One Of The Coolest Ways This Toronto Restaurant Is Unique With.


“Signs” restaurant, located in the center of downtown Toronto, may not look so unique on the outside from all of the other restaurant options in this amazing city of more than two million people. But go inside, and you immediately see the uniqueness that Signs has to offer.

The waiting staff at Signs restaurant are all completely deaf. The restaurant is still completely full service. Patrons can practice and learn more about sign language by using the menu, which has instructions for how to show basic communication requests. Hopefully, patrons can learn these commands and use them with each other after using them to communicate their order at the restaurant. Guests are reminded that communication is a gift that we often take for granted. It helps hearing people to learn a different language and allows them to communicate better with the large community of deaf people in the world.

It does not matter if we are born blind, deaf or with any other impairments. Everyone is equal. Signs Restaurant is a symbol of this, and we can see the equality more easily when we partake in communications practices that are offered by Signs. A wonderful news story shows the full experience and the history of Signs:

Again, Signs is wonderful because it offers more opportunities for learning about the deaf community. Locations like Signs change societal viewpoints that force certain limitations on certain groups of people. Going to Signs allows us to think outside the box and be more open to possibility.

I plan on going to Signs Restaurant very soon, because I live only slightly north of Toronto. This is a very busy venue with tons of patrons each day, so I’ll need to make my reservations soon if I want to go. In the video, you can see that this is the first deaf-staffed restaurant in Canada, but it’s sure that there are other unique experiences that can be seen throughout Canada in the form of stores and other restaurants that offer a glimpse at life with a disability. If you have any suggestions for places like these, please share them in the comments section, and we will spread the word!

Credit: Collective Evolution

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