This City Strives To Be Car Free within 20 Years


We live in a very exciting time where technological innovations are improving all of our resources and communication. This is helping us find many different ways to improve. With new sustainable alternatives being discovered every day, cars may go out of style soon in favorable of better, more effective modes of transportation.

Hamburg, a town in Germany, is trying to help push new changes through. The city council of Hamburg wants to push many of the city’s cars away from the main roads within the next 20 years. Their hope is that this will create a greener network. There will be more pedestrian and cycle lanes designed to keep a smooth traffic flow.

In the northernmost part of the city, a plan is underway to start expanding areas that are already green. Parks, cemeteries, and community gardens will eventually be bridged together. The goal is to allow everyone in Hamburg to travel throughout the city on foot.


Upon completion, Hamburg will have over 17,000 acres of green spaces. This will make up about 40 percent of the area’s space.

The plan seems very ambitious. Officials are already speaking highly of the plan and hope that it will reduce the need to travel by car to see the city. Cars and vehicles will still be able to enter the city, although the council expects the majority of people to explore on foot or bike.

One of the area’s biggest concerns is urban flooding and rising temperatures. Making the area greener will help fight these pressing concerns. The city has risen by 9 degrees Celsius on average.

The new additions also hope to improve the quality of life for many people. New green patches will make it easier for residents to swim, hike, enjoy picnics, and experience nature, even in the most developed parts of the city.

All around the world cities are striving to become greener. They are incorporating green designs and methods into their plans to help create a better future. Hamburg is one example that will influence others to follow suit and change their current systems.

The city council is hoping to see a dramatic change in the way of life. By offering areas where people can grow food, be in touch with nature, host recreational activities, and use alternative transportation, residents will see an improved way of life free from transportation.

Credits: “This City Aims to Be “Car Free” in 20 Years”, from, by Amanda Froelich
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