Could Cold Fusion Be The Breakthrough For Clean Energy That Will Change Our World?


Cold Fusion has been developed over the years and is a type of nuclear reaction that can become active at room temperatures. The reaction was originally understood only as a theoretical occurrence, but has recently become seen as something that may hold the future for the development of clean energy. Many scientists have been studying this form of energy and the results that it produces when hydrogen reacts with various metals. These metals can include Palladium and Nickel.

However, many critics are unsure as to whether this can actually work.

What makes the concept of Cold Fusion as an energy source a controversial one is the fact that it will have the power to end the energy industry. This includes the elimination of oil, which is currently a huge industry for energy and is extremely important in the development of the modern world.

Although some believe Cold Fusion to be a kind of conspiracy, it is in fact a topic of much debate, that is currently being investigated by many people around the world. There are hundreds of people from over 12 different countries that are currently contributing documents to a website that can be found at
many individuals, such as myself are currently very interested in the subject. However, the implications of Cold Fusion as a real and positive thing in the world does certainly seem very plausible.

Two scientists known as Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons have proposed a demonstration that can successfully show whether Cold Fusion is possible(1). An MIT professor known as Peter Hagelstein agrees that the demonstration is controversial and explains his reasoning in a lecture. The demonstration proposes that there may be a new set of physical rules in the world that allows us to produce clean nuclear energy. It is for this reason why Cold Energy can be seen as such a revolutionary discovery. However, when scientists tried to replicate the experiments they were unable to. Even the originators of the demonstration, Fleischmann and Pons were not able to recreate it. This means that the theory is still considered as pseudoscience.

A Physics scientist known as Professor Yoshiaki has also claimed that he can demonstrate the existence of Cold Energy. Working from his base at Osaka University in Japan, the scientist carried out the experiment in front of sixty individuals who ranged from fellow scientists to reporters and critics. Two more scientists from the country of Italy also tried to showcase Cold Fusion at the University of Bologna. Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi claimed to have created a device that could produce 12,400 watts of heat with an input running into the device of only 400 watts of power. The list of scientists trying to create Cold Fusion goes on and on.

It has become very clear that if Cold Fusion did exist, it would easily change the way in which we lived on a day to day basis. If it is not yet accessible to us, then it is only a matter of time before scientists discover it and change the world.

One experiment that has proved interesting within the development of this subject comes from Dr Eugene Mallove. With a BS degree and a MS degree in the subjects of aeronautical and astronautical engineering from MIT, as well as a Doctorate in Environmental health sciences, achieved at Harvard University, Mallove had his first breakthrough concerning Cold Fusion in the year of 1989. Whilst working at the Hughes Research Laboratories, he became an important figure in the field of new energy and began to bring attention to a number of new ways in which one could change the world and subsequently bring down many big corporations.

Dr Eugene Mallove did not get to finish his research with Cold Fusion and was killed on the 14th of May in 2004. Considered to be one of the most respected figures within the development of new energy, Dr Eugene Mallove was getting closer to a new world.

Must listen video if you are interested in cold fusion.

Other important things to look at when researching the topic of Cold Fusion is that of the Invention secrecy act of 1951. This act imposes a selection of secrecy orders on information that the government consider to be sensitive and dangerous. Many inventions are put under these secrecy orders and the list continues to grow. This list is not currently available and has also been denied under the freedom of information act. You can see it (here)

There are however lists that date back to the early 1970s that list devices for Solar Photovoltaic generators that were being reviewed at the time. These conservation systems for storing energy were also restricted if they were able to offer conversion of energy efficiencies that were between seventy percent and eighty percent.

When considering the impact that Cold Fusion may have, it becomes apparent how basic the modern way of creating energy has become. It is important to question the suppression of these inventions and ask who is actually benefiting from them.

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