Living Without Expectations: The Secret To Freedom And Ultimate Happiness


Living a life without expectations is an liberating experience. Expectations create fear because they cause you to have certain ideals about your desires and outcomes. Without expectations, you are free to follow your desires. You will not fear that your desires may not happen, and you don’t worry about the outcomes.

When you focus on a certain outcome, you begin to expect things. When things do not go as expected or planned, you may start to lose hope and become disappointed. It is better to ignore expectations and act purely on your intentions. Accept that anything can happen at any time. Understand that whenever things happen, or how they happen, they will always have a positive effect on your future.

Fear, doubt and worry are the last things you want to experience when pursuing your dreams. It is best to become detached and allow your desires and heart to guide you. Don’t judge your actions; accept them and benefit from them. Don’t worry about getting the right result or obtaining a certain outcome; as long as your actions serve a purpose, you have done what you were meant to do.

The universe will help you fulfill your true desire and potential, which may cause you to think that everything is not working out as they should. You only have this view of life and your dreams because of your expectations for the future. You are not looking at the whole picture or scheme of things, where everything is working the way it should.

Expectation changes your perception, often for the worse. It prevents you from things the way they really are. It will cause you to see something as bad that is really good. You don’t see how things are really happening when you expect them to happen a certain way. Without expectations, you are able to freely accept love and truth.

Expectations causes us tofeel discouraged and hopeless, because we except certain things to happen. When we see that things are not going as planned, we start to believe our actions are in vain and give up. We are unaware that everything will past, and that we have a bright future ahead of us.

Without expectations, we no longer need hope. We do not need to wish for something to happen; everything good will come to us. No matter what the outcome turns out to be, expect that God is good and God never fails.

You have to live life as a little child, having no cares or expectations. You must do what brings you joy and allows you to express yourself fearlessly at every moment. You must completely accept yourself and what is happening without judgement. Trust that you are always provided for and there is nothing that is to stop you from attaining your goals. You are free to live fully in the moment without worrying about the future.

You will experience more freedom when you live without expectations. Failure will not stop you anymore because it no longer exists. You can continue doing what you believe in because you are not expecting a certain outcome but are expressing the truth that is in you. You will be able to let go of anything negative and nothing will hold you back from going on the direction of your desires

Without expectations, you are letting the Lord decide the outcome. You can always experience more from not having any expectations than from having expectations and outcomes because God is able to do above and beyond everything you could ask for or think of. Leave the outcome in God’s hands and know that he will allow good things to happen when you least expect them.

When you live without expectations, you only expect that God will lead you on the path to good and your desires will be completely fulfilled. You can then have full confidence in yourself and your personal goals. You will be able to relax and fully accept that anything can happen at any time. Do not hold expectations or certain outcomes, but place faith that your dreams will fully manifest themselves the way you want them to.

Source: “Manifest Desires Freely by Having No Expectations,” from
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Jason Bounda

Jason Bounda

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    Hi , yes it is true when we expect something and
    it doesn’t happen we feel bad and get frustration which is not good for
    health. Good idea with no expectations.

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