A Person Predicted The Dollar Crisis 50 Years Ago [Video]


He talked about it 50 years ago… And this is why the dollar, America and all the world economies are in so much trouble right now…

Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle was a French general and statesman who led the Free French Forces during World War II. He later founded the French Fifth Republic in 1958 and served as its first president from 1959 to 1969.

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I would rather invest in farming and seeds than gold… but that is me

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Mike Soussan

Mike Soussan

Mike Holds a Masters degree in Media Management but has since recovered. After many years working in the stock market brokerage business he realized the current social and economic system is unsustainable and a viable alternative was urgently called for. Since then he has worked tireless at creating better options for durable and more humane ways of life and people-scale, earth-centered, technological savvy eco-villages, he thinks, is the way to go.

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