The Large Hadron Collider


A hadron collider is a very powerful particle accelerator. The largest complex is found at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland, and there are others, one big one in Long Island, New york, in the United States. It consists of a couple dozen miles of pipes containing superconducting magnets, thru which particles are propulsed at luminal velocities. The goal is to see what happens when you crush superatomic particles at speeds near that of light, as to reveal the real nature of the atom by shuttering it into pieces and exposing its basest contents.

I am personally an inveterate proponent of courageous and adventurous research but this, in my opinion, is quite a dangerous proposition. Despite the many and well documented reassuring statements of the scientists involved in these projects, I am still very skeptical about their safety and I will even venture to suggest that these have absolutely no clue about the full potential ramifications of these experiments. What if they succeed in performing one of this collisions with particles whose potential they do not fully understand and they end up unleashing energy chain reactions of big-bang proportions. Next time, when you browse Google Earth on satellite view and you notice a big hole where Switzerland or New York used to be located, you will know why. Surely, the occasional sneaky terrorist with his dirty bomb suitcase will then become the least of our concerns, that is for sure.

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Mike Soussan

Mike Soussan

Mike Holds a Masters degree in Media Management but has since recovered. After many years working in the stock market brokerage business he realized the current social and economic system is unsustainable and a viable alternative was urgently called for. Since then he has worked tireless at creating better options for durable and more humane ways of life and people-scale, earth-centered, technological savvy eco-villages, he thinks, is the way to go.

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