Blue Eyes Originated 10,000 Years Ago in the Black Sea Region


At the University of Copenhagen, a group of researchers have managed to locate a single mutation which is able to cause the result of having blue eyes. It is true that blue eyed people are all related genetically to a single person who resided in or around the Black sea area between six thousand to ten thousand years ago.

The research involved in this study has now been released in a document known as the journal of human genetics. It talks of a gene that is known as the OCA2 that was brought into existence around eight thousand years ago. However, this gene can certainly be traced back to an individual who once lived at the Black Sea.

A researcher known as Dr Hans Eiberg claims that every human before the years mentioned would have had brown eyes. The OCA2 gene that entered the chromosomes resulted in a genetic switch that closed off the ability to produce only brown eyes.

Research was done on people with blue eyes that came from Denmark, Turkey and Jordan. Scientists traced this feature back to a maternal lineage.

However, brown eyes are still popular, yet after the Ice Age, those who lived in Europe developed the rare mutation of blue eyes that made them stand out from the others.

Now there are high populations with blue eyes. This can be found in locations such as Scandinavia, where a different range of skin and hair colors can also be seen.

Scientists have also confirmed that a greater range in skin and hair color can be found in Europe, more so than other continents in the world, and began to develop when Europe was colonized several thousand years ago.

Interbreeding has also resulted in the individuals that have blue eyes mixed with brunette hair. These features can be traced back over twenty five thousand years ago. Scientists have said that this interbreeding is due to the Neanderthals.
However, no Neanderthal DNA has actually been found in the modern human, so these are only speculations and theories.

What people really want to know is why we went from having no individuals with blue eyes on the earth to having almost half of the individuals on the earth with blue eyes within the last ten thousand years. One individual known as Jon Hawks who works at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has claimed that the influx of blue eyes has done something brilliant, it make individuals have more children.


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  • tanstaafl28

    I read about this at least a year or two ago.

  • Patrick Smith

    Wrong BLUE EYED NEANDERTHALS Originated around Manyara Region in Northern Tanzania… Where Tanzanite Crystals where discovered back in 1967… As Neanderthal Remains have been Found in Tanzania… As Tanzanite is a Generation Stone… Supposedly will be All Mined out with the Next 10 Years or so

  • Guest
  • Dusty Tru

    if blue eyes didnt start until 10000 years ago than how could dark hair and blues eyes go back as far 25000 years ago which is what this same article states in a later paragraph…this whole thing smells fishy..

  • Dusty Tru

    this is misinformation for ad profits copied from another false article back from at least 2008

  • Dusty Tru

    blue eyes are as old and eternal as the devil…;-)

  • What it look like

    This is doubtful.

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