5 Great Reasons Of Being Naked


Do you ever stop to enjoy look at the beauty of your naked body? Next time you get out of the shower, stop and really look at it. Do not be squeamish about chubby thighs, large belly or lanky arms. Instead, look at your body, understand and accept your imperfections and celebrate it.

I once was given the opportunity to model for an artistic nude yoga photo shoot which focused on celebrating the beauty and variety of the naked body as no two are exactly the same. Although this was one of the most empowering experiences of my life, I have been too timid to share the magic of the naked body with others, until now.

Over my life, my connection of my body has been unstable. At the tender age of 15, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa leading to a near-death experience at age 19. At that point, I weight slightly more than 55 pounds. Now, at age 24, I have almost doubled my bodyweight from that time and altered those challenges to become strengths.

I am now a physically and mentally healthy woman who has embraced Olympic Weightlifting to showcase the flexibility and extensive capabilities that the human body is able to produce. As a result of my previous struggles, I am now able to assist others with their body battles and prove that they can overcome these issues to become a healthy individual. Our successes can be attributed to the research I have conducted regarding the role of sport and exercise into Post-Traumatic Growth.

Physical and mental healing and change take time and growth. It has taken me several years to reach my current state of self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-discipline and self-love. These attributes have given me the strength to bare all and be seen by others.

Believe me, it is 100% worth it to be naked and exposed to strangers. This means that you are alive and courageous. Therefore, stop beating yourself up about your weight and learn to love the body you have been given. Pay no attention to fashion shows, magazines and reality television shows that say you must look a specific way. Instead, keep daily naked time as a priority in your daily life.

You should keep this time at the top of your list for the following reasons:

Own the story of your life
Embrace your body
Leave your comfort zone
Be uniquely beautiful
Face your fears

Own the Story of your Life

Your body is an indicator of your life. Once you learn more about your body, you can create your own story. Once that story is written, only you have the privilege of wiring your own ending.

Embrace your body

The word naked is derived from the Old English word, “nacod” which indicates “bare.” The word “bare” is derived from the Lithuanian word “basas” indicating “complete in itself.” This summarizes the effect of being naked and helps you to see your completeness and that you have the power to reach your greatest goals.

Leave your Comfort Zone

Being naked is widely considered to be the essence of vulnerability. Not wearing clothes is being vulnerable to ridicule and mocking. However, being vulnerable is conjuring the courage to let yourself be seen and live your life.

Be Uniquely Beautiful

Taking off your clothes and having peace with your body is an excellent method of overcoming the societal requirements of looking a certain way. When naked, you are punching a society who promotes a one-dimensional form of beauty in the face.

Face your fears

As a society, we spend a lot of money on clothes and accessories. Ironically, some of our best moments occur when we are not wearing them. During these moments, we are facing our fears and freeing our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual lives.

Originally posted by: mindbodygreen.com

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Jason Bounda

Jason Bounda

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