The 3 Powerful Life Hacks In The World


Recently, the notion of “life hacks” has become a popular topic. In general terms, a life hack is an efficient yet unknown method of improving the simplicity of a specific area of life. Once this technique is realized and mastered, whatever your future goals in that area will be significantly improved.

This begs the question: how is your life endeavors going? Either way, you are about to receive the three best life-hacks currently known. Over the ages, specific areas of wisdom have been passed down between generations which help with human growth. This is due to the universal laws which are effective. Universal laws can be found in all illustrious esoteric writings, within all philosophies presented by the best philosophers and any instructor of knowledge. Universal laws preserve because they are one of the base pillars of life and they bring power.

Most recently garnered by Eckhart Tolle is his book, “A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” there are three techniques which bring a fresh perspective and clarity. Despite the power of these practices, Tolle is not the originator as they are universal truths. By applying them to your daily life, you will reap the benefits:


Philosophers have said that the only guaranteed method of obtaining what you want is to stop wanting it. This is the focus of the non-attachment technique. It is important to still set goals and work toward them but abandon all attachment to the outcome. By focusing only on the result, you will create expectation which will set you up for disappointment. Also, this path will remove energy from the step you are at. Instead, fully focus your attention to the present and you will become much more efficient. This concept can also pertain to ownership. By eliminating your attachment to material objects, you will enjoy them much more. Although this concept seems illogical, the object or activity will generate a magical quality when you do not concern yourself with the potential for loss and your mind is free. The only way to fully accomplish this is practice. Maintaining an attachment to results, relationships and personality will slowly dissolve leaving you free and alive.


Non-judgment can be a difficult technique as the human mind is commonly set to autopilot due to lack of training. As soon as something is encountered, humans develop a judgmental eye. This can be related to fashion, the weather or even a reaction to a conversation. However, this is not bad or good and is related to the mind’s ceaseless requirement to delineate itself on earth. Ironically, in doing so, it gives away your power and can create a negative view of the world through the assumption that others are viewing you as you view them. It is best to eradicate your judgments and your assumptions will also change. If you can teach yourself to see things as they are without any type of judgment, you will no longer feel judged and will be closer to peace.


Although non-attachment and non-judgment related to letting go of certain feelings or ideas, non-resistance is defined as the art of it. In other words, non-resistance relates to your immediate experience with present reality and how you feel within that reality. If there is something that has occurred that you do not like, are you actually powerless to make a change? Instead, deeply accept what occurred. Are you constantly fighting something that you do not agree with or against those who present a different opinion? If so, change it up and fight for something instead of against someone. What you resist will continue to persist as resistance creates tensions against nature, life and the individual. Instead, learn to let it go and you can justly enjoy freedom.

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Jason Bounda

Jason Bounda

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