Astonishing Mathematics That Reveals Free Energy Is Indeed Possible


It has already been said by many, that the ability to prove that free energy is possible, is something that is non-existent. This is because it supposedly defies physical laws. However, just what if, some of those physical laws were not at all correct? What is the mathematics that was there all along, was something, which was concealed, suppressed, or just not known? In the video this is attached below, Randy discusses what is called Vortex Based Mathematics, which is a concept he learned from a man named Marko Rodin. It is these mathematics, which Powell does talk about, that does prove the existence of free energy is indeed possible.

Here is a side note, I do vividly remember hearing at least once, in the last few years. I think it was in a video interview, there were 25 equations in number, which did help to prove that systems such as free energy did indeed exist. These specific 25 equations were deliberately suppressed. They were also removed from all educational institutions on purpose, as well, in addition. Nevertheless, I have not been able to find the source for this claim, and all that does remain of it is a memory of having come across it only one time. If anyone who reads this, does know what I am talking about specifically, please do let me become aware of it by using the comments section okay.

The Research Into Free Energy

At first, it may seem like something to simply brush off, if only for the mere fact that free energy is regarded as being something that simply is not possible. However, this is just a rumor, and it is spreading very fast with no real evidence to back it up. So, with said, it is crucial to look into it for the evidence that does exist. There is one example that is given below, in addition to, an article that does highlight many other examples too.

One proven example of free energy is no other than something called The Casimir Effect. The Casimir Effect does display zero point, or what is known as being vacuum state energy, and which does predict exactly why two metal plates that are close together seem to attract each other. They attract each other because there is an imbalance present in the quantum fluctuations. There is a very visible demonstration of this idea that is included here. What the implications of this say, is something truly, which is far reaching in scope and a reality. It is something that is written about in theoretical physics very broadly by researchers from all over the world. In today’s world, we are starting to notice one thing, and that one thing is that these concepts are not just something that is just theoretical. They are something that are very practical, and which have been truly, simply suppressed in a major way.

There have also been proposals that have been relatively recent, which have been made in the literature, and this literature is something that is associated with the method for removing energy and heat from electromagnetic zero-point radiation by using the Casimir Effect. It is the basic thermodynamics that are involved in these recent proposals that are being analyzed, as well as, clarified here exclusively. This is so the conclusion will be a yes, in principle, and to indicate that these proposals are indeed correct and accurate.


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