Beating Depression and Anxiety with Krill Oil


Depression often characterized by sadness, guilt, low self-worth, lost of interest for pleasure, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, tiredness and poor concentration is one of the most prevalent mental disorder in the world. It is also one of the major causes of self-harm cases and suicides.

Depression along other mental disorders can impair a person’s normal functioning in daily life. Since then depression has been subject to major researches looking for its cure. But light may came to those 121 million people worldwide who experience depression, it’s in the form of shrimp-like marine life called krill.

Krill oil and Depression

Krill are shrimp-like crustaceans that looks a bit different from shrimp and are different from shrimps in size, it’s smaller.

Krill oil, the processed oil taken from the krill has been found out to help in depression. Krill oil is associated with a high dose of omega-3 fatty acids which is very beneficial to the body. Aside from depression though, krill oil has been used to help in Alzheimer’s, heart diseases and chronic pains.

Even without anti-depressants, krill oil has been found to be effective treatment in depression since it has high benefits over brain and nerve function. It can level out mood swings and decrease PMS in women.

How Krill Oil Functions Against Depression

International studies have found out that krill oil can lift daily depression away. It can enhance mood quickly. In worldwide statistics, those who consume more omega-3, major component of krill oil, are less likely to develop depression.

EPA or the eicosapentaenoic acid in omega-3 has been one of the subjects of a study in University of Montreal which centered on depression. The study conducted the administration of omega-3 fatty acids which after eight weeks has seen positive result among those showing symptoms of depression.

In other studies, low DHA in the brain can be linked to depression, Schizophrenia and memory loss. DHA and EPA are together in the omega-3 fatty acids helpful line. Some even labeled DHA as the single most vital nutrient for optimal brain function.  Your brain is dependent on it and the lack of it can impair your brain and nerve functioning leading to the blues.

A study from the University of Illinois in Chicago states that people who are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids are more likely to experience depression than those who consume the right amount.

In analysis of experts, krill oil is even comparable to the result of anti-depressant medication treatments, but far healthier indeed.

Why Krill Oil is Better Choice among Other Omega-3 Sources

Krill, opposed to fishes, has lesser to no toxins and contaminants. Since fishes have longer life span, the tendency of accumulating toxins from the sea is very high. Krill are known to be more ecologically friendly and are less toxic since it lives shorter and can’t be replete since there are just tons of them in the oceans.

And for better measure, a change of diet and exercise together with supplementation can help in easing depression as doctors always suggests.

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