‘Mushrooms of Immortality’: An Ancient Medicine for Modern Diseases


The Reishi mushroom which is also referred to as the Mushroom of Immortality is originally from China. Archaeologist have found evidence that these mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes for over 7000 years. These mushrooms were once used to treat common illnesses and diseases. The appearance of the Reishi mushroom can vary depending on the location in which it grows. Some are red while others have narrow stalks with less color variations.

Since these mushrooms have a bitter woody taste they are most commonly used as an extract. There are many healthy benefits available in the extract form. The health benefits from these mushrooms have been used to treat high blood pressure, nervous system issues, diabetes, and weight loss. It has also been currently introduced through research that these mushrooms may treat and prevent certain cancers.

Research that was conducted at the Bellarmine University has found that the saponins and polysaccharides in these mushrooms can reduce the cancerous cells that are present in the lungs. While another study that was conducted at the MARA Institute of Technology in Malaysia has stated that these mushrooms also boost the immune system and help fight against certain types of cancer. For those being treated with radiation and chemotherapy these Reishi mushrooms can also reduce the side effects that are commonly experienced while receiving treatment.

Another study that was conducted at the Peking University in Beijing has found that the mushroom lowers blood sugar levels while protecting the kidneys from complications due too diabetes. Depending on the type of cancer it is recommended to take six 500 mg capsules of the extract per day to help with the treatment. Fortunately the Reishi mushrooms have survived as part of the natural medicine found in Traditional Chinese Medicine and can still be used to today.

Credits: NaturalSociety

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