How Time Travel Is Possible Through Your Mind?


The new model of the mind that Neuro-scientists are using now to understand consciousness, is that the mind is really a kind of time machine, and that has the ability to gather information from the past, gather information from the future and to use this information, and this is in fact what thinking is, now traditionally we have this view of time that says that there is the past, present and the future and Newton in his writings talked about a river; a time like a river that flows from the past into the future, but Einstein in 1904 with his theory of relativity was written described time as the field.

Now the difference between a river and the field, a river carries things along with it , with the field you can move around in it like a field of gravity,  you can move around in the earth’s gravity and you can feel the force change when you move around in that field, so scientists now are not talking about time as a field and the mind is a kind of time machine that has the ability to connect to different places in that field and this is in fact what memory is, so the normal view of memory, what a typical person thinks of memory is kind of like a recording, like a mental snapshot or a movie in our mind. But what scientist are now seeing is that rather than bringing up a memory or a movie of a recording of past, what happens is, our mind actually connects to that place in the past, it’s little bit like your computer and the way of the computer is that it has the ability to connect to different websites anywhere on the internet, like now you can connect to from USA, you can connect to another in Africa, Austraila, Newzeland, England, it doesn’t’ matter whether the websites is east, west, north, our south, the information on that site comes into your computer and your computer contains the information that’s contained on that site, so that’s what scientists are saying what the mind is like, that when you use your imagination whether you call it remembering the past or thinking about planning the future, what is happening in your mind, is really like connecting to that place in the past and that place in the future. That is explaining a lot, because it explains for one thing, that our memories can change, you know if you think of your memory of your parents, as you get older suddenly they seem to be different, you know Mark Twain said ”when I was 15 years old I thought my father was the stupidest man on earth, when I get to be thirty years old I was amazed how smarty was” so our view of the past actually changes the information changes when our perspective changes, and you can prove this to yourself quite easily, if you remember some situation that happened to you for example maybe you are attending a party sometime in the past you can remember that party as though you were remembering it from your own perspective or you can remember it as though you’re looking down on it from 10 to 15 feet above where you can remember, so you’re fifty feet away from it watching it like a movie, so the fact that you’re memory is flexible like this indicates what’s going on something different that simply playing a recording, it also explains why people who spend a lot of time predicting, thinking about the future, I am talking about business people, athletes, politicians, people who spend a great deal of their time thinking about the future, connecting to the future looking at future from different perspectives and planning different scenarios in their mind, what happens is they become very good at anticipating the future. This is how athletes get to improve, this is how business people get to make the right decisions, so a research that was done at Harvard University indicated that something like “85% business people make decisions based on feelings and intuition” because if they are planning something 5, 10 to 15 years in the future perhaps in terms of a product development, they have to make decisions and choices based on their own perception on the future and how do they do this? They do is by connecting to the future, to different possibilities in the future.

Now getting back to this viewer time again, traditionally the view of time is that like a river moving to a time but what quantum physics says and what relativity physics says that time is actually this field and there are different timelines possible moving through this field it’s little bit like the traffic in your city, you can drive down first avenue you can drive down second avenue and you can drive a third one, all of you were going in the same place you’re all ending up in the future but one person’s experiences driving down first avenue is different from a person driving down second, and from the third, now what does this mean for you and me in terms of our own lives and developing our personal power to live the life of our choice and to create the future in terms of the goals and the wishes and dreams that we have what it means is several very important things:

Number 1: you can change your perspective on the past, when you think about the past in a different way, the information that comes into your mind is different if you have it different said  about the past is different because all the past is information , past is not physical, past is only information, the information that is in your mind, when you change information you change the past, when you change your past, you change the timeline that you are traveling on, you also change the possibilities for the your future so when you learn to use your mind in this way, when you understand that time is the field, that the past, present and the future are all a matter of perspective and you learn to use your imagination in this way to anticipate future events, to plan for future in advance, you develop the power to change your personality, you increase your confidence, create dreams and goals that you have easier faster, and more effectively and this is what have been talked about also in a book called ‘Mind, Time, Power’ of Anthony Hamilton.

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Jason Bounda

Jason Bounda

My name is Jason Bounda, and what can I say; I created TP a year ago and have been heavily at it since. I love inspiring others to find joy and make changes in their lives. Hands down the only other thing I am this passionate about is meditation. Feel free to email me at Join me on Google+

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  • BadClown
  • Raphael Lugosi

    You’re a smart guy

  • eric young

    ok when u get this i have a few helpful things and theroys my self about the mind and time travel but u would´nt think i am science person but i am only 15 but any way flashbacks and deja vu could also play along with this time tarvel within the mind

  • Tommy

    I actually did this time traveled using only my mind to 1945 and it felt so real and I remember every bit of it and I never though I can do it but I did. Time travel using only the mind is possible and I guess my mind does it as it comes and goes I have no control to do it but when my mind does it I remember what I have seen. I’m 34 years old and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

  • lex richie

    This was an awesome article. There were a lot of typos though…

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    How do i see my mother from birth?
    Never met her died in hospital go back1948 born

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