You Might Know Matt Damon, But This Will Blow Your Mind


Matt Damon isn’t asking you to start a revolution, but when you hear this, you might anyway. If you don’t love what you’re hearing after the first 29 seconds, jump to 3:45 for a nugget of truth that every American can stand behind.





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  • Whiskey Rye Bread

    Amen, Matt. Amen.

  • Conscientia Foras

    This is nice, but I can’t help but feel it was completely acted. I mean
    everytime he looked down to read his ‘notes’ he would then often jump
    into his hand movements like they weren’t attached to what he was saying
    but more attached to what he was reading, for me personally I just
    think words and messages like these would have been on his mind for a
    long time and not necessarliy in the form of a perfect speech, just more
    in a ryhtmic flow, like it was the truth to him and not something that
    had just been printed off 5 minutes before the show…

    • D’net

      You realize this is a speech from another man, right? Howard Zinn.

      • Conscientia Foras

        Well no, I did not. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I’ve just looked him up and he seems like an inspirational light for your country and indeed the rest of the world. He has many, many books, do you have any favourites you can recommend me? I’d love to read more of his words :)

    • Dawn

      Agree D’net, first off Damon is an actor. He was reading a speech he was very passionate about. He put his efforts in conveying his passion for the subject to the audience just as he does his movie roles. This was very moving and when I share it to my facebook page, I have friends who think the government (especially our current leader) can do no wrong and they will not like what they hear but I encouraged them to listen with an open mind anyway.

      • Conscientia Foras

        Yes, believe me I am for the large part quite aware of the current state of the global systems we have in place, or at least I can admit I am not really at all which in a paradoxical fashion would still make me far more aware than most. My main concern here is that how someone can go from making movies in the absurdity (and in an underlying sense, horribly negative), we label the film industry, to now portray some sort of revolutionist for the people as he rakes in millions a year, for acting… I guess I’m just wary is all, as D’net kindly informed me that it wasn’t even a speech he wrote, making it less convincing to me personally anyway. Seems more like a “hey look at me, you like my movies and now you like what I’m saying here i’m going to rally you all up, and then make another movie, and then do nothing” – just another distraction from the truth. Howeverr if it is that he is genuinely speaking these words as if he truly means them and as an intention of extrapolating those words into emulated actions then I truly apologize and am fully on his side :)

    • jochen

      Wow, now that you say it; I i didn’t even realize that! I guess I was too distracted and inspired by the content. I’ll work on getting my priorities straight!

    • Maryanne Sibley

      Ok, I’m not sure how many of you have ever public spoken before… but even those who are used to “working” in front of crowds find it very difficult. I once had to perform as MC at a graduation and also gave a speech as Maid of Honor at a wedding, I hadn’t been so nervous in all of my life… and I’m a teacher, I stand in front of people all the time speaking, lecturing, giving notes, and answering questions. Had it not been for my “notes” that I read, even though I had practiced several times, I would never have gotten through them because in front of people, my mind went numb. It happens and I fully believe that it happens to actors and actresses too, despite the red carpet and movie crews in their daily lives.

  • gtbike

    What a joke a man with a net worth of $65 Million tells us that we are not being disobedient enough and EVERY one of his movies is aligned with the liberal expectations of Hollywood?

    It was liberals who praised Stalin, Che Guevara, Marxism etc… it is liberals who just changed inconvenient senate rules so they can further subvert the constitution to be able to have appointees who can support those who teach children that a PBJ is racist, that guns are all bad except when the regime uses them to subdue the masses, that lunches made at home require a doctor’s note.

    As for allocation of wealth Mr. Damon try getting all of your actor/director cohorts to start this rolling. Why not each of you rich actors pledge to donate $1 Million per year to programs that will clothe, feed and house the poor then we’ll know you are serious as opposed to just acting and speaking like a chicken hawk (that’s a person who spurs others on to fight the fights on the ground while they direct the poor into losing their lives)

    Yeah we’ll all be anxiously waiting as you consider this from your private jet.

    • Jason

      Although I somewhat agree with your take on some celebrities, I think attacking Matt Damon specifically is a poor choice on your part. I think you’ll find some information to contest your statements in the first link:

      • gtbike

        Lending a name to many charitable causes is not the same as actually letting go of your millions to make those causes work. He’s pretty active I know yipee kay yay. I disagree with him on more things than just this. His ideas about oil while using private jets for example. Or advocating for public schools while sending his own to private ones etc…

        Also he’s simply re-reading a speech from a 70’s radical not actually saying something he wrote.

        @Simon I don’t know why you thought I was advocating giving homes and burgers to the homeless but I wasn’t. The greatness of his acting? Again he was just reading someone else’s words like all actors do for their money.

        As for “nothing easier than to criticize” yeah do they have mirrors in your town?

        Think for yourselves is our issue really too much obedience or too much selfishness? Are your elected officials being obedient to you who is their employer? Or are they getting rich and powerful off the BS they feed us to believe they really care? Just like a wealthy actor? You believe they care because they say they do.

    • Simon

      You don’t solve problems by giving a homeless man a burger or even a home. The next day he won’t have any burger left or any money to pay his bills. Ideally, you’d rather give him a jobs list or an opportunity to catch up any education.
      What Mr. Damon pledges for is education. Today, the laziness of the people is a huge problem. Lazy people let the state dictate them the way they should think and the medias tell them lots of interesting things to make small talk about. What all of us need to do is not to let us guide through life, but more to question things. For that we have to educate ourselves; school, books, interaction and more are part of it, but certainly not the 10’o’clock show.

      There’s nothing easier than than to criticize.
      Behind your computer you criticize one of the greatest actors of our century who has not only shown great acting qualities but who’s also one those who’s actually got more qualities than just his abs.
      I guess you’re just jealous. You don’t see his 65millions on this video, there’s no bling bling and he got out there in between a concert (I guess) to pledge for his point of view and for education.

  • Mark Clarke

    The content is certainly worth considering. However this is an actor reading a script, another man’s speech. It would have been much more convincing if he had bothered to memorize it rather than read it. He is an actor after all and that is part of his skill set.

    I’m sure Matt would be horrified if his reading incited millions of people to carry out a violent revolution that harmed and or killed innocent multitudes, in acts of civil disobedience. To achieved what? To change one status quo to an all too familiar other status quo? Isn’t that what is going on in too many areas of the globe now?

    To quote Pete Townshend from the Who song (Won’t Get Fooled Again), “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” To quote the Beatles or John Lennon from their song (Revolution) “You better free your mind instead”. If we do free or minds then we won’t get fooled again.

    • Conscientia Foras

      Exactly, also I love the last part of your comment. I also believe that it is simply a battle of within all of our own minds and the biggest key to winning it in this case is knowledge and willpower. We vote with our money, politicans don’t control anything it’s just a pantomime for the poor (which compared to the actual rich – top 0.1-.05%,EVERYONE is poor) at the moment and the people have the power to overthrow their government at any time if they are no longer working for the benefit of the people. It’s as simple as that. We have numbers large enough to crush any army merely by our combined weight if their was to be any unlawful resistance to our collective deision, (even though the armies are mostly built up of the people anyway, well I mean you can’t expect those that create these wars to send their own children away to die for usually very little reason do you?) and so if we want to change anything we simply have to stop buying into the illusion of their reality, their illusion of history, this illusion of debt, illusion of freedom (try do ANYTHING against the common conformaty, then you’ll see freedom) stop buying the nutrionally poor food, stop buying anything, imported or not, that is not made sustainably and of good quality, stop watching the mind numbing, uninspiring little flashing box in the corner of the room that glorifies the most stupid, gullable and superficial morons of all societies, stop working for companies that offer wages below an income for a GOOD
      life in terms of money (for America alone back in the 1970s the minimum
      wage would equate to $30,748 for todays! but instead it is not even half of that) no matter the job as long as they work hard and fair, stop buying little square houses that all look the same and are plainly nnegatve for the environment and created to be very expensive, inefficient, dependant and hard to maintain house or tiny overpriced apartments in overcrowded, overpolluted cities and spread out into the thousands of miles of unoccupied spaces and build houses made from more natural sources, which despite the myth are usually very beautiful, warm, sustainable, independant, tough and not simply some wooden shack lol and put some of those trillions we spend every year on blowing each other up?? into the development of hundreds of organic, sustainable farms, and hospitals that use actual proven and alot more medicine closer to nature, and a zero carbon transport system (would be relatively easy to implament, watch The Venus Project by Jacque Fresco for an example if you’re interested :)), just whilst we spend the rest of the money and alot of time on fully correcting our mindless consumerism by cleaning and restoring and positively transforming the planet after these past few centuries of terror against nature. We have more than capable technologies or at the every least a massive excess of potential for infact the entire world if we took war and greed out of it, and simply focused on the progression of the human race and the planet as a whole – as f*ing crazy as that idea is right?… I know you didn’t necessarily ask for any of that but I got rambling haha :) peace

      • Mark Clarke

        I think you’re very passionate about the subject and if that was rambling then thanks for that ramble. I read every word of it and there is nothing there I could disagree with. Thanks for referring me to The Venus Project by Jacque Fresco, I’ll certainly have a look at that. Peace and much environmentally sustainable abundance to you :-)

        • Conscientia Foras

          Yes, it most definately is one the subjects I am most passionate about, I’m glad it showed :). Haha rambling indeed, I scarcely have the effort to reveal in great detail my ideas for them to usually fall on deaf ears, so I try to keep it as short as can for the most part! You’ve been quite refreshing though! You’re welcome :), have you had chance to have a look yet? Thanks! As to you brother :), namaste!

    • Tyler Aken

      To clarify, civil disobedience does not involve violence, hence “civil”. “Civil disobedience – the refusal to obey certain laws or governmental demands for the purpose of influencing legislation or government policy, characterized by the employment of such nonviolent techniques as boycotting, picketing, and nonpayment of taxes.” No violence.

      • Mark Clarke

        I’m glad you clarified that as according to Wikipedia “Civil disobedience is commonly, though not always,[1][2] defined as being nonviolent resistance.” Unfortunately no matter how peaceful the intention is, peace is not always the consequence.

  • Kenneth Shostad


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