What Are The Meaning of Numbers


All manifest phenomena are never isolated events by single entities, but the result of the relationship between two or more cosmic aspects and their dynamic engagement in multi-dimensional space. For example concepts like beauty, virtue and truth can be expressed as the relationship of geometric, behavioral and ideological inflections to their surrounding environment, group and culture respectively.

Before these relationships are apprehended by the thinking mind and translated into language, they are first internalized at deeper levels of consciousness as geometric and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportions (in two or more dimensions), that are plotted in mental space as graphic geometric forms that are then subjectified, reflected on the mirror of personality, past experience and one’s own internal dictionary, and then assigned a quality or quantity thru words and numbers. While “word”, represented in the Logos, is what connects form to substance, “number”, represented in the Mythos, is what links form to its context , and “the body”, represented in the Eros, as the outcome of this alchemical marriage . The wider your mental space is, the bigger your field of projection and the more expansive, comprehensive and multi-dimensional your understanding is, the more accurate your representation of the world will be.

Some Insights About Numbers:

One: is for unity and oneness, the beginnings, the source, the door, the initial point,

  • Form: Line
  • Alchemical: Space or Eather, Lapis philosophalis, Garden of eden
  • Chemical: Hydrogen/lead
  • Mythological: Ares, Jehovah
  • Geometry: 360°/360 = 1 = Concurrence and direct interaction
  • Planet: Saturn

Two: is for division and separation, duality and polarity, also pairing and resonance,

  • Transcends: Intent, idea, imagination
  • Form: Triangle, square and circle
  • Alchemical: Space and Time, Yin and Yang
  • Chemical: Oxygen, Helium/Copper
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  • Mythological: Krishna and Kali, Good and Evil, Angel and Demon
  • Geometry: 360°/180 = 2 = Opposite position
  • Planet: Venus

Three: is for reunion and reconciliation, binding, joining and interaction. The three chemical states, alkaloid, acidoid and salt; the Christian trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the Orpheic trinity, Chaos, Gaia and Eros; the Indian trinity, Krishna, Kali and Shiva, the Platonic three parts of the soul, appetitive, spirited and rational; The Hegelian trinity, thesis, antithesis and synthesis; Kants three reasons, pure, practical and judgment; Joyce’s three stages of esthetics, arrest, fascination and enchantment; Pythagoras three stages of politics, monarchy, oligarchy and democracy; Watt’s three world views, machine, organism and drama.

  • Transcends: Opposites
  • Form: Cube, sphere, pyramid
  • Alchemical: Yin, Yang and Tao, good, evil and grace
  • Chemical: Lithium/Tin
  • Mythological: Hermes, Sophia
  • Geometry: 360°/120 = 3 = Triangulating of process, solving conflict between opposites, the vesica pisces: the interaction, influence or overlapping of two realities
  • Planet: Jupiter
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Four: is for goal and direction, the four elements (earth, water, air and fire), the four elements of the DNA codon ( cytosine – thymine – adenine – guanine), the four most common elements in living organisms (nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen), the four ages of man (childhood, youth, manly and old age) the four seasons of the calendar year, the four ages of the great year (iron, bronze, silver and golden), the four cardinal points, time (the fourth dimension), the four measures (length, width, height and depth), the four illusions of Maya (matter, time, space and vibration), the four powers of Satan (grasping, aggression, doubt and delusion), the four temptations of the Buddha (power, money, sex and fame), the four spiral arms of the galaxy, the four arms of the cross (redemptive suffering) and four horsemen of the apocalypse,

  • Transcends: Form
  • Alchemical: Tetragammaton
  • Chemical: Beryllium/Quicksilver
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  • Mythological: Hera, the four virgins (Athena, Artemis, Hecate and Aphrodite), Jesus
  • Geometry: 360°/90 = 4 = Squaring of process, necessity of meaning and direction
  • Planet: Mercury

Five: is for Adaptation to the chaos of the seen world thru the senses. There are five senses, five fingers and five toes to man (and most other mammals, amphibians and reptiles), five elements (water, air, fire, earth and aether), five tastes (sweet, bitter, salty, sour and brothy), five continents, five directions in Aztec tradition (north, south, east, west and center), five platonic solids (tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron), five lines to a musical staff, five books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy), five books of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and The Acts), five wounds of Christ, the five qualities of Apollo, the five faces of Shiva, the five prayer times and five pillars of Islam, etc..

  • Transcends: Norm and rule
  • Alchemical: Pentagram
  • Chemical: Boron/Iron
  • Mythological: Athena
  • Geometry: 360/72 = 5 = pentagon, beyond the square (outside the box, representing freedom)
  • Planetary: Mars

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Six: is for conquest and achievement thru Intuition, going beyond the 4 cardinal points (up and down, higher and deeper), six days of creation, six feet of insects, six sides to a beehive, six tastes in ayurveda (sweet, bitter, salty, sour, pungeant and astringent), six phases of influenza, six strings to a guitar, six holes to a saxophone, six faces to the dice, six faces of Hanuman.

  • Transcends: The senses
  • Alchemical: Six Pointed Star of David
  • Chemical: Carbon/Silver
  • Mythological: Zeus
  • Geometry: 360°/60 = 6 = Hexagon, human creativity and the establishment of new orders, new ideological and cultural structures, new paradigms. The hexagonal cells of bees hold the honey, the hexagonal vaults of culture hold the precious distillate of human ideas and creativity.
  • Planet: Moon

Seven: is for consolidation thru order and meaning. There are seven days of the week, on the seventh day God rested, there are seven heavens, seven ancient wonders of the world, seven naked-eye visible stellar bodies (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), seven seas, seven chakras, seven cervical vertebrae, seven types of viruses, seven virtues, seven sages of many cultural traditions, seven deadly sins, seven gates of the underworld, seven branches of a jewish menorah, seven valleys of Bahai tradition, seven musical notes, seven glands, seven colors of the rainbow, seven basic physical units (metre, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, mole, candela), seven hills of Rome, seven liberal arts (grammar, rhetoric, logic, geometry, arithmetic, music and astronomy),

  • Transcends: Group culture, morals, ideology, world views
  • Alchemical: The astrologer’s seven pointed star or acute heptagram
  • Chemical: Nitrogen/Gold
  • Mythological: Prometheus
  • Geometry: 360/51.4 = 7 = Heptagon, the in-between form, the gap generation, Initial inspiration, momentum for change and consequent resistance to change by established culture.
  • Planet: Sun

Eight:is for dissolution and deconstruction, chaos becomes order, infinity becomessingularity, physics becomes metaphysics, particle becomes wave, universal becomes relative, relative becomes quantic, modern becomes archaic, it is goining beyond meaning and structure and the never-ending cycles of birth, death and renewal. Eight has the same shape as the symbol for infinity; one eighth or the octave is the basic harmonic ratio in music theory; eight hertz is the lowest frequency and the highest intensity of the Schumann Resonance, called by some the hearbeat of Gaia; eight is the numbe of buddhas depicted in most mandalas; eight squared is 64, and number 64 appears in mathematics and physics’ equations everytime there is a translation from implicate (non-dimensional or information) to explicate (multi-dimensional or objects and events) order elements: there is a 64 tetrahedron grid in the geometry of a vacuum (what is known as vector dynamics); in fractalmathematics a finite-length sequence will give the impression of an infinitely long sinusoidal sequence if its frequency is 8 cycles by 64 samples; 64 is also the number of “flavors” of time (each cycle of the unfolding spiral shaped phi function of historic time is 1/64th the size of the cycle that preceeded it); in biology (1) a cell will generally divide into undifferentiated cells (from zygote to blastocyst) until the 64th division when it becomes specialized tissue with its enclosing membrane; 64 is also the number of DNA codons, the number of hexagrams combinations of the I Ching, the number of squares in a chess board and the number of cards in most Tarot decks. In Hindu tradition, there are 64  order baclofen online > buy cheap lioresal without prescription – f :: portal : buy cheap baclofen online – no prescription. tantras, 64 forms of Shiva, 64 aspects to the supreme goddess and 64 petals in the Medecine Buddha Mandala.

  • Transcends: The self and the ego
  • Alchemical: infinity within (biology) and infinity without (astrology)
  • Chemical: Oxygen
  • Mythological: Dionysus
  • Geometry: 360°/45 = 8 = Octagon, alteration of consciousness, intoxication, dissolution of the ego, identification with nature and the infinite cosmos.

Nine: is for final fall and new beginnings, the transcendental ending, the winding-down of the spiral, the conclusion of a cycle and the preparation for a new age or dispensation. Nine is the last number in the first cycle of vedic mathematics,the nine planets of the solar system, the nine months of human gestation, the nine openings of the human body, the nine circles of Dante’s hell, the nine layers of the Mayan underworld, the nine Greek muses and the nine billow maidens of Norse mythology, the nine Greco-Roman gods, the nine archetypes of God, the nine human personalities, types, the nine points of the Ennead star, the nine levels of Aztec and Mayans pyramids, the nine slots of the magic square, the sum of numbers in magic number 432 (has to do with harmonics and cosmic time cycles), nine is the sum of number 25,920 -the number of years in a complete cycle of the twelve zodiacal signs-, nine is the sum of number 86,400 – the numbers of heart beats per day-.

  • Transcends: Chronological end, finality and conclusion
  • Alchemical: Uroborus
  • Chemical: Fluorine
  • Mythological: Aphrodite
  • Geometry: 360/40 = 9 = Nonagon, infinity meets infinity, love wins over fear, caterpillar becomes butterfly, the homo-sapiens becomes Man.

Other Mathematical concepts

  • Irrational Numbers:
    An irrational number expresses the concept that our higher dimensional faculties can’t always necessarily be expressed in lower order dimensional terms
  • Exponential
    A number to a power n expresses the concept of negative aspects interacting with positive aspects bringing forth a manifest reality.
  • Square Root
    A square root of a number expresses the search for the original numinous aspects of a given actual, manifest reality, and the relationship and proportion between heavenly vertical and earthly horizontal characteristics.
  • Imaginary Numbers:
    Imaginary numbers (square root of minus 1) express the concept that imagination and intuition is needed to solve rational, down-to-earth problems.

Notes: (1) Notice that the human cell and the geometry the vaccum/infinity share the same fundamental structure: 64 codon in the DNA of the cell, passing by the 64 necessary cell divisions from zygote to blastocyst stage, and 64 tetrahydron grid vecto-dynamics of the quantum vacuum. Nothing more eloquent to illustrate the fractal nature of the universe.

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