Buddhist Monks Bless Tea With Good Intention – See What Happens Next


It is becoming evident to more and more people that consciousness is directly linked with the physical world. Various scientific studies have shown that the consciousness in us is directly linked to it and because of our consciousness, we can directly impact the physical world in more than one way. For instance, the mind has the ability to impact the output of devices that are referred to as Random Event Generators(1). One more example is the multitude of declassified paraphsychological phenomenon. For instance, the government experiments showed that human beings have the capacity to bend physical material objects with the help of their mind.(2) (3) One more example is the double slit experiment. This study discovered that the factors linked with the consciousness like experience, meditation and electrocortical markers of aimed attention have the impact on the material reality. (4)

One more amazing example is the Placebo Effect that is the fact that we can convert our biology with our belief.

We constantly get comments that say there is no such particular evidence in the relation between the physical material and consciousness. However, there are various published studies by the experts for experts, academic institutions and scientists in the world. Work is readily available in the various respected journals that clearly show it.

It is pretty much evident that human consciousness and intention does relate with the physical material world. The implications about this information are relevant to many parts of the society.
Knowing the fact that human consciousness and their intent can change the physical world and their lends by further carrying a study that is conducted by the scientists at the Noetic Sciences institute.
The study showed the roles of belief and intention on the mood while having tea. It inspected whether having tea treated with pure intentions would have any sort of effect on the mood more in comparison with having ordinary tea. The study took place under the randomized and double blind conditions. (6)

Every evening for seven days straight, the volunteers inspected the mood by making use of the Mood states Profile questionnaire. On the third, fourth and fifth day of the test, every participant drank around 600ML of oolong tea while in the morning and then again in the afternoon. One random group without their knowledge that got the tea that was intentionally treated by around three Buddhist and the other group got the tea from the same source. On the final day of the test, every person showed what kind of tea they thought they had been drinking.

In the study, around 189 adults participated and the study took place over a week having the aim to reduce the fluctuations in the mood. People who drank the treated tea displayed a greater increase in their mood compared to the ones who had the untreated tea. Change in the mood was greater in the ones who believed they were having the treated compared to the ones who did not believe they had treated tea.

The authors even noticed that the belief that one had the treated tea linked with a greater mood improvement, but only if one was only having the treated tea. This showed that the intentional enhancement and the belief interact. The authors even mentioned one more interesting point that intentional qualities and esthetic linked with the conventional tea ceremony might have subtle impact that are beyond the ritual.

Applying these concepts to the daily life

We can certainly apply these concepts in various ways. Before you drink water or eat for instance, put lots of love into it and put in goo intention to whatever you are eating and drinking. Moreover, be thankful for it. Your emotions and intent behind whatever you consume of water and food can have a direct influence on your physical body. If thoughts can do so much to water, you can only imagine what they can do to your body.

We can even apply such concepts to the health just like the Placebo effect. But the crucial point is that we can make use of the human intent power, consciousness, prayer and whatever you can call to aid in change and rebuild the world. This is being done already. One element of consciousness is known as perception and it is how you see the world. Throughout the history of human, perception regarding the truth has changed continually. The things that are responsible for that are new discoveries and they have made a great impact in changing the perception. The movement in the consciousness alone changes the world.

We are someone who are led to believe that we are solely divided. This is being changed as many people are now recognizing that we belong to Earth and we are a single human race.

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