The Era of Burning Fossil Fuels Has Come to an End.


As you might have heard, a short while ago, in Germany, electricity cost decreased to zero for one hour, and even dropped below zero just before going back into the positive numbers. More recently, in Queensland, the wholesale cost of electricity dropped below zero for several consecutive days. This is due to the increased usage of renewable energies, such as solar power.

Currently, there are 350,000 buildings, just in Queensland, with built-in solar panels, creating 1,100 megawatts of energy per day. These panels supply power to both homes and business during peak hours. Once upon a time, old-fashioned fossil burning power plants made the majority of their profits during regular business hours. However, that is all changing.

Although coal burning plants used to generate most of the world’s power, it is now becoming increasingly difficult for them to earn a profit.

Thanks to cleaner and less expensive options, such as wind and solar, Australian power plants have not earned any profits within the last few years.

The solar panel industry, which used to be inefficient and expensive, has improved in efficiency and cost effectiveness within the past few years. This has made the choice to switch to solar power even more inviting to thrifty consumers. In Australia, regular electricity is so expensive that flocks of people are turning to alternative energy.

It is predicted that there will be a 600% increase in the use of solar energy over the next ten years, and 75% or more of all buildings in Australia will be solar powered by 2023.

A good number of natural gas and coal power plants will have to either shut down, or seek help from their governments, within the next ten years due to increased use of alternative and solar energy, which will drive energy cost to unsurpassed lows.

Great News for World Freedom

It is common knowledge that wars are frequently fought over resources such as oil or other energy bases. Electricity can be used to pull water from the atmosphere, which in turn is used to plant and water crops. This makes electricity the most valuable resource for survival.

Most all of mankind’s needs can be fulfilled if there is enough electricity.

The centralized energy that most of us are currently using threatens a free society. It can be affected by any number of variables such as price fluctuations or grids that are either shut down or damaged by natural disasters. From this we can conclude that the move toward localized energy production is also a move towards security, democracy and freedom. Independent energy production is the forgoer to an Independent free society. Another benefit of increased renewable energy use is less pollution and cleaner air. We have every reason to endorse this fascinating change.

Credits: energywisepa


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