What You Need To Know About Mental Diseases


We can think of the brain as that extraordinary computation machine, tirelessly capturing sensible information from the environment and beyond, and translating it back to the self in comprehensible ways, a process which makes us the well-adapted, conscious and sentient beings that we think we are. But we can also perceive the brain as a filtering device, a buffer so to speak, whose main function is to modulate the avalanche of ambient data and gradually release that flow into our consciousness in ways that are not compromising to our nervous circuitry or overwhelming to our natural processing abilities. When cracks appear in this complex sieving mechanism for genetic or other reasons, and this very necessary mental holding dam gives way, our psychic space is inundated with a staggering flux of material, from this and other-dimensional provenance, we become overpowered and subsequently we start exhibiting behaviors that are generally categorized as abnormal or incongruent with the consensus gentium, a widely accepted notion of sane and normal human conduct.

I do not need to emphasize the reality that the cauliflower shaped, two-sided and rippled lump of stuff floating inside our cranium, still remains our most uncharted territory and that most of what happens within it and comes out of it is as mysterious and obscure as ever. But the gravest sacrilege we commit when approaching the altar of the most high mind, is to fail to remove the soiled shoes of a hopelessly arrogant belief that we know what normal is. Did you know that what differentiates the visionary and exalted madness of a highly esteemed tribal shaman and the fragmented delusions of a mental-board committed schizophrenic is that the former is socially sanctioned and has relative control over his state and the latter is shunned and is practically swept in the wake of his tormenting hallucinations. The same altered states, just different cultural attitudes and different outcomes. My hope is that we will be more understanding and compassionate towards individuals whose behaviors and utterances may fall outside accepted norms or lie beyond the fence of widely accepted social paradigms. In cases of obvious mental sickness we should absolutely provide adequate treatment and therapy, particularly if there is danger to self or others, but that at the same time we be discerning enough to consider the possibility that thru the gaping rift of these anguished and split souls, God may find a convenient wedge thru which to push a timely message or impart a needed lesson, and this has happened more than once in our history. It is a proven fact, God often finds a much better interlocutor in our madness than he does in our sanity.

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