The Meaning of Sacred Plants


The answer is found in sacred geometry and the true nature of language.

Sacred Plants And Sacred Geometry

Language is not the universe’s preferred means of communication. Its intricacies are just too subtle for human language to express :) The  top quality medications. viagra and dapoxetine online . instant shipping, viagra sale online canada. cosmos speaks not with the dead scribbles of the alphabet but with the living lines and curves of sacred geometry, and this is why life’s true essence cannot possibly be rationally beheld. Why is astrology, for example, so pervasive even if we do not completely understand it and no one has ever been able to explain its importance in a degree of clarity that can be apprehended? Because astrology speaks in geometry: the configurations of the stars and planets, their locations within constellations and their well choreographed orbits around their axial suns, are primarily geometric arrangements that have meaning, and the soul, the primordial mind, digs that. When a geometric form is impressed upon the human soul it creates feeling, and emotion and direct experience – unmediated by the thinking brain -. If you ever wondered “what is this all about”, this is it. Intuition is what we usually call this kind of intelligence. That is what alchemists, astrologers, seers and prophets of all ages have tried to convey in a convoluted and projected form, not because they were trying to keep a deer secret from the ignorant plebe (well, that too), but because it was practically impossible to render truths of that kind in simple prose. That is why they had to resort to quatrains and measured verse, the closest thing to the geometrical, harmonious idiom of the cosmos.

Cannabis, henbane, belladonna, ayahuasca, peyote, datura, stropheria cubensis, amanita muscaria, salvia divinorum, etc.. (plants that are neither stimulants nor depressant, have been tried and proven for thousands of years by peoples all around the world, and do not cause addiction) contain chemical compounds -that we categorized as psychoactive- whose atomic and molecular structures are characterized by very unique geometries, architectures and configurations that apparently are congruent with the most fundamental aspects of who we really are. The sense of transcendence, the enthrallment, the high, the euphoria, the ecstasy and the intoxication one receives when partaking of these substances are a very natural reaction, one of deep and unfathomable empathy, similar to the one we sense when we are exposed to a beautifully featured face, a finely cut diamond, an exquisitely rendered oil painting, a magnificently designed building, an awe-inspiring monument, a well choreographed dance or a sweet melodious song, just in a more intense manner. Beauty and harmony have to do with happy, relative -geometric- proportions and so are sacred plants, the only difference is that with plants, the “transformative encounter” happens in the deep recesses of the body, and the body, my friend, is where all happens.

What About Hallucinations? Or where does the script, actors and props of this apparently illusional phantasmagoria come from? I believe the forces at play are the same as with astrology when the ancient humans gazed at the stars and gleaned aspects and configurations in the indeterminate heavens and saw heroes, gods and mythical animals, then spoke of incredible tales that reflected the essence of the human relationship to the rest of creation and his fantastic odyssey on earth, that no literary, philosophical or scientific account could ever do. The difference is that with sacred plants, instead of looking at the immense, star sprinkled vault above, we look at the equally immense, deep and mysterious oceanic expanse within. Was it the great Arab poet Bin Alarabi that said “God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the plant, stirs in the animal and awakens in man”?

Notes: If you need some further study on the subject, research the subject ofchoromo-acoustics, whose premise is that we perceive the manifestations of vibratory rates inter-sensorally: we sense the lowest rates olfactorally and tactilely, the somewhat higher rates acoustically, and the much higher rates visually. Fascinating stuff.

Sacred Plants And Language

Human language is usually in the form of speech. Plant language is usually in the form of chemicals. The toxic compounds in these plants, those that determine their psychoactive properties, are  estrace online , buy estrace online , estrace coupon, estrace coupons, estrace journals as this one and the ” annales de estrace cream coupon gynecologic  more than defense mechanisms, they are language. Putting molecules together is no different from putting words together and fulfill the same purpose of communicating something to your interior or surrounding environment, and the general rules of order, concordance, congruence and harmony that govern human language syntax find a parallel in the chemical world of the vegetal kingdom

Poisons are the plant’s way of telling an unwanted animal or insect to go for a hike. It can’t talk, can’t yell and can’ run but it can make chemical substances that can unequivocally express its intentions. Now the question is, why a mechanism that was intended to kill, dim and neutralize happens to be capable to heal, enlighten and revitalize? As a matter of fact, a certain dose of a “toxic” plant can fell you and send you back to the mineral state :(, and another dose give you a high that will make you feel like Apollo on mount Olympus or the oracle of Delphi: ). That is mainly due to the dual nature of all phenomena: death and ecstasy, madness and sanity, confusing and inspiring, dissonance and harmony, sickening and healing, darkening and enlightening,are opposite poles of the same rod buy generic amoxil ( amoxicillin ). can you buy dapoxetine over the counter in the us no prescription medicine buy dapoxetine online buy advair diskus 250/50 sale retail cost of advair diskus generic fluticasone generic dapoxetine without prescription cheap  buy amoxil online . amoxil or amoxicilin is very popular antibiotic. it is using against various bacterial infection, including  . Getting one or the other is just a question of what side of the stick you are holding.

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