A New Magnificent Device That Generates Electricity While Walking Was Invented By A 15 Year Old Boy



Angelo Casimiro, a 15 year old boy from the Philippines recently made an amazing invention that makes energy while you walk. This invention has made international news. It is an insole for the shoe that stores the energy created by taking a step. Angelo used piezoelectric materials that create alternating current voltage when they get squeezed to create the device.

Angelo also has a blog in which he says that “this form of piezoelectricity was created in the middle of the 18th center. It is an electric charge that builds up in some materials that are solid. Examples are some ceramics and crystals. When mechanical stress is applied to these substances, you have energy in an electric form.

This idea has been four years in the making for Angelo. Now, he feels that his invention has been basically perfected, and he wants to share it with others around the world. He entered it into Google’s Science Fair and is a regional finalist in the fair.

Angelo thinks the invention can be used to charge electronic devices like cell phones. It’s been a huge innovation because millions of people still lose charge of their phones and other devices while they are out and about. Angelo also wants others to join in on the inventing so he is making plans to make the invention open sourced. He hopes it can be applied to other situations or improved.

Although the invention operates fully, Angelo says that it’s not ready to be mass distributed yet.

Credits: true activist

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