How To Properly Evaluate A Theory


Researchers who discover a new idea or method, or just sustain its validity or universality, become personally and professionally vested on their unique positions. Thus, uncompromising intransigence (which often erupts in acrimonious defensiveness) is to be expected in regards to critical and detracting views, which are conveniently dismissed as heretical, no matter how plausible and fact-based they may be. Many an illustrious luminary went to the grave insisting, with unmitigated certainty, that his was the right judgment even when solid proof was provided to the contrary. I can also account for a slew of instances where famous scientists manipulated their findings to fit a pre-held theory.

My own personal approach is to thoroughly study both sides of the argument and sculpt my own synthesis from the available data, always considering the possibility that both seemingly conflicting inferences and contradictory conclusions can very happily coexist in the same observed phenomenon. This is called paradoxical thinking, or the notion of holding two diametrically opposed concepts in your mind and still retain the ability to function. Apparently, most scientists and philosophers are incapable of such feat of mental prestidigitation. In fact, the essential truth of any event in the universe is found not on one fixed pole or the other of a wave’s local and timely manifest character, but in the overall, complex dynamics of its unfolding.

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Mike Soussan

Mike Soussan

Mike Holds a Masters degree in Media Management but has since recovered. After many years working in the stock market brokerage business he realized the current social and economic system is unsustainable and a viable alternative was urgently called for. Since then he has worked tireless at creating better options for durable and more humane ways of life and people-scale, earth-centered, technological savvy eco-villages, he thinks, is the way to go.

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  • John

    This shows a complete lack of understanding of scientific enquiry and method. Good Science is characterised by a complete aversion towards conclusions. It operates in a continuing environment of assessment and re-evaluation. What you are describing probably relates more to religions, and religious bickering, based on something entirely unproven, where no one has any interest in the value of evidence.
    Literally, nonsense.

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