80 Year Old Man Cured His Cancer with Cannabis After Given 2 Weeks to Live

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Cannabis is quickly becoming a more heated discussion in the health field as more and more research is conducted on the affect the plant has on cancer. Studies have shown over the past few decades that Cannabis has the potential to cure and treat cancer, killing some cancer cells completely. GW Pharmaceuticals, a European-based company, has already begun testing this theory on humans, using cannabis as a primary treatment for brain cancer.

This crucial testing will not be available to the public for another couple of years. Despite the unavailability of clinical studies, people have been using cannabis unofficially to treat themselves of the disease.

Stan and Barb Rutner have recently joined the list of humans who have tried to treat their cancer with cannabis. The couple both have cancer and are in their 70s. Stan had previously been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma about 20 years ago. The cancer was treated at that time for about six months. He didn’t show any more signs of the disease until 2011, but he claims to have cured this outbreak with cannabis.

Stories that come from people like Stan and Barb are becoming more common. As the list of people who successfully have treated their cancer with cannabis grows, it is important to share the scientific evidence that comes along with them. People need to see these stories so that they understand the potential cannabis has in the health industry. Stan’s classic example can be seen on this video:

Another recent example of cannabis used for health reasons involves a teenage girl with Leukemia. The teenage girl in Toronto used cannabis to help treat her condition. Her doctors, Yadvinder Singh, MD and Chamandeep Bali, ND, took the time to detail the case more in depth so it can provide a great example. Those details can be read HERE.

For a list of more than 30 (out of hundreds) studies that proves cannabis can cure cancer, click HERE.

Pushing cancer patients towards expensive treatments like chemotherapy is crazy, especially when other options aren’t even explored. Cannabis and other options can have a high success rate when combined with modern treatments like chemotherapy. Patients should be encouraged to look at all the treatments that are available to them so they can find better ways to heal.

Here is a video that pushes all of us to think about:



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