Turning A Blind Eye Everyday


This Man Is Talking About The Blind Eye

Yesterday, I was headed back home, and I happened along on a woman who was standing beside her car that wouldn’t work on the highway. She was waving her arms in an effort to get someone traveling along the highwayto stop and help her out. My first reaction was to put my foot on the brake and stop to help her. However, by the time, my foot had gotten the message from my brain to apply my foot on the brake. I realized that I had initially passed her up and didn’t stop. I did want to assist the stranded woman, but I did not.

The thought did cross my mind very briefly to turn around and go and help her. Nonetheless, I was already in a rush to be somewhere, as I had a meeting to go to. My mind kept on insisting to me that she did need my help and that I should turn around and go back. Nevertheless, my analytical mind didn’t agree, and it said to me that she would be just fine and didn’t seem to be in any great danger. Besides, someone else would stop and help her, by the time I was done with my meeting.

This is something that does happen to each of us, when we know that someone is in dire need of our help, and we just ignore our initial reactions to go and help them out. This is because we choose to be self serving and to be practical in thought. We also remain deafening silent in our words and actions. We fail to tell the ones that we really love, that we really do love them, we tend to stay away from difficult talks that can inspire reconciliation, and we fail to act and do something when we should have done something properly. The TED talk from Clint Smith did remind me that all of us can fall prey to both silence and remain inactive.

What we fail to do is very clear. We only tend to listen to the things that people are saying and fall short when it comes to listening to what they are not saying,” says the slam poet and teacher named Clint Smith. This is a very short and tremendously powerful piece, which does come straight from the heart, and does state clearly about trying to find the voice inside yourself to speakUp against what is ignorant and unjust. (1.)

Credits: collective-evolution

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