The Return Of The Goddess


Remembrance of days of yore
when wisdom was gotten from a spore
oh the woman of antiquity and lore
she was goddess then was called whore
her likeness from temples we tore
we raised Apollo, Zeus and Thor
to them our allegiance swore
and after Homer sung in measured roar
and the fishermen asked for more
history became nothing but madness and war
stained with blood and filled with gore
but until her divinity restore
And the power of the cruel letter abhor
we will live lost, we will live poor
and that is for sure

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Why is she returning? The goddess or the mercurial, alkaloid, feminine principle, symbolizes volatility and passivity. When espoused to the sulfuric, acidoid, masculine principle, God, which symbolizes solidity and activity, and catalyzed by a third principle, which is neither masculine nor feminine but androgynous in quality -which I call the Angel, Christ or Celibate Principle-, produces a reaction that brings forth the fixative salt of creation. Welcome to Alchemy 101. Now, when the god principle, or male qualities, are emphasized, like in our modern western civilization, you see an excess of activity and stuff. When the goddess principles are emphasized you see less activity and less stuff but more importance is given to internal processes like feeling, art and spirituality. The fact that the goddess is resurging in culture today is a telling sign that the universe has had enough of “things” and is intent now at deconstructing and streamlining. This coming age is going to be the age of the body, what is within it and not what is outside of it. So those of you who may have big -materially- creative projects in mind, you may want to reconsider, because it has become obvious that we need less witty creating and much more judicious deconstructing.

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Mike Soussan

Mike Soussan

Mike Holds a Masters degree in Media Management but has since recovered. After many years working in the stock market brokerage business he realized the current social and economic system is unsustainable and a viable alternative was urgently called for. Since then he has worked tireless at creating better options for durable and more humane ways of life and people-scale, earth-centered, technological savvy eco-villages, he thinks, is the way to go.

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