LOLOLOL Seriously, now days their is nothing you can eat or drink that is totally safe anymore, not even natural or organic foods. I don’t even have high blood pressure problems at my age. So I eat and drink anything I want and coke is my favorite drink. So I just say eat, drink and be happy. Good luck everyone. Oh, and also drink lots of water. I do believe in that. Have a Happy 4th of July and be safe.

  • Jim. D.
  • ssf

    My wife drank seltzer water consistently for about 10 years. Her teeth turned gray. I would expect a similar result from drinking coke.

    She stopped drinking it and her teeth are now whiter.

  • Alex

    Kills slugs and snails; the acids kills them.

    Bullcrap. They drown. It works with ordinary water too.

    Coke and aluminum foil will bring Chrome to a high shine.

    yea, so does plain aluminium foil and water. I do it all the time.

    Strips paint off metal furniture. Soak a towel in Coke and lay it on the paint surface.

    This doesn’t work. left a rag on some old steel chairs for 48 hours. Didn’t do garbage. That was plain latex paint.

    Guess what? Coca-Cola is less acidic than an orange. Limes are even more acidic.

  • Emma Jurgens

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  • http://www.ezgetaivan.comyr.com/ Flash Gordon

    Pepsi in the <3

  • Barbarita Chanda

    The human body has a buffering system which turns its own system to the ideal levels of pH.having said that all things in excess cause harm even a full diet on fruits alone can cause harm just like drinking coke like your life depended on it.all spices and herbs used to make our food have the va va voom, can be used to clean the house too.sage can be used to clean metals,fridge,my grandmother swears its the only cure for Premenopause symptoms so she advice’s after the age of 35 all women should add it to their food or drink it as tea.but in other places its used in excess to poison rats.in summary all things can be used for good or bad.wisdom is necessary at all times.in the meantime a can if coke occasionally will cause no harm.

  • Jeff Motley

    I didn’t think the coloreds dumped coke down the toilet unless the cops were kicking in!

  • Jim Wyatt

    Always amazes me that people still turn to snopes for “facts”. :)

  • Chris T

    Always scares me that people use thoughtpursuits.com for “facts”. :)

    See? Works both ways.

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    They probably do it because they’re an exceptional resource for well-researched, well-sourced facts. Unlike, say, this site.

  • Ellen Gwaltney Bales

    It always amazes me that people who respond to these things always resort to bullying and name-calling and one-upping each other.

  • Andrew Spark

    That’s it…one person says something and the truth police all come out of the woodwork. Everyone has an opinion and somehow it always seems to turn grizzly on these boards

  • Dean

    All above me except for Jim are close-minded sheep.

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    Good ol’ argumentum ad sheepum. Very convincing. Clearly the people who believe any crap they read online are the enlightened ones, while those who bother with trivial things like research, facts, and reality are sheep.

  • Dean

    Usually, I attempt to awaken others first with a neutral statement. Grin at their intuitively flawed assumptions which are predictable. And then their delusions are written or spoken to me verbally.

    By this point I will give you the truth and nothing more. Which, I will undoubtedly commence to do so.

    Your fallacious and paradoxical post is a classic example of a look into the world of illusions of the epitome of an average & brainwashed sheep. The truth is, there’s something terribly wrong to this world isn’t there? Even if you feel it you can’t just point your finger on it.

    This world has been corrupted and almost absolutely controlled by the harbingers of the New World Order. “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”. – John F. Kennedy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JdrhJKfNq0 (source). The international satanic cabal, more commonly known as the Illuminati. They’re the ones guilty for conspiring against humanity, and the accursedness of this world.

    Funny thing is even one of them has admitted to being guilty of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8zWLOnNe6o (source). The masses are oblivious to the impending doom that awaits them on this Earth and in the afterlife for blindly worshiping satan. This is due to the mass induced stupidity.

    How’s this enormous manufacturing of ignorance done? Well, it’s executed via many ways. Let me give you a few of them. Poisoning of the food, air, and the water. Poisoning of the mind by the television, food, air, public schooling, etc.. And the worst one of them is all is the poisoning of the soul by blindly worshipping the devil.

    At the point you will probably respond dismissing me as crazy and telling me that Youtube isn’t a reliable source. Whatever the source, evidence is evidence and it cannot be debunked.

    So, turn on your television so they assure you that we are all just crazy. While you eat your GMO, hormone, processed, and pesticide filled food while chugging a couple of aspartame toxic soda pop cans.

    Don’t forget to take your daily chlorine shower with your toxic pseudo cosmetics. Which undoubtedly contributes to your induced stupidity. And remember to drink fluoride filled water every couple of days! While you’re at it! Here, have some fluoride based medicine and tooth paste! Remember to wash your hands with some triclosan infested soap as well sheep. :)

    Oh boy, what a jolly life it is to willfully remain ignorant of your impending & imminent doom!

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    What a spectacle that was to behold. I bet that sounded really convincing when you wrote it.

  • eccles11


  • Chris Shotley

    It’s amazing the kind of mental gymnastics someone can perform if they want to believe badly enough… That JFK sound-byte that you list as a source, has nothing at all to do with the “Illuminati” but instead was referring to the USSR during the cold war. Here’s a couple links that provide the actual speech, not that edited garbage in your first video.

    But hey, who needs fact when you’ve got conspiracy theories, fear-mongering, and other insanity that the rest of us “Sheep” have long ago proven it to be.

  • LookAtThisIdiot

    That is just adorable.

    You know why the Illuminati doesn’t exist and all you conspiracy doofuses are loons? Because in a capitalist society there is no reason for the wealthy puppet masters to hide behind cloaks and daggers. They can just do it all out in the open like they do and get praised for it.

    People like you just distract from that fact.

  • Travis Juchter

  • Dean

    Predictable response without trying to debunk it. So, you label/dismiss me as crazy so you are still a deluded sheep and to discredit me in the eyes of the insecure masses.

    Because of that the masses side with you not only side with you out of delusions.But out of fear/anxiety of deviating from the norm and social judgement.

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    Oh, there’s no point in trying to debunk someone such as yourself. You’re well beyond the realm of reason and reality. I would merely be spitting into the wind. Good day, sir.

  • Dean

    “you label/dismiss me as crazy so you are still a deluded sheep and to discredit me in the eyes of the insecure masses.

    Because of that the masses side with you not only side with you out
    of delusions.But out of fear/anxiety of deviating from the norm and
    social judgement.”

    I guess JFK was deluded as well huh?

  • LookAtThisIdiot

    I bet you’ve got tons of links from Infowars to back up your rabbling.

  • Annie Womer

    You sir…are either completely delusional (in this sense and on this forum at least) in the sense that you feel the need to turn scientific inquiry into a sociology lesson that demeans all who read it…sure…cite well-edited youtube videos to support your claim… well you are either what I mentioned above or a very skilled troll…If the latter, I salute you. If the former…post this on a political forum, not a scientific one..This has absolutely nothing to do with coke.

  • Annie Womer

    exactly what I was saying above…anything can be “proven” with a well-edited video…ummm Kony repeat anyone?

  • Annie Womer

    Ummm snopes isn’t exactly a credible resource. As this forum makes clear give us some legitimate studies. I mean c’mon, the home page says snopes, and directly underneath it “rumor has it”. Is that really credible…plus I looked up each of the three sources on that page…none of them are doctors or have any degrees in chemistry or biology or any damn field in relation to legitimate science that actually proves something. Plus, and this is really special, check out your third source from that article and read his about me section: http://home.williampoundstone.net/… yea, right, that’s the kind of “professional” you want making your nutrition choices for you. If you read earlier on I posted about how ignorant it can be when people who respond the way you are on this forum resort to swearing…and what’s worse, you give a completely, to be frank, idiot article to back your story up, just to have a defense. I agree with Emily McMillen-Gibson in that the example is off base but the principle is good. But back to my point about the above commenter. Like one of the people I responded to above I think there are three possible reasons you posted the above. a) you googled it and just clicked on the first thing you saw b) you have “strong feelings” about coke and actively searched for an ignorant argument that would support that and justify you stooping to the level personal insults like THAT. or c) you are an epic troll. If the last one, try harder and be more clever…otherwise, wise up and do some real research. I haven’t studied the subject matter extensively but I know if you want to make an argument, make an intelligent one, because otherwise, in spite of the first amendment, you’re words are a waste.

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