Playing Video Games Can Improve Your Cognitive Functions.


Recently, the PLOS ONE journal published the results of a study that found a link between the thickness of certain parts of the brain and the time spent playing those addicting video games that have taken the world by storm since their debut.

Video games are extremely popular among young people but keep captivating people of different age groups. However, for the longest time, there has been some concern about the violent graphics that appear in some video games. But like everything else, everything in life has its pros and cons—it all depends on what game you choose to play and how you decide to react to it.

Studies have shown that individuals who frequently play strategic video games can enhance memory, visual skills,and reasoning. There are indeed a lot of studies that have proven the cognitive benefits that an individual can obtain from playing video games, but what’s going on in the brain? This is a very important question that made a team of researchers conduct a study to find a possible answer to this question. They scanned the brains of 152 14 year old teenagers, of both sexes, with magnetic resonance imaging to estimate cortical thickness.

The researchers didn’t find any cortical thinning in their study, but they did find a connection between the video game hours these teenagers reported and the cortical thickness of the left frontal eye fields (FEFs) and the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC). The DLPFC of the brain is the one that is used when it comes to strategic planning and decision making, while the FEFs take care of allocating visuo-spatial attention and eye movement.
In this study, the genre of the games weren’t taken into account; therefore, further research might be needed in order to know the benefits that each video game genre can have on the brain.


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