The Difference Between 11 Things


seroflo generic phenergan phenergan 100/50 for sale phenergan without prescription 1- Knowledge And Wisdom?
Knowledge is scooping the water of truth with the bucket of ignorance. Wisdom is realizing that the bucket has holes, and that the water is from an ocean and not a pool.

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2- Harmony And Melody?
Harmony is to melody what a cube is to a square, same base structure, different dimensions.

3- Deduction, Induction and Abduction?
Deduction is reasoning from the larger to the smaller or from the general to the particular. Induction is reasoning from the smaller to the larger or from the particular to the general. Abduction (and the best method) is reasoning laterally from similarity to similarity or by considering similar relationships and patterns.

4- Number And Quantity?
Number is for counting and its precise. Quantity is for measurement and can only be approximate.

5- Soul, Spirit And Body?
Soul is what gets kidnapped when spirit is distracted. Body usually pays the heavy ransom.

buy amoxil online, amoxicillin chewable iniea, amoxicillin chewable tablets dosage. 6- Religion, Atheism And Spirituality?
Religion sustains that there is a god. Atheism proposes that there is no god. Spirituality hints that all is god.

7- Joy And Happiness?
Joy is the known emotional state of boundless glee and ineffable satisfaction. Happiness, instead, is an ideology, or a vain human attempt at fixing in space what is in essence, a dynamic and shifting time quality.

8- Chronological Time, Zeitgeist Time And Reality?
Imagine you are a pastry chef and you are gingerly working on a new voluptuous and tasty creamy confection. Zeitgeist time is the recipe where ingredients are listed out of sequence and is missing the end part. Reality is the cake that you want to eat and have too. Chronological time is where you watch the whole drama unfold.

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9- Illusion And Delusion?
Illusion is the reality of an existence composed of two equally opposite natures, one seen and the other unseen, with the latter being the source and the former the image. Delusion is not knowing which is which.

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10- Eros Love And Agape Love?
Imagine you are a painter and you are portraying two lovers locked in passionate embrace and engaged in affectionate and sensual romance. Eros love is the prickly and warm sensations that those two feel for each other. Agape love is you with your art, the couple with its tenderness and the whole painted canvas with its enchanting beauty.

11- Innocence And Naivety?
Innocence is finding the bejeweled and so much coveted treasure trove of “everything is possible”. Naivety is putting an ad on the Pirate’s Sentinel and telling that you did.

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Mike Soussan

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