Activated Charcoal, A Mainstay Of Ancient Civilizations.


When you hear the name activated charcoal, it probably calls to mind the burnt edges of Saturday’s barbecue. But actually it is an entirely different material, one long considered essential to human health for its abilities as a detoxing agent.

It has the capacity to absorb chemicals, the remnants of pharmaceutical drugs in your body and even heavy metals. Unless removed, all of these can cause long-term problems.

It’s biggest advantage is the fact that it takes these harmful substances with it when your body eliminates it. Removing the toxins leaves your body in a purer, more healthy condition.

Thousands of years ago, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates considered activated charcoal as an essential part of his toolkit of natural medicines. Both the ancient Egyptians and Native Americans depended on it centuries ago.

What it is

Activated charcoal is made by combining steam and acid with carbonaceous matter like wood, coal, coconut shells and rye starch.

The word “activated” means that it is produced in a tiny size particles, which makes it capacity to absorb much more potent.

Interesting features

One of the most effective, if puzzling, features of activated charcoal is the fact that its small size increases its surface area. Here is an amazing statistic: a standard size, 50-gram measure has a surface area the size of ten football fields.

Charcoal is also a natural fiber laxative, encouraging bowel movements. It works quickly to help your body eliminate toxins.

Ten biggest benefits

The list of health benefits from using activated charcoal is long. Among the top ten are:

• removes lead, aluminum and other heavy metals

• neutralizes bad smells

• gets rid of the diarrhea that often happens when a person travels to a new area

• reduces the symptoms of stomach ulcers

• works well to whiten teeth and freshen breath

• gets rid of gas from beans and cruciferous vegetables

• helps to purify water by eliminating microorganisms; it also removes chlorine from tap water

• helps get rid of toxins from pharmaceuticals. it can be useful in cases of an overdose of aspirin or if a person accidentally ingests household cleaners. It works well in cases of food poisoning.

• helps gets rid of parasites and harmful bacteria that take up residence in the human body.

• stops the harmful effects of fungus

Precaution is necessary if you have irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease. Then it is best to use the activated charcoal externally as a poultice, instead of taking it internally by mixing it with water or taking it as a pill.


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