Coca Cola’s Surprising Effects on Your Body


If you enjoy drinking Coca-Cola, you may be surprised to find out exactly what is in the drink and what it can potentially do to your body. In fact, after you are finished reading this article you may decide that you never want to drink Coca-Cola again. Many people have the misconception that because something is offered and is readily available without much regulation, that it is relatively safe to consume. Unfortunately, this is really not the case and the ingredients that are included in Coca-Cola only serve to exemplify how dangerous many of the products that people consider to be safe actually are. While it is true that the ingredients which are contained in Coca-Cola range from relatively harmless to nothing short of frightening, it is also worth noting the effects that drinks like Coca-Cola have on the body.

Understanding the chemicals in Coca-Cola will help you understand why the drink has the effects that it does. One of coca Cola’s most popular products it is Coca-Cola Light, which is marketed as a drink that contains zero caffeine. However, a more in-depth look at the ingredients that are contained in the drink raise a lot of eyebrows, to say the least. For example, it contains carbonated water, sodium benzoate, citric acid, orthophosphoric acid, aspartame, sodium cyclamate, food coloring and assorted aromas. It is important to look at each of these ingredients in order to truly understand what is included in the drink. Of course, the aromas are basically there to make the drink smell good so you will drink it. Furthermore, the citric acid, listed on the ingredients as E330, is a food preservative that is widely used in many products which are available for purchase. Another ingredient on the list, E150D, is merely a food coloring. The other products on the list, however, are worth looking at more in-depth.
You may think that carbonated water is basically harmless. However, the action of carbonating the water is accomplished by adding gases to it. This in turn increases the potential for gas inside the body and it can lead to a number of uncomfortable conditions such as bloating and stomach pain. In severe cases, or if you are especially sensitive, the pain may become so severe that it is debilitating.

Orthophosphoric acid, listed as E338, is one of the drink’s most abundant ingredients. It is also the most infamous. A scary thing about this particular ingredient is that it is so corrosive that it must be trucked in using special containers in order to guard against the containers becoming corroded by this ingredient. It is a frightening prospect to think of putting anything in your body that is so dangerous that it can corrode steel on contact. However, it is a prevalent ingredient in Coca-Cola. Inside the body, it typically prevents the absorption of calcium, leading to bone density problems. This in turn may lead to more serious problems later on such as osteoporosis and even broken bones. It also adversely affects the eyes and even the skin, often causing painful skin rashes that can lead to infections.

Another one of Coca-Cola’s ingredients, sodium benzoate, or E 211, can be potentially dangerous if you happen to have an allergic reaction to aspirin or if you have asthma. It has a tendency to exacerbate these conditions and can make your asthma worse in a matter of seconds. According to Sheffield University in Britain, a study found that has the ability to deactivate human DNA. This is a frightening prospect in its own right. The deactivation of DNA may lead to Parkinson’s disease and other diseases that are associated with it. It can also cause cirrhosis of the liver, a potentially fatal disease.

Coca-Cola Light relies on aspartame in order to get its sweet taste. Known as E951, aspartame is a sugar substitute which actually breaks down into methanol under certain conditions. When aspartame gets hot enough, it actually has the capability of transforming into the gas methanol, which may cause blindness due to irreversible optic nerve damage. While it is unlikely that it could become that hot in a can of Coca-Cola, one thing that does frequently happen in warm drinks is that it actually turns into formaldehyde. This is the same thing that is used to preserve specimens in labs. Formaldehyde inside the human body causes a host of potential medical problems. Some people exhibit hearing and memory loss, blurry vision, joint pain, fatigue, headache, nausea, dizziness and even heart palpitations. Obviously, anyone who is predisposed to any of these conditions may have an exceptionally adverse reaction, especially if Coca-Cola is consumed in large amounts. Other people suffer from anxiety issues or become irritable. Some people even lose consciousness after consuming Coca-Cola. Diseases associated with aspartame consumption include chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Grave’s disease, multiple sclerosis and even brain tumors. That is definitely enough to make you think twice about consuming anything that has aspartame in it.

Finally, the last ingredient is sodium cyclamate, better known as E952. This is an artificial sweetener that was originally banned by the FDA due to evidence that it could cause cancer. However, it was later determined by the World Health Organization that it was safe for human consumption and now appears in Coca-Cola as well as other products. However, the evidence that it has the potential to cause cancer still exists.
Now that you know what is in Coca-Cola, it will help you better understand how it affects the body and why those effects are taking place. Almost immediately after you finish drinking a can of Coca-Cola, you have what amounts to approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar in your body. It takes all this sugar approximately 20 minutes to cause the insulin in your blood to skyrocket as the liver starts changing the sugar into fat. This fat is then stored in your body and unlike fat from food, it is very difficult to get rid of. Approximately 40 minutes after you have consumed a can of regular Coca-Cola, the caffeine is affecting the body to the greatest extent. This causes your blood pressure and your heart rate to go up. You feel more awake, but you are also jittery and you may become irritable. Almost immediately thereafter, a chemical called dopamine is produced in your brain. This is a chemical that is designed to produce a sense of euphoria. It is also basically the same effect that heroin addicts experience when they shoot up. A few minutes later, and approximately 1 hour after you have consumed a can of Coca-Cola, your metabolism rises, but not in a good way. Zinc, magnesium and calcium are bound by the phosphoric acid contained in the brink. This means that your body is largely unable to use anything in the drink that may be helpful. Virtually all of the calcium in your body is then expelled in your urine. After that, you essentially experience the “crash” that comes after consuming large amounts of sugar because any positive effects have gone, leaving you feeling exhausted and mentally dazed.

The news doesn’t end there. Coca-Cola’s supposed “secret” ingredient is a diluted form of cocaine, hence its name. The scary thing is that this product is frequently used to clean engines and remove rust from tools, as well as to wash out blood and other stains. Some police officers even use it to remove blood from roadways after an accident has occurred. Moreover, people in other countries typically use it as a pesticide because it works better than many of the pesticides on the market.

When you consider all of these facts it is extremely easy to understand why many physicians warn against people drinking Coca-Cola or virtually any other soft drink. It is definitely something that you should consider the next time you are craving one of these drinks.


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Hello, my name is Nelly, I am an active blogger of health and consciousness stuff. Being raised as a healthy eater, I try to spread my knowledge with regards to my eating habits through Thought Pursuits.

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  • Darrow_for_the_Prosecution

    DAMN! I’m 68 and on a scale of 1-10 health wise, I’m a 9. Been drinkid this stuff for 60 years. Ain’t dead yet. Now for the BIG question, do I have MORE years in front of me (actuarially) then behind me? I don’t THINK so. Here’s tipping’ a can of Coke to you mates. Ya think those sneaky Snapple people are behind this?

    • BigLeBluffski

      You talk like a 8 year old though, nice try master troll. Also, every human body is different.

      • Darrow_for_the_Prosecution

        Sorry Big LeButt but you ain’t gotta clue as to what a troll is. Hint! Look in the mirror.

        • hayden



        So what do you think exactly your a


      I don’t know :( :)

    • Earthman

      So your the rule for drinking coke?Drop a nail in a can of coke and see if you can find it 2 weeks later?If you can find it.Grade 9 High school science class trick.So much info on the net that says coke is bad for you.Good for you?Bad for every one else.please post just one link saying coke ingestion is a benefit to your body,Just one.

  • kedgimibadhi

    It appears the structure and reaction of human bodies are different. 25 yeras ago I noticed that whenever I took soft drinks I would have a bad feeling in my body like unexplained headaches and a doctor would advise that it stress. It was common whenever I took a Coca cola drink, cold water from a fridge. Later I noticed that I would have problems with anything having a preservative of any kind. I stopped taking any drink that is preserved with any preservative be it milk, juice etc. From then I have never had any body problems I used to have before. In fact a rarely fall sick and my body feels strong and energised all time. Whenever I go for blood tests Doctors usually tell me that I have very good blood “What do you eat”. Did you use to do a lot exercise before?” These are questions they ask me. I don’t take beer either. I only take hot drinks like porridge, Tea, but not coffee. Whenever I take coffee I start feeling dizzy. I take normal temperature water. I drink only freshly squeezed fruit juices, and not preserved in a fridge. I find my body very fresh and I rarely get sick. I can fall sick once in a year and this is around the months of July and August and it is always MALARIA.

    I am always observant about what I am eating. This has been through some passed experience.

    • KuroYukia

      Sounds like your body had a bad side effect to the preservatives. It’s cool that you found out what it was and stopped drinking/eating it, but not everyone has access to organic or fresh foods/drink. Though it also sounds like with the coffee you have a sensitivity to caffeine as well. Fresh squeezed juices has more viet c which helped with the Malaria issues by the sound of it, though I’ve lived in the south and never had it before.

    • Tabitha Ezra

      I am only a year old in this new experience and yet my health is superbly amazing…. I’m nolonger taking Red meat, Sugar, or any soft drink…..Instead, I’m taking enough Water, and a lot of fresh fruits.
      At times we die from lack of knowledge…..I now thank God who gave me the strength to cut these foods out of my diet. It has only been a year and yet I haven’t been down due to sickness not even cold or mild headache….. I do mind what goes into my mouth. #MyHealthMyChoice.

  • KuroYukia

    Oh please, cocaine was in the ORIGINAL medicinal formula. Also this is almost all about diet soda, with maybe one or two ingredients that have the potential to be harmful if all you drink is soda.

    • Gino Muto

      Diet soda is worse idiot it clogs your body with caramel then it turns it to fat

      • KuroYukia

        One, don’t call people idiot, it shows immaturity and its rude. secondly I was talking about the artificial sugars that can cause serious and harmful side affects

        • hayden

          um shut up and coke is bad either way

          • KuroYukia

            A month later and some newb is telling me to shut up? Also no duh of course coke is bad for you thanks for the expert comment. Least you didn’t call me an idiot.

          • david the fag

            wow newb? holy shiit sherlock teach me about soft drinks because you totally have the knowledge of a doctor studying this is whole life!! No this isn’t some freaking leveling up game so get off your high horse faggit

          • KuroYukia

            Year later and youre still retarded…. also how do you know I’m not a doctor? and once again name calling really mature there kid, grow up before replying again please

          • david the fag

            biitch please and calling people retarded is mature? You make fun of yourself little f4ggot

        • david the fag

          mate your name is kuroyukia how is that mature

          • KuroYukia

            Also, they invented the block button sooo later kid,

          • david the fag

            u mad ahahahaha

  • Hulio

    So if Coke a cola is so harmful to our bodies why doesn’t the government in their wisdom ban this like they are everything else except cigaretts. Pure bull shit if you ask me.

    • Sebdee28

      I think it’s probably people with predispositions, read what I posted above, it’s no joke man.

    • Tabitha Ezra

      Maybe if you knew the kind of people who runs this company you would understand why the government can’t dare ban it.

    • thesby

      a very easy answer, it would cost people their jobs who work at cola cola which are in the thousands! cola cola is one of our nation’s economy top work forces! ha, ha, ha…ha! he, he, he…he!

    • Leigh Slavenia

      you assume gov has control over corporation and food supply. corporations/food co. and big pharm/med companies run things. Gov. is part of the problem (i.e. puppet). FDA is b.s. They let corp./pharm companies do their own ‘tests’ on products/foods/meds (i.e tests are rigged!)…govt does not do any independent testing. No one who knows truth would ever try to shut down a big food or pharm company by saying “omg….this is so bad for us!’. BIg corp. and billionaires run things in this country…NOT govt. Until you learn this, you will be slave to the system in place where PROFITS rule, not YOUR HEALTH or health of individual. Even doctors/hospitals/insurance companies don’t WANT you to be healthy….you would take away from their profits if so! We all subscribe to a system that WANTS us to be unhealthy…but not dead. Unhealthy means….prescriptions, continued bad diets/food supply, hospitals/doctors.







  • Sebdee28

    The article is bang on, I was absolutely exhausted for 10 years, dizzy, joint pain..etc. Like something was sucking the life out of me. I have been drinking coke and diet coke since my childhood 25 years ago and never thought it would be so detrimental to my health.
    Landed in the ER a few times, not knowing what date it was.. Passed in every possible medical scan devices, all to say I was in perfect health.

    I stopped drinking all colas and caffeine about 6 months ago and I’m now feeling like I’m reborn.. I’m not kidding you.. No more brain fog, exhaustion, join pain…etc. I can go to the gym 5-6 times a week and feel great now.

    I think at one point 10 years ago my body said, that’s it, I dont want this crap in me anymore.
    The thing is, I tried to stop a gazzilion time, with the mother of all headaches for days, cravings.. I always got back to it.. Dangerous stuff.

    Anyways, hope this helps someone..

    • Tabitha Ezra

      I’m sure it is going to help someone. Thank you for sharing your story God bless you.

  • Tabitha Ezra

    Thank you Kelly, keep sharing God bless you.

  • Rishabh Garg

    Not only coke, all the softdrinks in market are “Well Packaged Poison” !!

    Not only Coke, Mirinda, Dew, Pepsi & almost every Soft Drink has more than 20 teaspoon of sugar.
    Must watch this video before you gulp down next sip of that well branded poison.

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