The Most Amazing View Of Our Galaxy You Have Ever Seen


You see above the largest picture ever of the sky night with it’s true-colors. It is captured by trekking 60,000 miles across the western United States and South Africa starting in March 2010.

It is composed of 37,000 separate photographs.

I am really amazed of this beautifully complex universe, when I look at the sky each night I walk home, I feel BIG, so BIG!

Check out the massive zoomable high-definition version of the photo here.


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Jason Bounda

Jason Bounda

My name is Jason Bounda, and what can I say; I created TP a year ago and have been heavily at it since. I love inspiring others to find joy and make changes in their lives. Hands down the only other thing I am this passionate about is meditation. Feel free to email me at Join me on Google+

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