9 Great Reasons To Hug & Be Hugged Every Day


Are you looking for a great way to boost your immune system, reduce your stress, improve your sleeping pattern and even cure depression? You need to consider hugging. Hugging rejuvenates and invigorates and has absolutely no side effects, because there is no medicine involved. No medicines means nothing to worry about, no pesticides or preservatives, no artificial ingredients and no worries at all. Unlike electronic cures for ailments there are no check ups required, no energy consumption, the price won’t go up, it won’t cause you to gain weight, no one can steal it or tax it and it doesn’t pollute. Hugging is the almost perfect. Need more convincing? Here are 9 great reasons why you should hug and allow yourself to be hugged every single day.

A famous psychotherapist named Virginia Satir once said that 4 hugs a day would help you survive, 8 hugs a day would maintain you and 12 hugs a day would help you grow. While this may not be scientifically proven there is actually a lot of evidence that shows the importance of receiving regular hugs.

1- Boosts Your Immune System

Hugging, and other aspects of increasedaffectionhave been shown to significantly reduce stress which in turns boosts your immune system and helps you avoid disease. A study by the University of Miami says that increased touch and hugging has shown significant health benefits, including pain lowering, better immune systems for people living with cancer, premature baby increased growth and many more.

2- It Helps You Communicate Non Verbally
Non verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. Around 70% of all communication is non verbal, so it is extremely important. A hug can be a fantastic way of non verbally communicating with another person, you can show your love and how much you care to the other person, without saying a word. Hugging one person can cause that person to feel the urge to hug other people too, thus improving everyone’s day.

3- It Can Boost Self Esteem

Hugs have been shown to boost your self esteem, this is especially true for children as the sense of touch is extremely important for infants as it is how they recognize their parents. Hugging your child shows that you love them and that they are special. This improves their feelings of self worth throughout their youth. In the future they will associate hugs with self esteem and the hugs they receive as a child will stay with them throughout their life, boosting self esteem as they know they are cared about. This boost in self esteem will help them in all aspects of their life.

4- It Stimulates The Oxytocin Neurotransmitter

Oxytocin is the neurotransmitter than acts on the brain’s emotional center. This emotional center promotes feelings of contentment and it reduces stress and anxiety. It is the part of the brain that releases a hormone during childbirth, which makes the mother forget about the pain she has just experienced and still love her newborn baby, it is the part of the brain that promotes monogamy and generally civilizes humans, increases affection and more. It also improves sexual performance. When someone is hugged, the oxytocin is released into the bodies. This helps to improve our general behavior, and also lowers heart rates and the Cortisol (the hormone the causes stress and high blood pressure) levels in our body.

5- It Can Improve Your Patience
When you hug someone you form a connection with them. In this busy world, hugging is the best way to show affection and build your connection with them quickly. In this busy world, where people don’t take the time to stop, slowing down and giving a hug you can build patience and build better relationships with people.

6- It Will Stimulate Your Thymus Gland

This is another aspect of thestrengtheningthe immune system. When you hug someone you are placing some gentle pressure on their sternum, this activates the Solar Plexus Chakra and stimulates the thymus gland. The thymus gland regulates the production of white blood cells, which are vital for maintaining health and reducing disease.

7- Increases Serotonin Production

Serotonin is a pleasure causing hormone that reduces pain, and reduces sadness. It also decreases risk of heart problems, extends life and can help you lose weight. Hugging someone releases these pleasure hormones into your body, which increases your mood and improves your happiness. Even just hugging a pet can help release these serotonin’s

8- It Increases Dopamine Production

Having low Dopamine levels is something that you want to avoid. It can increase risks of depression and even increase the risk that you will get Parkinson’s. It is known as the feel good hormone as the release of it provides that feel good feeling that you are useful, that increases motivation and makes you feel great. When you get a hug, your brain will release the hormone, which in turn will cause you to feel fantastic. Dopamine release is in some ways similar to cocaine andmethamphetamine’sas it targets the same areas, so you know that a Dopamine release will make you feel good.

9- It Helps With Your Bodies Parasympathetic Balance

This means thatreceivinghugs can help your body balance the nervoussystem. Your skin has a system of what are called pacinian corpuscles, these are small, egg shaped pressure centers. They sense touch. When you are hugged, your galvanic skin response shows a change in your skin conductance. This is due to a transfer of electricity and moisture from the person you are hugging. This electricity and moisture creates a more balanced nervous system.

You should always hug, it costs you nothing and as you can see it has real benefits for you and the people that you hug. Be like Juan Mann, a man who made it his mission in life to seek out as many people as possible and hug them. You don’t need to go them extremes, but in this age of distance and disconnection from people, many people are missing out on human touch and the benefits of hugging. So give some one a hug and you will improve yourself and the people around you.

Credits: Prevent Disease

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