Colbie Caillat Encourages You To Show Up Without Make-Up.


Colbie Caillat has always been dead set against the trend of airbrushing models and she abhors being photoshopped, so typical of the bold and brash singer she has decided to take a well-publicised stand against this in her own special way.

Caillat has released a make-up free video recently and it is not the first time the singer-songwriter has pulled such a stunt in her work. The single “Try” is the video in question and the singer is making a strong statement about what she thinks about photoshopping. It is clear that she is not a fan.

Prepare to become empowered girls. The”Try” single is all about being yourself and accepting how you look and realising that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Caillat released the lyric video for the single back in June, which also encompassed make-up free selfies of herself and an assortment of other famous faces including Sheryl Crow. She sourced inspiration for the song after launching a tirade to Kenneth”Baby face” Edmonds about the trials and tribulations she has faced whilst employed in the industry. “They wanted to make me dress a little sexier and kind of change the artist I was”, Caillat Said. She also went on to say that Edmonds and other songwriters told her that she should just be herself.

Caillat really took their words on board and this is clear to see in this video. It opens by showing women from all ages and backgrounds (including the singer herself) adorned with wigs and fake eyelashes. As the video goes on these props are discarded to show the women’s natural beauty.

The mole on Caillat’s forehead was never seen in videos, proudly shows it off with a zoom-in of her face. She rounds things off by telling the audience that they should always like themselves.

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