The Extensive and Endless Benefits of Napping For The Mind


In our society indulging in a mid-day nap is considered a treat. While some areas of the world literally integrate naps into their daily routines, Americans tend to be of the mind that daily napping is a lazy waste of time, unless you are sick, an infant, or aging. Regardlaess, there are some facts about napping you should know that are not only good for you, but will eliminate your nap taking guilt.

You see, throughout any given day and the activities we particpate in during that day, we slowly but steadily deplete our bodies of energy providing nutrients, and this results in tiredness and fatigue, making it difficult to get through your resposibilities in top form. scientifically. studied have shown naps as long as a mere 10-15 minutes can re-energize and increse productivity throughout the remainder of the day, providing your body with that boost it needs.

Currently, there is a growing trend consisting of large name copanies providing their employees with opportunities to nap and rejuvenate. Google is one such company, and swears by the program’s effectiveness.

The University of Colorado at Boulder showed clear proof that children who do not partake of nap time on regular basis are generally less happy and energetic. They also tend to be less effective in their own successful education. Studies invoving adults have obviously shown the same results, strengthening the argument for a short nap during the course of the day, young or old or in-between.

Studies conducted on this topic at Berkeley have actually resulted in finding which support taking a full one hour nap daily. These studies have shown an undeniabe increase in intellect speed, response, and productivity. Sharpness of mind is dramatically increased.

With all the benefits mentioned taken into consideration the question is not whether we should or should not nap, rather, the question is how long should our nap be?

In reality, for gaining clarity, energy, and a sense of refreshment, the “power nap”, a simple 10-20 minute trip to dreamland, is not only most productive but efficient as well. Most scientists and researchers will agree: too much napping perpetuates grogginess. Even a 30 minute doze may induce laziness. At a virile, heathy age, anything over a half hour may be too much.

Make sure to get in that mini-nap if you need it. A power snooze is healthy and conducive to consistency throught the day. Go online for more information today.

Source: “Napping Can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More,” from, by Elizabeth Renter
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Jason Bounda

Jason Bounda

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