Studies Have Found That Your Brain Can Grow Through Exercise

Human brain in x-ray view

It has been known for a long time that the practice of exercise can build new brain cells in the mind. But scientists have never fully understood this information.

Now a breakthrough has been made in a recent study that shows just how this happens. What is even more exciting is the fact that scientists have discovered and may be able to obtain the chemical that makes these new brain cells. This could result in a pill that helps your brain to grow.


One part of the brain that can become incredibly receptive in developing growth in the nerve cells when exercise takes place is that of the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain that deals with learning and memory. This is what scientists have recently started learning about.

Scientists discovered that a chemical protein known as FNDC5 was released into the bloodstream when the body began to sweat from exercise. They also found that this chemical can then help to activate the production of another special protein in the brain that is known as Brain Derived Neurotic Factor (BDNF). It is this protein that is able to stimulate the development of new nerves and synapses. Synapses are important as they allow for information to pass between different nerve cells within the brain. Scientists also found that BDNF helps continue the survival of brain cells that are already existent within the brain.

All this information essentially means that carrying out intense exercise, such as jogging, running or fast walking can aid in making the brain stronger, as well as helping it to develop at a faster rate. This includes factors such as a better ability to learn, improved memory and a healthier heart.

Anyone who exercises will receive these benefits, but not everyone is able to exercise. Research has been carried out Dana-Farber institute for cancer at Harvard Medical School which has found that this recently discovered protein that can help the development of brain treatment can also be bottled and may be prescribed to individuals who are not able to exercise. This would then essentially trick the brain into thinking it was exercising.


A Co-senior Ph.D author known as Bruce Spiegelman has expressed positive excitement about this discovery and the fact that this protein may be bottled and given as a natural brain enhancer. The study was carried out and the protein worked on mice who were not exercising.

FNDC5, the protein that is stimulated by exercise, was given to mice in the form of an injection and was observed. After a week the mice had developed an increase in BDNF within the hippocampus structure of the mouse’s brain. This meant that the protein had enhanced the the brain of the mouse without any exercise.

Although this is the first step in research, with scientists warning that further studies would need to be done on humans, it is a promising start and makes exercise that little bit more appealing.

Words on the author: As a natural health enthusiast, Mary West believes that this research could have an extremely positive effect on the individual. She is the author of Fight Cancer Through Powerful Natural Strategies. She is also the creator of a website known as, which focuses on natural healing solutions for health problems to work without any side effects.


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