The Secret To Overcome Your Problems


Hello everyone, whether you are a spiritual connoisseur a self help junkie or someone who just wants a different perspective chances are, use love, the ideas of self improvement! But why this self-improvement not works? I am here to tell you why!

The reason is that so many self-help techniques put you at war with yourself they pit one aspect of you against another aspect yourself, to wage war with yourself is to promote self-hate.


When we suppress our emotions, which all of us must do at one point or another, in our early lives,

Those suppressed emotions become a part of our personality, another way of saying this is our problems become part of our personality, and as soon as they become a part of our personality, they become part of our identity, you see them as yourself and resisting any aspect of yourself, is asking for emotional disaster, is self hate, regard to support the resistant of something positive within yourself or negative within yourself, it is self-hate, and therefore it is self destruction, so what is the solution? The solution is exaltation, Exaltation is an old alchemy concept, it means to take something and to transform it into the highest spiritual aspect of itself, so for example for the old alchemists, the highest form of metal is gold.

If we want to live better lives where we’re not continually made unhappy by our negative personality traits, we must first recognize those negative personality traits, and find a way to accept them and approve of this traits and then, find a way to amplify those traits, by allowing those traits to express themselves in their highest manner,  in alignment with the highest and best use of those very sale traits, we must exalt those very negative traits, but we think our negative into the positive use of those negative traits.

Here is an example of Exaltation:

Let’s say I felt unloved this child must punished for trying to get the love I needed, I may have suppress those feelings of resentment and powerlessness, over the years powerlessness and resentment has become part of my personality, it is cost me to exhibit certain behaviors, it is cost me to be an energy vampire, because I m not allowed to ask for the things I need, I manipulate people so I can get the energy I want from them, this personality trait is so much part of me that one could say it’s part of my personality, I cannot overcome this problem and I cannot eradicate for my personality, it is part of who I am now, so my only choice is to take that negative personality trait and make that same personality trait to something positive, because I am an energy vampire, I am a master at manipulating energy, I could become the brilliant energy worker, I have the capability of consciously pulling in negative energy and transmitting it inside my body, so I can feed off the illness and discord in energy, rather than stealing life force from people’s bodies.

Energy Healing I can manipulate energy to heal people, also as an energy vampire, I am a mass treatment chess, I play mind games as people. So the highest aspect of that trait is to play mind games with people that benefit them, I could become a brilliant counselor or psychologist, I could outsmart people’s egos and help them to see things about themselves that they’re totally unaware of.

Have you ever noticed that you can’t overcome your problems not matter how hard you try? It’s because you can’t overcome something that is part of you, to try to overcome that is a part of you, is resistance to part of you, it is an internal war, as soon as you identify with something, that something is you, and you can’t be against that something without now be against yourself, if you want to talk to very upset of self-help, you can talk about waging war with yourself, there is no greater example of waging war with yourself than trying to overcome one of your problems, or personality traits. Negative traits which are a part of your can never be eradicated from you, they can only be transformed into their highest aspect, so describe yourself:

What problems do you have?

What do you feel are the negative parts of your personality?

Be very honest about the traits that you don’t like about yourself, then I want you to spend some time thinking about the highest exalted state of those same very negative behaviors or personality traits could be, I and Dark, perhaps the exalted form of being dark, is that a brilliant shadow worker, I am a seasoned veteran when it comes to exploring the subconscious and the parts of people, that people fear, the part they are trying to avoid, so I can allow people to use me as a guide to exploring the darker aspects of their consciousness, I can allow them to take the light of consciousness into the shadows that they’re afraid of going into, and especially afraid of going into alone.

Also dark energy is powerfully captivating, because it frightens people, so instead of trying to become lighter and lighter I can embrace that dark energy and allow myself to captivate people’s attention and break them out and not me, maybe I am anxious, the exalted form of being anxious could  be that I am sensitive, I am sensitive to the energies around me,  I could be a talented interior decorator because I can feel the way that energy moves around the room, I am sensitive to the placement of objects and the influence that colors have on our emotions, I could design homes for people that made me feel exactly how they want to feel on coming home, maybe I am a bully, bullies push people, the exalted form of being a bully could be that I push people to be their best, I embrace my forceful energy and use in situations where people could benefit by that force,  such as when someone need specially strong encouragement, bullies establish dominance within a social group the exalted version of this is leadership, I embrace my leadership ability and take charge in other people feel as if they need direction, I take initiative, I can rally people looked into cooperating with one another.

Exalting negative personality traits and problems is not about going to war with yourself. I promise you it is counterproductive to try to rid yourself of any aspect of yourself that you identify with, this is to wage war with yourself and you can’t do that and live a happy life at the same time

Whenever you are trying to change an aspect of yourself that you don’t like yhou are resistance to yourself, and whatever you resist persists, so the best way to deal with this iis not to resist any aspect of yourself, not to try to get rid of part of your personality or trait of yourself that you don’t like. The best way to do with this is to find a way to fall in love with what you hate about yourself. Find a way to turn metal into gold  on internal level. I promise you that this will improve your life immensely. When it comes to self-help nothing can help you as much as embaring who you really are. Which is the opposite of what most of us are trying to do if we are in the self-help industry or for eddicted self-help, what we’ve been spending our lives doing is trying  to turn our souls into something and someone else.


By: Teal scott

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  • Arjen van der Ziel

    Overcome your lack of english skills please

  • Renee

    Thank you for the article, over time, I realized that waging a war with myself will get me nowhere. Only more stress, anger, hatred, and sadness followed. This article really helped me see a way to make my life better and accept who I am.

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