Doug Coulter Is Frightened By Energy Companies


As stated in a prior article, electricity is the secret to obtaining world democracy and freedom.

“It is common knowledge that wars are frequently fought over resources such as oil or other energy bases. Electricity can be used to pull water from the atmosphere, which in turn is used to plant and water crops. This makes electricity the most valuable resource for survival.

Most all of mankind’s needs can be fulfilled if there is enough electricity.

The centralized energy that most of us are currently using threatens a free society. It can be affected by any number of variables such as price fluctuations or grids that are either shut down or damaged by natural disasters. From this we can conclude that the move toward localized energy production is also a move towards security, democracy and freedom. Independent energy production is the forgoer to an Independent free society. Another benefit of increased renewable energy use is less pollution and cleaner air. We have every reason to endorse this fascinating change.”

In that article we demonstrated what some countries are doing in order to make the switch to sustainable energies, such as solar power. Since then, in a remote home workshop in Virginia, known as the “box full of creative chaos”, a more fascinating development has cropped up.

Floyd, Virginia resident, Doug Coulter, resides in the woods within a libertarian commune. There, he spends a great deal of time inventing in his workshop.

In regards to the world’s electricity supply, Doug’s latest invention could change everything. According to Doug, if his invention works it will anger businesses that earn several trillion dollars per year.

The businesses that Doug is referring to are Big Oil, gas and electric companies.

Doug says he is close to cracking nuclear fusion, something that has confounded scientists for decades. Doug gathered most of his research from his open source forum, which he runs for engineers and scientists. He claims that when his nuclear fusion reactor is finished, it also will be open source, providing everyone everywhere access to the technology. You can see what Doug is doing for yourself in this video:

Credits: themindunleashed

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