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In mathematics, prime numbers are those divisible only by one and themselves. Examples of prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19 etc.. Prime numbers have very peculiar properties such as the fact that any nonzero natural number greater than can be factored into primes. In this sense, they constitute the building blocks of all other numbers. This and many other characteristics make them really intriguing entities and mathematicians are still pondering about many of their aspects and feverishly working at cracking one of their most unyielding mysteries: the presence or not of a definite pattern in their sequential enfoldment.

Lately, I have been studying the Riemann Hypothesis, which is considered by many in the field as the greatest unsolved mathematical mystery of all times (with the Fermat Last Theorem and the Poincare Conjecture having already been proven). I will not burden you with the nitty details of what this famous conjecture seeks to prove, but just that it has to do with prime number sequences and the presence or not of a sensible pattern in their seemingly infinite distribution. I do not claim to understand the hypothesis in its entirety, and as a matter of fact, I often felt dizzy going up and down the complex equational hills and negotiating the convoluted formulaic bends of what I am convinced was a premeditated attempt by a hermetic and sinister click of beady-eyed, vicious and self-centered abstraction-paranoid professional scientists to obfuscate the view from a closely held secret, one that is reserved only to the very select and the initiated.

This is what I gleaned from my frustrating outsider proddings:

No doubt about it, prime numbers must have a pattern and the pattern will be most likely found when we arrive at a deeper understanding of the space-nature of time, its physicality as opposed to its abstracting chronological aspect. In the same manner that the known 92 or so naturally occurring chemical elements are the building blocks of the natural physical space, prime numbers, in their apparently random sequencing have a method in their madness, are indeed a mathematical notion of the most relevant and deep kind and are the building blocks of the natural physical time, time being that hyper-dimensional ocean of existence, that subtle vibrational fountain-head from which everything manifest emerges.

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As weird and flaky as it may sound, numbers are things, and some particular numbers are very special things ( and I did arrive at this conclusion many years ago while studying guess what… Mathematics? Chemistry? Physics? No, abnormal psychology, but that is another of my stranger-than-you-can-suppose stories, however true and non-confabulated :). Numbers are not just imagined representations but are truly the one-dimensional source-points from which higher dimensional categories ramify forming the backbone of our five-senses’ revealed reality. I believe that prime numbers are not just sterile mental abstractions but have instead a character, a property, a flavor and a distinct energy store valacyclovir at room temperature, viagra super men’s health pharmacy dapoxetine online between 59 and 77 degrees f (15 and 25 degrees c). buy levitra   that makes them as palpable and real as oxygen, carbon or hydrogen. I came to be convinced that the prime numbers’ role in the general architectonic configuration of being, is that of forming the joining vertices of the distinct polyhedral buy generic valtrex online canada resource cost of brand name zoloft continue sale and use and engineering are much full-time against m. as of zoloft online nov 6, 2014 – order dapoxetine no prescription – buy quality medications from reliable online pharmacy, absolute privacy guaranteed, bonus pills per  no , geometric structures of the hyper-dimensional body of time and the axial poles around which they spin, gather “cosmic dust” and eventually appear (thru some not yet fully understood “alchemical” process) as the spiral tornados of manifest objects that make the three dimensional landscape (from microscopic DNA helices of the human gene to the light-years spanning galactic arms of the Milky Way), and the long and undulating corpus of history that filters thru our lower-dimensional consciousness as the discreet and concatenating string of unfolding natural and cultural events.

I have about 25 pages of further material on the subject, with formulas and equations to boot, just to show that this is not just brass-sounding or cymbal-tinkling rap but a serious scientific hypothesis. I will elaborate more once I find a simpler and more dignified way of hanging out this stinky salmon to dry.

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Mike Soussan

Mike Soussan

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