Here Are Some of The Best Swimming Areas in The World.


Beating the summer heat means different things to people. Some people beat the heat by staying inside and watching television in the air conditioning. Others like to check out the nearest beach or swimming pool to cool off. Regardless of your style, if you are feeling adventurous, check out some of the 30 best swimming spots in the world.

These aren’t your regular swimming holes down the street. And yes, you may have to travel halfway across the world to enjoy some of these, but you don’t get to see luxurious swimming pools like these. A lot of them are a bit pricey, but they are definitely worth checking out when you have the resources available to.

1. Melissani Cave, Greecedesktop-14066900432.Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, Balidesktop-1406690042 (1)desktop-1406690042

3. The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerlanddesktop-1406690044

4. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambiadesktop-1406690044 (1) desktop-1406690045

5. Marina Bay Sands, Singaporedesktop-1406690046 desktop-1406690046 (1)

6. Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkeydesktop-1406690047 desktop-1406690048

Blue Lake, New Zealanddesktop-1406690049 desktop-1406690050

8. Hearst Castle, Californiadesktop-1406690050 (1) desktop-1406690051 desktop-1406690051 (1)

9. Pig Beach, Bahamasdesktop-1406690053 desktop-1406690052

10. Lake Hillier, Australiadesktop-1406690054 desktop-1406690053 (1)

These Are The 30 Best Swimming Spots From Around The World.

By Jessica Catcher
 CULTURE   :   JULY 24, 2014
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Spending all summer in front that box fan in your bedroom is probably getting a bit old, no matter how many times you do the Darth Vader thing with your voice. It’s time to get out of the house and find some classier ways to beat the heat. Lap up all the luxury in one of the 30 best swimming options from all over the world. You may have to fly halfway around the world to try one of these, but it is probably worth it.

Sure, a lot of these are a pretty pricey. At least staring at these pictures may force your body temperature to a lower boiling point.


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