Now You Should Burn Those Bras, Wellness Warriors!


During my weekly trip to the grocery store, I entered the store and found myself in a sea of pink. All around me there was pink: pink flower bouquets, pink flowers with pink balloons, pink flowers with ribbons. Pink, pink, everywhere.

Then it dawned on me that it was October, and October is Breast Cancer awareness month. I hear about it a lot on various media outlets, but have never seen this much pink – outside of a girly baby shower – anywhere before. I find it a bit too much really. Is this going to grow like Thanksgiving and the turkey, or like Christmas and Santa?

These thoughts got me to thinking about boobs, mine and other women’s. Some women have small boobs, while others are well endowed. We all have them.Years ago I went back to basics and decided to not wear a bra any longer. It might seem like blasphemy in this modern society, but I assure you that it is the best decision I ever made. Something wonderful happens when you become a radical wellness warrior: over time you open your eyes to ideas that you might once have laughed at. There was a time I thought I had to wear a bra to please others. Now, I please myself, and, in the process, have achieved better health.I ask women everywhere to join me in going bra-less. Below are three facts that might help explain what I am talking about and help persuade you to join me:

1. The Benefits of Gravity

Wearing a bra will not keep your breasts from sagging, nor do your breasts get any benefit from being held up all day long. Breasts will sag if that is how you are built. However, breasts that never feel a bra’s discomfort may be less likely to sag. Wearing a bra may actually prevent supporting tissues from growing. Normal breasts should not fall without a bra, they should begin to tighten and lift, while the quality of the skin greatly improves. Roughly 42% of women feel some discomfort for a few months after shedding their bras. Going bra-less does not hurt, and there is no reason to not go about your daily living, including participating in any and all sports.

2. Bras Block Energy

Women everywhere will often admit that their bra is the first thing they remove when they get home from work. We can all remember well that feeling of relief that washes over us when we remove this one small article of clothing. That bra was blocking your energy all day. Under-wire bras are even worse: the metal in them blocks the energy from flowing in 4 energy meridians – the kidney,stomach, liver and spleen. Don’t wear under-wire bras and expose yourself to energy drain from metal compounds. We already overload our systems with metals from cell phones, body piercings and our daily dose of computer time.

3. Health Issues

In the book, Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, there is a section that states that women who wear their bra for 18-24 hours a day have a 100 times greater chance of getting breast cancer than women who go completely bra-less. Bras create constant outside pressure that compresses and constricts the lymphatic movement in the chest area. Lymphatic movement is necessary to flush out toxins and debris within the breast tissues. Wearing a bra impedes this flow, and when it is almost a constant thing, the tissues become toxic.We wear clothes to reflect who we are and how we feel. We choose those materials, colors and textures that make us happy. We should be choosy about our undergarments, also. We can all agree that some people think cleavage is sexy, and lately more seems to be even better. However, society is not yet ready for bra-less women to bare all for all to see.It is hard to fight what society thinks is “normal” when it comes to undergarments. Women in the Western world have been brainwashed into believing that wearing a bra is a must.

Change is happening, and it will keep happening as long as women are on this Earth.Holistic wellness naturopaths have offered these suggestions to help you alleviate any of the pains of wearing a bra – if you feel you must:

* Buy a bra that has a loose fit. Tight bras cut off energy. Remove the bra when you are at home.

* Don’t buy under-wire bras. They will block even more energy, causing even more health problems.

* Wear a bigger bra during your menstrual cycle. Estrogen causes tissues to hold fluids, and breast swelling will make your regular bra tight.

* Try to sleep completely naked, or wear a stretchy type t-shirt. Never wear a bra to bed.

* Massage your breasts a couple times each weeks.

To keep the lymphatic system moving, don’t forget to massage the underarm area and the chest area below your bra line.”Bra burning” might be a greatly exaggerated experience, but it does tell the tale of women of the 1970s who decided “enough was enough” and threw those bras in the fire.I say, “Good for them!” Personally, I think we all should take a few hints from indigenous tribes such as the Samburu women in Kenya (I am Kenyan, so allow me my little bit of bias.). These women flaunt their perky boobs all day and they look good while they do so. There is no shame in naked boobs or bra-less boobs.

Source: “Burn Those Bras, Wellness Warriors!”, from, by Kobe Kenzo
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