3 Reasons Why You Should Have More Plants In Your House


Though most people may not be aware of it, plants can provide a wide host of different benefits. From being a powerhouse of wellness for the home to enhancing its overall décor, once discovered, its not hard to become obsessed with placing them in every room of a home.

#1 – Purifies the Air

Getting quality air is essential to the function of the human body and mind and helps with its overall wellbeing. Placing plants in the home can assist with the homes purification because they naturally covert carbon dioxide in to oxygen. One great example that backs up this fact is NASA since they use plants on the International Space Station to control the quality of the air. As per their endorsement, they normally recommend placing one plant in an office or a home at least 100 square feet from each other. The plants should also be strategically placed because some species will purify the air of various kinds of toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and others.

#2 – Considered to Be Local Produce

Many times people do not live in a climate that fosters growing different types of produce. However, it is important to note that there are dwarf versions of each type. Therefore, when an individual would like to grow their own bananas, avocados, pineapples, figs and the like, they can grow them in the living room, while it sits in the direct sunlight.
Since it is hard to buy organic fruits without paying a hefty price, with enough plants placed strategically, people can have fresh avocados, oranges and other fruits for breakfast or for lunch. Additionally, a drink from mint leaves or a lemon tree can make great conversation pieces for the guests. Even Midwest and Northwest farmers would consider locally grown avocados a special treat.

#3 – Makes the House Look and Feel Like a Home

Another great benefit to placing plants around the home involves the intangible qualities that they hold. As a literal statement, plants will help to bring life to the home. Plants are known for radiating healthy life and fostering it where ever they are placed. Additionally, for those who like to have natural scents in the home without paying a lot of money for store bought fresheners that are loaded with chemicals, they may want to change their tactics by placing aromatic plants throughout. From choosing lemon grass and basil leaves, there are a lot of options that can be selected. These are also a natural ways of repelling bugs from the home.

As stated previously, there are many different benefits to placing plants strategically around the home and they can positively affect various aspects of the human body and mind. By starting this kind of locally grown project, people can improve the quality of the air, freshen the air naturally, and repel pesky insects. The benefits of adding plant life is endless.

Sources: “3 Reasons You Should Have More Plants In Your Home,” from mindbodygreen.com, by Dann Mcnulty
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