How To Raise Earth-Friendly Child


Today’s children are detached from the environment by technology. Whether it be the TV, video games, or computers, a child forgets how to connect with nature. Many parents forget how important it is to teach children about their role with the earth and how to protect it for future generations. One can help children understand how to be earth conscious.

Set An Example:

It is a fact that children learn by watching their caregivers. First, turn off the TV. Children’s programs are riddled with commercial advertising to buy and crave products that are wasteful and harmful. Learn how to care for and protect the earth.

Recycle and Reuse:

Show your children how important it is to recycle our trash. Children enjoy creativity projects that challenge. Ask your children to find items to replace disposable ones. Try using old toilet paper rolls by taping the ends closed, and filling them with rice to make a musical instrument. Express to your children the importance of reusing and recycling.


There is nothing more fun for a child, than to watch a tiny seed grow into a plant. As they watch the plant grow, they are reminded of how all things work together to survive. Children enjoy spending time in the garden. If you don’t have room for a garden, you can easily use small pots inside the home. Children will be impressed by their flowers, or vegetables growing in a pot. They are more likely to eat what they grew as well.

Spend Time Outdoors:

Children are not hard to please, a simple picnic at the park, a walk in nature or maybe the beach. When you show your child the beauty of nature, they will be more conscious of the earth and more likely to protect it, rather than destroy it.

Respect Animals:

The easy connection between us and the animal kingdom is amazing and mysterious. A child can learn so much about compassion and responsibility from animals. They learn to care for and respect other living things just by being with animals.

Get Dirty:

Allow your children to play outside, walk barefoot and get dirty. There is a direct connection between the Earth’s natural, clean energy and living, vibrant health in humans.

Community Clean up:

Encourage your children to help in cleaning the environment. It can be as simple as picking up trash along the creek or planting a garden on a vacant lot. When a child helps to clean up the environment around them, they can see themselves become part of the solution, and take pride in their efforts.

You don’t have to own land or have solar panels to teach your child about the earth. You can do little things, like using cloth bags for groceries instead of plastic, or cloth napkins instead of paper. Try to set goals that will improve nature around you. Start small, every plastic bottle or aluminum can recycled is one less for the landfill. You can make a difference.

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