Jesus and the Woman Who Committed Adultery: A Short Story


Some people brought a woman to Jesus and they said, “She has committed adultery, so she has to be killed. And this has been the law — to kill her with stones, by throwing stones at her.”

Jesus said, “The law is true, but only those persons can throw stones at her who have not committed adultery ever — not even in the mind. So come forward only those persons who have not committed adultery, actually or in imagination.”

The crowd had stones; they were standing ready to kill her. But now people started dispersing because there was no one who had not committed adultery in the mind.

Finally, Jesus and the woman were left. The crowd had dispersed. The woman said, “I have done wrong! I am guilty, punish me.”

But Jesus said, “Who am I to punish you? Who am I to punish you or condemn you? It is between you and your God.”

Source: The Supreme Doctrine, by Osho

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