Scientists Develop Mind-Reading Device That Can Convert Thoughts Into Words


Many people would love to have the ability to read minds. Neuroscientists have developed a device that is about to turn thoughts into world. They discovered that the device is aimed to listen and decipher thought by comparing brain waves and inner speech. The device will link specific brain waves patterns with silent speech that is going on in the mind.

This group of neuroscience researchers is lead by Brian Paisley and Robert Knight who are professors at the University of California-Berkeley. They have developed technology that is able to turn electric brain waves into words. In the future scientists are hoping to develop specific brain implant devices that will allow people in comas or with severe speech problems to communicate with those around them. This technology is also being developed for people with speech impairments due to a stroke or other health conditions.

The advancement to mind reading came from the study of the brain while a person was having a dream or nightmare. The auditory cortex of the brain is being studies. There is the area where sounds are translated into noises that a person can understand. The brain waves of 15 people were studies while they were hearing several different talks. A computer was used to sort of acoustic and electric impulses in the brain. The computer also was used to find out what sound frequencies and words the brain best responded to. These words were then linked with brain signals. This is the first step in scientists being able to read minds.

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