Is Sex Good For The Brain?


What are the benefits to having sex?

Scientists claim that brain function can be stimulated by having sex. Their results were developed by testing their theories on mice and rats of a somewhat advanced age in both South Korea in the United States.
In fact, there are scientists that were doing research at the University of Maryland and found that having sex actually stimulates the portion of the brain that is responsible for long-term memory. After this discovery, additional tests were performed that showed that having sex can actually make the brain become younger by accelerating a process called nuerogenesis.

Unfortunately, they also found that other brain functions, especially those that were responsible for a higher level functioning, essentially stopped functioning during their experiments. It is still unclear exactly how sex affects the entire brain. At the same time that scientists from the University of Maryland were making their discoveries, other scientists at South Korea’s Konkuk University found that frequently having sex actually counters the effects of stress, which can sometimes be harmful to brain cells.

While having sex may very well help protect the brain and essentially improve health, it appears that looking at pornography does exactly the opposite. Researchers located at Germany’s University of Duisburg-Essen found that mental tests performed on the same subjects both before and after looking at pornographic photographs showed a dramatic decrease in overall brain function.

Credits: LearningMind

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