What Is Cancer ?


What I am about to blurb is not meant to inform your therapeutic strategy if you have cancer or other diseases. For that you should always rely of your instincts and personal research, in addition to competent medical advise. Your zest for life should be duly rewarded with prompt and complete recovery, but true healing is obtained only when we conquer our natural anguish about our ineluctable finality. Fear and not physical disease is the real human scourge.

Having said that, death, within complex organisms, is not a punctuated event (not even if sudden and accidental, but that is a topic for another time) but a degenerative process that manifests in increasing stages of cellular decomposition and metabolic weakening, catalyzed by internal or surface fungal activity in the body. Yes, you heard it right, a tumor may not be what we have been told by orthodox medicine: our cells growing out of control, but an inflamatory reaction to a foreign agent (most likely a fungus of a very peculiar nature) that attached onto a dying human tissue to help it return to the mineral state and close the loop of life, a process that we normally call recycling.

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When the wave of life reaches its crest in an organism and its energetic contributions to the ecosystem begin to wane, mother nature is quite impatient and very eager to see it go and new life take its place. That is why we have fungi and insects: they help deconstruct organic structures whose utility has expired or has been compromised and make base components to serve other existing, more viable forms of life . Not a very appealing prospect to our little life-entranced human egos, who would rather hung to a decrepit carcass than give a good kick to the bucket and peacefully checkout. Nobody is really quite that irreplaceable.

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Sorry for sounding cynical but you must be used to my bluntness by now… comm’on, the planet’s population was originally supposed to just replace itself and was never meant to grow in such an exponential manner. We have become six billion eating, drinking, peeing, shitting, polluting motherfudgers who just don’t seem to know when their time is up. When man is not intelligent enough to administer his own affairs, nature steps in and cancers, diseases, epidemics and most natural disasters, are just some of her strategies for herd culling. Lets face it, a decent and humane existence would be impossible on the planet if she didn’t.

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Mike Soussan

Mike Soussan

Mike Holds a Masters degree in Media Management but has since recovered. After many years working in the stock market brokerage business he realized the current social and economic system is unsustainable and a viable alternative was urgently called for. Since then he has worked tireless at creating better options for durable and more humane ways of life and people-scale, earth-centered, technological savvy eco-villages, he thinks, is the way to go.

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