Understanding The Seven Spiritual Laws For Success


Millions of people around the world are taking the opportunity to learn Deepak Chopra’s profound spiritual and holistic transformative concepts when dealing with the emotional and physical pain and stress that can affect our spiritual well being. These concepts are included in his Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, in which Deepak Chopra shows us seven powerful ideas that can not only fulfill our desires, but can also help us to obtain a high level of spiritual happiness. With these ideas, you will realize that anything is possible.

Chopra’s seven laws are based on the natural laws of creation, and dramatically alter the way we believe success in life is obtained. By following these seven laws, you will learn how to understand our true human nature and live in harmony with the natural laws of nature. This unique understanding leads not only to a sense of deep spiritual well being, but it can also result in material wealth as well.


The first law states that all of creation comes from pure conscious thought, the potential for anything to be. By believing and by becoming as one with our true natural selves, we also have the power to imagine the impossible.


The Law of Potentiality requires commitment to the following three steps.

1.) I will sit in quiet contemplation and meditate twice a day, everyday. Once in the morning for thirty minutes, and again in the evening.

2.) I will take the time every day to notice the beauty and intricate design of nature. I will notice the passing of time and its potential effect on nature’s unlimited potential.

3.) I will refuse to judge anyone or anything that I might encounter throughout the day. I will always remain open minded.


As nature exists through a continual cycle of giving and receiving, and when we remember to continually give that which we hold dearest, we will continually to receive as we live in harmony with the universe.

2lawsgrlThe law of giving and receiving requires commitment to the following three steps.

1.) No matter where I am, or who I meet, I will always bring a gift that is freely given. It can be a single picked flower, or a heartfelt compliment. I will always remember to give joy and happiness so it can be freely returned to me.

2.) I will be gracious today. I will gratefully accept and acknowledge all of the beautiful gifts that nature and others have to give. Whether it is compliments, a smile, or simply sunshine I will be grateful and thankful for them all.

3.) I will always to remember to give and receive gifts on a daily basis. I will always try to keep the cycle of giving and receiving.


For every action, there is an equal but separate reaction. If we give the gift of happiness, then happiness and joy are returned. If misery and sorrow are brought, then the gift of despair will be returned.

3lawsgrlThe law of karma requires commitment to these three steps.

1.) I will make the conscious decision to think before I act. I will try to refrain from making rash choices which may cause unhappiness to be returned to me.

2.) I will always question if my action will bring happiness to others and what are the possible consequences of my actions.

3.) I will first briefly meditate and always consult my heart before making any rash decisions. By taking my time, I will be able to make the best choices for myself and others in my life.


The laws of nature seem to function with ease instead of conflict. When we emulate nature’s ease, it is possible to fill our lives with intense feelings of joy and happiness.

4lawsgrlThe law of least effort requires commitment to these three steps.

1.) I will always try to accept the things that I cannot change as they are. I will not fight against the immovable forces of nature, causing conflict in my own life.

2.) With acceptance that some things cannot be changed, I will also take responsibility for actions and events that are a result of my actions. I will instead take the opportunity offered to try and make a change for the better.

3.) I will remain open to other points of view, and not vehemently defend my own position, whether it is right or wrong. I will have an open mind to all ideas and suggestions that are not my own.


There is a vast amount of potential possible when you use both intention and desire to help you reach your goals of spiritual happiness and wealth.

5lawsgrlThe law of intention and desire requires commitment to these three steps.

1.) I will have a list of all of my deepest desires and carefully meditate on this list every day.

2.) I will let go of my desires, trusting the universe to help me make the right decisions. I will truly believe that even when things are going wrong, nature has a greater plan for me.

3.) I will accept that I cannot change the present, but that I can focus my attentions on changing the future for the better.


The law of detachment states that the past cannot be changed, only accepted. We become detached from our past, when we accept that the future is unknown and uncertain. It is open to endless possibilities.

6lawsgrlThe law of detachment requires commitment to these three steps.

1.) I will not try to force or influence solutions. I will not create new problems out of the old ones. I will let others around me simply be who there are without my interference.

2.) I will always remember that life is uncertain. I will take this into account when problems arise. By accepting life’s uncertainty, I will find security and wisdom.

3.) I will always remain open to the mystery and wonder that can be found in life, and all of the amazing possibilities that life can offer.


We all have a purpose in life, and when we use our life’s purpose to help others, we finally can receive the greatest gift that the universe has to offer. This gift is the gift of euphoric spiritual happiness.

7lawsgrlThe law of Dharma requires commitment to these three steps.

1.) I will love and nurture my inner spirit. I will find the deep silence that resides in all of us and use it to nurture my inner feelings of peace.

2.) I will not only make a list of all of my talents, I will use them to help bring joy and laughter to other around me.

3.) I will always remember to ask what I can do to help others. I will strive to serve my fellow mankind with love and feelings of friendship.

By following these laws in the above sequence, you can begin to live spiritually as one with the universe and yourself. Living in balance and harmony with yourself and with the plan that nature intended, will not only bring the spiritual wealth that you have been seeking, but also material wealth as well.

Source: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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